REVIEW: Limited Edition Strawberry Cheerios Cereal

Limited Edition Strawberry Cheerios Cereal

If you were to put a gun to my head and demand I rank every single Cheerios flavor in history, my first thought would be, why are you willing to kill me over something as trivial as one man’s opinion on a toasted oat cereal?

And then I’d proceed to rattle off the definitive guide to 22 flavors.

Apple Cinnamon Cheerios would be up there. So would Peanut Butter Multigrain Cheerios. And, being the purist that I am, I wouldn’t forget the golden bee of Honey Nut Cheerios.

But at the very top? The discontinued Strawberry Yogurt Burst Cheerios.

Taken off shelves sometime in the past three years, but long adored by adults and kids alike, the sweet strawberry notes of the O’s still haunt me. Yeah, I could get Fruity Cheerios and just eat the red ones, but it’s not the same. If Cheerios can give spelt, quinoa, and other ancient grains their own box, then America’s favorite berry should have its own flavor.

Thankfully, General Mills has finally taken note, albeit in a limited edition role with the new Strawberry Cheerios.

Just writing “limited edition” makes me want to sift through pages of Google search results for a viable answer to “how to freeze time” so I can endlessly replay the moment when my milky spoonful of red-freckled oat rings embraced my taste buds like a cold strawberry shake on a warm spring day.

Yes, Strawberry Cheerios are that good.

Those who fondly recall Berry Burst Cheerios will be filled with poetic memories of the subtly sweet strawberry flavor, oatey crunch, and sophisticated tart aftertaste of the bygone classic. Eaten dry, the new Strawberry Cheerios have an ideal combination of strawberry flavor (emphasis on the straw, as opposed to just vague berry; although, now that I think about it, don’t think about eating straw. That’s freaking disgusting) and wholesome Cheerios taste.

Limited Edition Strawberry Cheerios Cereal 2

There’s a wonderfully sturdy crunch in each oat ring — more crunch than the standard Cheerio — but unlike past Cheerios flavors, Strawberry Cheerios has no identifiable defect. Gone are styrofoamy freeze-dried fruit; banished are fake palm kernel oil yogurt coatings; and exiled are the annoying original Cheerios that taste like insipid islands of plainness amidst an ocean of strawberry islands.

They also get better in milk.

Limited Edition Strawberry Cheerios Cereal 3

The strong strawberry tartness in the aftertaste dissipates, replaced by mellow yet sweet flavor that, when enjoyed in the presence of whole milk, takes on notes of milkshake or ice cream. The gluten-free oat rings stay crunchy even through a long soak, slowly giving away their sweetness to a light red bowl of pure strawberry milk.

If you’re going to put a gun to my head and demand I give you one slight suggestion of improvement for the new Strawberry Cheerios, I’d admit they could be a little sweeter, since I recently figured out how awesome macerated strawberries taste. But it’s hard to nitpick, especially with how accurate Cheerios nailed the strawberry flavor. Are Strawberry Cheerios the best of the now 23 Cheerios varieties that have been created? It’s tough to say, but if you’re going to demand an answer from me, I’d say they’re up there, and are probably the purest, tastiest strawberry cereal on the market.

(Nutrition Facts – 28 grams – 110 calories, 1 gram of fat, 0 grams of saturated fat, 0 mg of cholesterol, 120 mg of sodium, 22 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of dietary fiber, 8 grams of sugars, and 2 grams of protein.)

Purchased Price: $3.38
Size: 21 oz. box
Purchased at: Walmart
Rating: 9 out of 10
Pros: Delicious and bright strawberry flavor combined with solid oat crunch. Tart, sophisticated aftertaste. Serious strawberry milkshake vibes when eaten in milk. No crappy freeze-dried strawberries. Best strawberry cereal on the market.
Cons: Limited freaking edition with no scientifically verifiable way to stop time. Could be a tad bit sweeter. Random people putting guns to your head and asking you to rank cereals.

22 thoughts to “REVIEW: Limited Edition Strawberry Cheerios Cereal”

  1. I understand that General Mills will be introducing a Pumpkin Spice Cheerios sometime soon.

  2. You folks in the US of eh should just be Happy with all the cereals you get !!!… Up here in Western Canada we get a small share of cereals ,but nothing compared to all the CoOL new cereals …Capt.America Civil War ..wha??!!.. KoOL…Different Capn Crunch cereals…whoa lily …and so many more .
    There are the odd US only cereals that show up in some novelty shops …but at close to 9 to 11 a box I just keep on walkin by…….

  3. I would really like to have Cheerios more often, but I don’t want to get stuck with a big box. My greatest wish is for them to offer a single serve variety pack, complete with limited editions, similar to the individual variety packs you find that have all the kiddie cereals. Don’t you all think that would a big seller???

    1. They do! They are in a sealed plastic bowl size and come in honey nt and regular flavors. They also have other cereals like life, Chex, special k

  4. On a scale of 0-10, I would rate the limited edition Strawberry Cheerios as around 100…yes I meant to put an extra 0 onto a 10! I really mean it’s that good & rates “100” on my list. Good dry as a snack. Great in milk. Light crunch is supreme. I would admit that I quickly became addicted to them…they’re that GOOD!
    I am heartbroken that they were in Walmart (the ONLY store that I found them & I looked in small & large Kroger & Meijer stores but never saw these marvelous Strawberry Cheerios).
    In fact, recently, my husband became very ill, was treated in an ICU fir 12 1/2 days but he didn’t overcome his ailment…during this very stressful tine, I had zippered baggies of the Strawberry Cheerios that I practically lived on. It was one thing that I could actually eat…my appetite was very diminished by the stress going on around me plus having to make some intensely serious decisions.

  5. I saw these at Walmart. Bought a box for the heck of it. Two days ago, I went back and bought four more. I’m hooked until they are no more.

  6. I bought a box, we inhaled them and now can’t find them anywhere. Sooooo sad. Please make them again. I bought some knock off ones, two different brands at Fresh Thyme, they were really yuck. Disappointed! Guess we’ll go back to Kellogs’s strawberry cereal.

  7. Went back to Walmart this evening to get a couple more boxes of their Strawberry Cheerios and NOT a box in sight,OMG!! Please make more! I love the fact only 8 grams of sugur. I don’t like many cereals but this one is at the top.

  8. I love these Strawberry Cheerios. I hope they return full time. I give them a 100 rating. I have been eating oatmeal for quite a while but not I am on a Cherrios kick. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!

  9. We eat multi grain & honey nut Cheerios everyday, but now we are hooked on the Strawberry Cheerios, we bought 2 boxes, loved them, went back and bought 12 more….THEY ARE AWESOME!!

    1. I recently purchased 1 large family size box of strawberry Cheerios from Walmart love them but they no longer have any.
      Please reconsider The Limited offer for this cereal.

  10. Please General Mills, make more Strawberry Cheerios! I love them and now there are no more of them to be found.
    I looked forward to my morning fill of this great flavor. You have a winner!

  11. Please bring back Strawberry Cheerios I cannot find them anywhere in Midland Michigan.

  12. I googled these so I could try and get another box. They are so delicious and I would say they are hands down my favourite Cheerios. I will find more I WILL!!

  13. These Strawberry Cheerios are soooo delicious. I happened to be in the Walmart this weekend and I love Strawberry anything…My eyes saw the Strawberry Cheerios when I was in the cereal aisle and I just had to get a box to try it out. Yes one of the best cereals I tasted ever!! I need to go back and get a few more boxes before they stop selling them. They need to keep these in store permanently. Two thumbs up for sure!!!

  14. Dear general mills CEO,
    we the people want strawberry cheerios to come back. I refuse to eat any different flavor of cheerios. I have looked everywhere for them. we need to stand up and fight for strawberry cheerios to come back. these limited edition cheerios changed my life I would wake up so tired and exhausted but after I had my strawberry cheerios I felt like I was on top of the world. some days I just dream that they will show up on the door step for me. if I could have just one bite it would mean the world to me. if you are out there strawberry cheerios come back into Walmart so I can pick you up. change from limited to never ending strawberry cheerios thank you!

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