REVIEW: Little Caesars Premium Stuffed Crust DEEP! DEEP! Dish Pizza

Little Caesars Premium Stuffed Crust DEEP! DEEP! Dish Pizza

Over the years, competitors have come out swinging – stuffing crusts with hot dogs, creating delivery cars with pizza ovens, and paying Peyton Manning.

Last year, Little Caesars tried to play ball with the Bacon Wrapped Crust DEEP! DEEP! Dish Pizza. Dialing it back, Little Caesars’ latest contribution to realm of ridiculous pizza innovation is their new Premium Stuffed Crust DEEP!DEEP! Dish Pizza. I’ve learned from my day job that if you throw the adjective “premium” in front of your product or offering, it’s a sure win!

Continuing to sip on my haterade, I conclude from the rectangular box that my pizza isn’t round. What! Choquée! The box does proudly tout that Little Caesars is America’s Favorite Detroit-Style Deep Dish Pizza. Detroit is home to a lot of great things like the Detroit Lions, so what could go wrong here? Kidding.

Because Little Caesars is carry-out only, the eau d’pizza had about 20 minutes to permeate my car. I’ll give Little Caesars this – if they bottled the tantalizing pepperoni aroma, I’d buy it. When I got home, I expect it to look as glorious as it smells but the squares look really plain, small, and sad. Product description reads: “Four corners of perfection weren’t enough, so we gave you eight!” Honestly Little Caesars, I would’ve been fine with one, good round pizza.

Little Caesars Premium Stuffed Crust DEEP! DEEP! Dish Pizza 3

While I can look past size, the pepperoni pieces were clearly just haphazardly thrown on. It looks like the one time I tried to play ring toss inebriated. I do appreciate that the pepperoni wasn’t marinating in a puddle of oil like competitors’ pepperoni pizzas.

While the overall pizza is hardly as ooey-gooey as it is in the ads, two slices down and I’m heavy breathing. I find myself feeling relieved that the cheese isn’t molten lava because it’s as if an entire cheese wheel was melted down and stuffed into the contents of this square dough. It’s like the dough and cheese have fused into one; I’m not quite sure where one begins and the other ends – there’s cheese on top, cheese in the middle, cheese in the crust. Alls I know is that my stomach is stuffed like this pizza.

Little Caesars Premium Stuffed Crust DEEP! DEEP! Dish Pizza 4

I’m amazed that a single square slice somehow holds everything with such grace – no collapsing soggy crust whatsoever like other competitors’ stuffed crusts and not dry and hard like some Sicilian-style pizza I’ve had. Conclusion: Stuffed Crust DEEP!DEEP! Dish Pizza is the Spanx of pizzas. Like Spanx, it’s somehow containing and holding in all the cheese. The little muffin top forming over my jeans is a stark contrast to the pizza’s remarkable composure. Damn, I knew I should’ve worn my stretchy pants.  

This really does remind me of elementary school cafeteria pizza. But, this conjures fond memories for me like a square pizza patronus (where my Gryffindors at?!). Like all elementary school meals, it looks unappetizing and has way too much sodium; but if you count the pepperoni as your daily serving protein and tomato sauce as your daily serving of vegetables, you have a square meal. Get it? *buh dum tss*

Square pizza = square meal. Ha! No? Okay, fine. Fair.

Dad jokes aside, I will admit it’s not the best pizza I’ve ever had, but it’s definitely one of the better fast food chain pizzas. I still think that pizza shouldn’t be square but the this one can be the exception.

(Nutrition Facts – Not available on website.)

Purchased Price: $10
Size: N/A
Purchased at: Little Caesars
Rating: 6 out of 10
Pros: Eau d’pizza could be bottled and sold. Spanx of pizzas – will induce heavy breathing. Square pizza patronus.
Cons: Deceptive – doesn’t look as good as it smells and cheese isn’t ooey-gooey as advertised. Square.

11 thoughts to “REVIEW: Little Caesars Premium Stuffed Crust DEEP! DEEP! Dish Pizza”

  1. My son is a manager at a LC’s and would be very upset to see a pizza go out the door with the pepperoni like that. And unlike a certain other chain, LC does make fresh dough daily.

    1. While the pepperonis certainly aren’t neatly arranged on the pizza, they aren’t “haphazardly” thrown on either Iike the author says. Clearly it’s supposed to to have 4 pieces of pepperoni per slice.

    2. Yes I’m as well and no way that pizza should have been served looking like that. That’s ridiculous.

      1. THAT’S ridiculous?? I’ve seen much, much worse. I’ve seen from LC, from huge air bubbles of whole slices without cheese, up to 2″ of cheeseless crust, to like 10 pieces of sausage on a side.
        It’s Little Caesar’s, not real pizza. You’re buying turn key pizzas made by teenagers.

  2. Little Caesar’s stuffed crust is a perfect 10/10 not sure how it at least didn’t register as an 8/10 with you. Guess it was hard to actually taste the pizza through all that hate.

  3. As an East Michigan native, Little Caesar’s can do no wrong in my eyes. I can’t wait to pick one of these up, and I pray that we get the Cheeseburger Pizza in a wider release soon!

  4. Few weeks ago I tried this and the bacon pizza. Bacon was so cheap tasting and the stuffed crust was like… Good enough that you don’t want pizza again for half a year.

  5. It’s marketed as a deep dish-like pizza–I’m surprised that the reviewer complains about there being cheese everywhere, which should be expected. Looks pretty tasty to me, as other commenters here seem to confirm.

    1. Reviewer here: wasn’t complaining about cheese being everywhere! I love cheese!! Further down in the review, I also marvel about how the pizza holds all that cheese without getting soggy 🙂 Thanks for reading!

    2. The reviewer is a joke that’s why she also couldn’t figure out how a pizza could be square

      1. Ian- pi r square, so of course pizza pie can be square….

        When I moved to Pennsylvania from the Midwest long long ago as a teenager, we were all amazed that the pizza place down the street had (gasp!) square pizzas and square slices. It was mind boggling. Good pizza, though. Not a chain either. Just a family owned hole in the wall.

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