REVIEW: Lay’s Crispy Taco Potato Chips

Lay s Crispy Taco Potato Chips

First off, let me address the large potato chip in the room. Or seven potato chips, actually.

Lay’s decided to reveal the ten semi-finalists before announcing the top three and my taste buds were bouncing off the walls of my mouth with the imminent possibilities.

Smoked Gouda and Honey? Interesting, but still sounds yummy. Toasted Ravioli? Now you’re talking, Lay’s! Bring ‘em on! However, this new information soon turned to dread when the ten were whittled down to three.

This is it? The best you could do? Where’s the really off the wall flavor, like Cappuccino? Are you telling me Avocado Toast didn’t make it??? But it’s so trendy right now!!!

I was thoroughly disappointed. But, of course, I had to try the finalists.

Crispy Taco was the one I was the least excited about because it was probably just some of taco seasoning on a chip. Wow, how innovative Lay’s (here is exactly where I would be sending a side-eye emoji if I was texting my BFF). After opened the bag I got a big whiff of, yep, taco seasoning, just as I had suspected. The chips themselves are intensely covered with an red/orange color and a plethora of seasoning.

Lay s Crispy Taco Potato Chips 2

My first few bites were pretty uneventful. I only tasted taco seasoning. However, I was eating these with a friend who mentioned biting into a head of lettuce. I was very perplexed. But then, as I put another few in my mouth and focused, it hit me.

These are the Willy Wonka of potato chips! As in, instead of a three-course meal in one piece of chewing gum, these are potato chips that embody an entire crispy taco with all the toppings. Once you start chewing you get a little bit of the lettuce flavor then it morphs to the creaminess of some sour cream. I swear there were also tiny hints of cheese and tomato. The end of the bite turns into the common taco seasoning but you also get the meaty, ground beef flavor as well. There also seemed to be a bit of a corn taste representing the shell at the very, very end.

Lay s Crispy Taco Potato Chips 3

The more I ate these chips the more I liked them as it seemed like each time I would notice a new component in the flavor profile. The flavor is intense though, so I could only eat so many before it was too much to handle. I was also slightly concerned about succumbing to Violet Beauregarde’s fate and perhaps transforming into the world’s largest crispy taco that would have to be carted off somewhere for processing.

Even though my fingers are still crossed for Avocado Toast, these were fun and tasty. I’m sorry for suspecting they were made with just a simple seasoning packet, Lay’s.

I’ll never doubt you again!

(Nutrition Facts – about 15 chips – 150 calories, 10 grams of fat, 1.5 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat, 0 milligrams of cholesterol, 160 milligrams of sodium, 15 grams of carbohydrates, 0 grams of fiber, 1 gram of sugar, and 2 grams of protein.)

Purchased Price: $2.48
Size: 7.75 oz. bag
Purchased at: ShopRite
Rating: 9 out of 10
Pros: Willy Wonka’s chewing gum in taco-flavored chip form. Multiple layers of flavor. Not judging a potato chip by its boring flavor name. Eating new chips with friends.
Cons: Lay’s pulling back the curtain on some of the Do Us a Flavor Competition while crushing dreams at the same time. Big flavor that is sometimes overpowering. Turning into a giant taco that can’t be simply juiced like a blueberry. RIP Avocado Toast. Not having emojis when you desperately need them.

15 thoughts to “REVIEW: Lay’s Crispy Taco Potato Chips”

  1. Once upon a time Doritos made a Taco Bell chip, and it was my childhood favorite. My neighbor drove for Frito Lay so we got all the free chips we could eat and then some. I’m hoping these are a fraction as good.

    1. They came back with the Dorito Taco chips (with vintage packaging) a few years ago. And still have them. My friend posted a picture a few days ago on Facebook.

      1. yes Jodi… those were my #1 favorite as a teen!… not in my area now- and amazon wanted a fortune…

  2. It’s pretty good. Probably the best offering since the Cheesy Garlic Bread from the first go-around. Agree with 9/10.

  3. I was running a food room at a local creativity convention this weekend, and we usually buy a bag each of the Lay’s specialty and some other unique flavors (like Kettle Red Curry and Moscow Mule), and you could tell to a person when they hit the lettuce flavor on these just by watching their faces. I”d say two people hated them, most people were vaguely fascinated and a few really liked them.

    The winner in the weird chip category this year though seemed to be some President’s Choice Worlds of Flavor Thai Curry ones that someone brought us from Canada.

  4. These are sloop good. Almost like a meal in a chip. Its like you can taste the ground beef and taco shell. My favorite of All the specialty chips. Please don’t take them away!

  5. They taste like you are eating a Taco.. Love them and having a hard time finding them as they are always sold out.

  6. Me and my boyfriend opened the bag of chips and were instantly met with the smell of taco seasoning, as previously mentioned above. We were both fascinated and I grabbed a delightfully seasoned chip in between my fingers and popped the crispy little thing in my mouth. I was instantly smacked in the face with the taste of throwup. Straight throwup. We were both disgusted and felt as if we were thrown into an awful, terrifying game of bean boozled. We got the little cute chip that was supposed to be taco flavored, but instead it was throw up. Do not recommend. Save your taste buds and your stomach.

  7. fried green tomatoes are the best-already voted for them three times-i keep trying to find out if there was any meat in these things-im a vegetarian and i wanted to be sure but no clue in the ingredients unless its included in the vague “natural flavorings”-they were disgusting

  8. Hmm, well I have been looking for these everywhere, I found and tried the fried green tomatoes and the Everything Bagel chips, both good. The Crispy Taco are always sold out and so have not been able to try them yet. Will not pay Amazon’s price!

    Reading some of these reviews makes me wonder if its worth my trouble tracking a bag of these down, like someone said, there is plenty of the taco seasoning taste around, so think I will stick with the Fried green mater!

  9. Why can’t we buy these today or for the last two weeks ,Albertsons can get them.???? Why?

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