REVIEW: McDonald’s Signature Swiss Mushroom Melt

McDonald s Signature Crafted Mushroom Swiss Melt

Peeling back the bun of my McDonald’s Signature Swiss Mushroom Melt revealed that the employee who made my burger obviously has something against mushrooms and wanted to punish the ones in my order by drowning them in the garlic and herb spread.

McDonald s Signature Crafted Mushroom Swiss Melt 2

Or maybe that’s how they’re made because the promo photos my local McDonald’s have been posting to social media show a liberal amount of spread. Either that or the burger has rabies.

McDonald s Signature Swiss Mushroom Melt 5

(Image via Hawaii McDonald’s Twitter.)

Along with the garlic and herb condiment, my McDonald’s Swiss Mushroom Melt featured seasoned, grilled mushrooms, two slices of Swiss cheese, and a 1/4 lb. beef patty on a sesame seed bun. Much like other Signature Crafted Recipes, you can also have it made with crispy or grilled chicken and get it with an artisan roll.

If you like mushroom and Swiss burgers because of those two ingredients, this one will disappoint. The spread hides the flavors of the shrooms and Swiss as effective as a Klingon cloaking device hides a Bird-of-Prey ship. But the sauce also hides the fact that the beef patty is somewhat dry.

McDonald s Signature Crafted Mushroom Swiss Melt 2  1

It might’ve not been so bad if the spread was flavorful, but it doesn’t have a strong garlic or herb presence. It’s mild enough to negate the flavors of the mushroom and cheese, but not strong enough to give it a memorable flavor. Yes, even with all that sauce blasted onto the mushrooms. The beef patty’s flavor does come through a little, but that doesn’t make this burger worth it.

I can understand the reasoning behind adding the garlic and herb spread. Every time McDonald’s comes out with a new burger line there’s bound to be a mushroom and Swiss version and they’re all pretty much the same — sautéed mushrooms, mayo, and Swiss cheese. The condiment makes it different, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t make it better.

NOTE: This is only available in select markets.

Purchased Price: $5.39
Size: N/A
Rating: 5 out of 10
Nutrition Facts: Not available on McDonald’s website.

16 thoughts to “REVIEW: McDonald’s Signature Swiss Mushroom Melt”

  1. I have ate Swiss mushroom burgers all across the United States at many different establishments. This was probably the worst Swiss mushroom burger I’ve ever tasted. Very Bland and couldn’t Taste the mushrooms couldn’t Taste the Swiss barely taste the burger and a little dry I think McDonald’s should cancel the sandwich and never try again.

  2. Worst burger ever!!! The flavorless sauce was overpowering everything. If I try to scrape off the sauce it scraped off all of the mushrooms. It was either eat it the way it was or throw it away. I did my best to eat it, but was defeated in the end. I’ve never ever had a Swiss and mushroom burger that I could not eat. McDonald’s you changed my experience today. Horrible, dry, expensive and definitely not worth it.

  3. friend and i are regular customers, this mushroom cheese burger was horrible cheese was gummy and that sauce what was that huge glob of tasteless blob on this burger,never again staying away for awhile sorry.

  4. I also tried the Swiss burger and hated all the sauce they put on it. It was the worst hamburger I have ever had. Will never order that one again.

  5. The garlic and herb condiment is absolutely disgusting and had 3 times too much. Tasted like a thick mayo but enough to turn anyone’s stomach. I’ve felt sick since I ate it!! Do not get this sandwich!!!! Should have a brown gravy or nothing.

  6. Had to scrape the huge blob of bland “sauce” off I order to eat this burger. Never ordering this again. Mushrooms were sparse and bland. ?

  7. McDonald’s Swiss mushroom burger was an over priced pile of garbage that was so bad and uneatable it was tossed out and we left hungry will never again order another one the sauce was over powering and discussing it was a thick blob that lingered forever and couldn’t be washed out with the soda I had the mushrooms we’re slimy and tasted like they came from a can straight to the bun!!! McDonald’s take that crap off the menu and bring back biscuits and gravy and the dam fry sauce.
    Here in Western Montana we would like to have the biscuits and gravy and fry sauce as an option on the menu please and thank you

  8. Thanx 4 the review. I was going to order one and tell them to hold the dressing. What do you think?

  9. How do you spell YUCK by ordering the McDonalds mushroom and Swiss burger better off going to taco bell

  10. Absolutely the MOST DISGUSTING thing I’ve ever been expected to eat! After taking a bite out of this real-food wannabe, just looking at the “mushrooms” was more than enough to make anyone sick (which I have been for 2 days now) I paid nearly $8.00 for the meal which will NEVER happen again. McDonalds literally served me garbage. They never get my order right and as of this writing, I would much rather prefer to go hungry than eat their swill!

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