QUICK REVIEW: Burger King Cheesy Bacon Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Burger King Cheesy Bacon Crispy Chicken Sandwich

What is the Burger King Cheesy Bacon Crispy Chicken Sandwich?

The Cheesy Bacon Crispy Chicken Sandwich is a fairly straightforward offering from The King. You’ve got a big, crispy chicken filet (which, if you so request, comes with special spicy seasonings), a couple of strips of smoky bacon, a toasted potato bun, and two types of cheese-related dressings underneath. There’s a thick, creamy cheddar sauce and what appears to be at least two slices of melted (or at least slightly warmer than usual) American cheese.

How is it?

Burger King Cheesy Bacon Crispy Chicken Sandwich 3

The chicken filet is actually a lot better than you may anticipate, and as always, Burger King’s bacon, in my opinion, remains one of the most underrated toppings in the world of fast food fix-ins.

Burger King Cheesy Bacon Crispy Chicken Sandwich 4

The potato bun, unfortunately, doesn’t have much flavor to it, but where this thing really disappoints is in the cheese department. The proprietary cheddar sauce is shockingly tasteless, and whatever brand of American cheese BK is using these days has to be one of the more mundane variations on the market.

Is there anything else you need to know?

This is a perfectly fine fast food offering… and that’s the problem. There’s no denying the Cheesy Bacon Crispy Chicken Sandwich — which I’m just going to call the CBCCS from here on out — is a flavorful, hearty sandwich, which will certainly fulfill whatever poultry-burger cravings you may be having.

Alas, it doesn’t offer anything new, and the lack of any fresh produce to counterbalance the medley of meats makes this a recipe for cottonmouth city (not a surprise in the slightest, since this sammich packs nearly an entire day’s worth of recommended salt intake).


The CBCCS plays it a little too safe, and the result is a tasty, but hardly remarkable, limited time only sandwich from the fast food juggernaut that seems like it’s pumping out a new LTO item every 10 to 12 days.

The sandwich definitely could have been improved with a different sauce (a savory boom-boom aioli, perhaps?) and with so much meat in the mix, some lettuce and tomato almost seem like a gustatory necessary.

It would have been nice to see BK get a little experimental with the toppings (some onion rings or fried mushrooms would’ve been great), but it seems like the choice of dairy is where the King went astray here. Swiss, mozzarella, gruyere … pretty much anything would’ve been a better fit than the Velveeta spread they ultimately opted for.

Still, it is good and extraordinarily filling; but for the rather steep price point, it seems like you should be getting something a little more distinct than the final product.

Purchased Price: $5.49
Size: N/A
Rating: 6 out of 10
Nutrition Facts: 650 calories, 32 grams of fat, 10 grams of saturated fat, 0.5 grams of trans fat, 90 milligrams of cholesterol, 1,980 milligrams of sodium, 59 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of fiber, 8 grams of sugar, and 31 grams of protein.

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  1. Never liked BK or Taco Bell Queso cheese. To me, it tastes like soap. And BK chicken tastes like BK. Not that it is a bad thing it just has that same overall taste their burgers have.

  2. With all of the mukbangs on YouTube these days, why don’t you make some of your reviews on video?

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