REVIEW: KFC Secret Recipe Fries

KFC Secret Recipe Fries

As I ordered the Secret Recipe Fries from my area Kentucky Fried Chicken, there was a debate going on in the kitchen regarding these new test items: the server, who took my order, declared loudly how much she absolutely adored this new item and couldn’t wait to eat some when she got off her shift, while the guy in the back making them, on the other hand, said in a gruff voice that he liked the potato wedges better and these weren’t “flavorful” enough for him.

Listening to this fierce debate kind of got me pumped to sample this individual-sized order, waiting with small gasps of seasoned breath as I quietly wondered how the kitchen-fresh geniuses in Kentucky gently mixed their famed secret herbs and spices with their not-so-famous French fried potato offerings.

Order up, I sat down at the nearest plastic table and spilled the overflowing box all across the brown bag, the secretive spices and affirmative grease staining the area. Taking a bite out of the plump starch stick, I have to agree with the server on this one; good job, Col. Sanders!

KFC Secret Recipe Fries 2

With that crunchy twice-fried heavy coating that I really enjoy on fries from the local, independent chicken places around town, the secret herbs and spices — seemingly fried right on the potato — are a salty Kentucky song of twangy finesse that is quite comparable to Taco Bell’s recent French fried output, give or take a small hurting of cheese.

The unknown spices that coat the fries are deeply Southern in their affectation — I’m sorry, but even with a detective’s delineation I couldn’t tell you what those spices are or were — but offered a saliferous smile of that famous moderately spicy KFC zing, with a slight bit of down-home sass that is definitely on par with its original recipe style of fried chicken.

KFC Secret Recipe Fries 3

And while I can’t say that it compliments KFC’s chicken per se, I can say that, as a light snack — of which these tubers definitely work best as — it’s a decently delightful soiree of Kentucky fried tastes and French fried goodness, one that should be sampled soon. And if you can bring a cup of nacho cheese from Taco Bell — these are all Yum Brands, right? — all the better.

Editor’s Note: KFC is currently testing these Secret Recipe Fries in select test regions, like Oklahoma, Virginia, and Indiana.

Purchased Price: $2.19
Size: Individual
Rating: 8 out of 10
Nutrition Facts: Unavailable.

11 thoughts to “REVIEW: KFC Secret Recipe Fries”

  1. In case I’m not the only one unfamiliar with the word saliferous, the dictionary definition is: containing or producing salt.

  2. They replaced wedges with these skinny boys at my local kfc permanently. i want to cry. goodbye wedges 🙁

    (these are ok. mostly just grease flavor though. wedges had that good wedgy flavor to them. boo to these)

  3. Apparently we do know the secret herbs and spices now:

    “Joe Ledington is the nephew of KFC founder Colonel Sanders. As a kid, it was his job to mix the “secret recipe” of herbs and spices in large batches. Last year, Ledington shared the recipe with a reporter from The Chicago Tribune. To put Ledington’s claims to the test, the outlet conducted a cooking experiment and concluded that the final product tasted “indistinguishable” from chicken purchased from KFC.”

    Celery salt
    Dried Mustard
    White pepper
    Garlic salt
    Ground ginger
    Black pepper

    Note: I’ve made this spice blend (except the garlic, since I’m allergic to it) and it is pretty great. You can throw everything together for a dry mix and just keep it in a jar to add to anything you feel like.

  4. We have a Chicken Chain here in Cincinnati that has the most incredible wedges ever. They seem to have the same spices they use on the regular flavored chicken and chicken strips on them in their breading. (As opposed to the spicy) My standard go-to for potatoes with KFC and Popeyes is always mashed w/gravy. At Lee’s (My preferred chicken shack) I always get a large box of wedges and eat on that for 2 days with other meals. If KFC’s chicken wedges are spiced correctly they may have a hit on their hands! I hope we get to try them here in Ohio. If not, I’ve always got my Lee’s. Seriously, if you’re ever in Cincinnati, it’s worth looking up to get some chicken strips (famous style if you want them spicy) with wedges and green beans or cole slaw. (I like the beans, my husband gets the slaw)

    1. Totally agree I live in Cincinnati too always get the spicy strips (Monday special) with wedges. Love their greet beans and cole slaw too (better than popeyes!)

  5. Salt
    Celery Salt
    Black Pepper
    Mustard Powder
    Garlic Salt
    Ground Ginger
    White Pepper.

    You’re welcome.

  6. Given fries have not traditionally been part of KFC over there (on my first visit from the UK in 1990 i remember being horrified as a kid that KFC did not have fries as they were my favourite at the time, since changed) – these look really good. UK KFC did ‘festive fries’ this year which were not bad but these look better!

  7. I’ve tried the fries 4 times at 2 different locations. Horrible each time. Limp and greasy and not nearly as flavorful as the wedges. Potato wedges were the main reason i went to kfc, the only side i liked, and one of only 3 things i order from them.

  8. The fries are terrible, horrible, awful they need to bring back the wedges. I looked so forward to trying them and was incredibly disappointed.

  9. Sorry to say KFC has ruined My KFC experience with their NEW fries!? The Potato Wedges were My main reason for eating KFC! I want the Wedges back PLEASE!!! ?? ??

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