REVIEW: Little Caesars Pepperoni Cheeser! Cheeser! Pizza

Little Caesars Pepperoni Cheeser Cheeser Pizza

What is Little Caesars’ Pepperoni Cheeser! Cheeser! Pizza?

From the undisputed world champion of excessive and flamboyant monikers for pizza, like the ExtraMostBestest, comes perhaps Little Caesars’ most fanciest freshtastic pizza ever. This pie includes three luxury accoutrements —- fresh mozzarella, sweet basil, and a toasted asiago-parmesan crust.

How is it?

Amazingly, Little Caesars might have undersold this one on the name. Yes, the unnecessary use of exclamation points is there, and “cheeser” is non-sensical, but the taste of this one actually surpasses the name.

A wise man named Meatloaf once opined, two out of three ain’t bad. With apologies to Mr. Loaf, when it comes to pizza enhancements, I would argue that two out of three is really good.

Little Caesars Pepperoni Cheeser Cheeser Pizza Cheese

The fresh mozzarella is the star of this pizza show. It has a pleasant, mild flavor and much firmer consistency than regular chain pizza cheese. It also delivers that satisfying “snap” when you bite through it.

Little Caesars Pepperoni Cheeser Cheeser Pizza Crust

As for the crust, there is quite a bit of it, and if it were just plain old crust, it would definitely be too much. But this has a bold cheese flavor (mostly from the asiago and not so much from the parmesan) and a crunchiness not normally found with Little Caesars’ round pizza. I liked this crust a lot.

While the fresh mozzarella and crust are both excellent, the sweet basil is like sprinkles on a cupcake. It makes it look better but does not add much to the taste. But like I said, two out of three is really good, and the basil does nothing to detract from the success of its cheese and crust friends.

Is there anything else you need to know?

Little Caesars Pepperoni Cheeser Cheeser Pizza Slice

Select your slice with care if you want some of the fresh mozzarella. As best I could tell, there were seven slabs of the delicious chewiness on my pizza, but they were put on a bit haphazardly and not every slice was graced with one. I’m no mathematician, but if you have seven pieces of cheese with eight slices, someone is getting screwed. Even some of the promotional photos from Little Caesars seem to show a slice or two being deprived of fresh mozzarella, so if you are sharing with friends or family, make sure you are not last in line.


Is this the best pizza I’ve ever had? No, of course not. It’s from Little Caesars. That’s a silly question to ask. But is it the best whole pizza you can buy for $7? Yeah, it probably is. The only thing that might make it better is to stuff the crust with cheese…and wrap it in bacon. I don’t even want to think about how Little Caesars would name something like that.

With many of its pies costing just $5, Little Caesars has never been known for great pizza, but if you want something decent using only the change you could dig out of the couch, its pizza gets the job done. Now, if you can scrounge up another $2, you can get something that’s really good and a great value for your money.

Purchased Price: $7.00
Size: Large
Rating: 9 out of 10
Nutrition Facts: (full pizza, 8 slices) 2,400 calories, 980 calories from fat, 111 grams of fat, 46 grams of saturated fat, 235 grams of cholesterol, 4,620 grams of sodium, 244 grams of carbohydrates, 11 grams of fiber, 13 grams of sugar, and 109 grams of protein.

13 thoughts to “REVIEW: Little Caesars Pepperoni Cheeser! Cheeser! Pizza”

  1. They did a bacon-wrapped pizza. It was a deep-dish crust (and not very good). And I’m pretty sure they’ve done stuffed crust on a hand-tossed round pizza. I’ve never heard of anyone doing stuffed crust pan pizza, and I’m not sure how they would bacon-wrap a pizza that’s not a pan crust (the pan holds the bacon on the sides while the pizza cooks).

    But I still think their thin-crust is the best they have to offer. Pan pizza is just to much crust unless you’re a poor teenager who needs it to be more filling. And for some reason their hand-tossed crust always tastes like the expectation is that you’ll take it home and finish it in your own oven.

    1. Little Caesar’s actually has pan stuffed crust. You can select it off their app/web ordering (it’s $12 for a 1-topping here). They got rid of the bacon-wrapped pan option unfortunately, though.

  2. I’m probably in the minority but if I’m getting chain pizza, it’s Little Caesars. We have much better quality pizza places but they do not deliver (Caeasars doesn’t either but it’s close enough) this far out. You shouldn’t expect the best quality from Caesars but I prefer the taste of their products over those from Dominos and Pizza Hut (Papa Johns doesn’t exist here).

    1. Just had this last night and I agree. It rules!! I didn’t expect this but the promo made it sound like it would be fresh basil, which I love, and would have made this rule harder. However, for $7 it’s fantastic and I’ll 100% be back!

        1. They sell just the pizza for $7, and a combo deal with breadsticks and a 2 liter soda for $10.

      1. i was actually very impressed by the pepperoni cheeser-cheeser. arguably the best pie that i’ve had from little caesars, and i’m hopeful that they keep this on the menu.

        coolest thing was that this was hot and ready, though the service at the store left a bit to be desired; brand new store in my tiny little town, and the manager is texting up front while the cashier was busy taking a phone order–not cool, as he had time to tell me that the cashier would be right with me, but couldn’t bother with customer service!

        this was far and away better than my last experiences with pizza hut and dominos, which were both very disappointing, especially because i used to really like both, especially pizza hut.

      2. This is their best pizza, by far. It’s legit good. And I’d argue to take it one step further, take the $2 you recommended to spend on getting a better pizza elsewhere, and just get two cups of their Cheezy Jalapeno sauce to dip the crust in…that’s some of the best dipping sauce anywhere.

    2. They quality at my local Little Caesar’s is outstanding, which is great because our local Pizza Hut is average at best, and Domino’s is horrid. I rarely get anything I would even consider average or lower from Caesar’s, and currently have been getting nothing but their stuffed crust pepperoni with red sauce for dipping the crust. I also prefer their taste infinitely more than the other chain brands.

  3. It’s weird how you say “Little Caesars has never been known for great pizza”, because I’ve always thought the opposite. Not only does it destroy other chain place in taste, but add in the value, and it’s no competition. Deep Dish? Great. Bacon Wrapped? Great. Stuffed Crust? Great. Even pizzas of the past, like their Smokehouse, were great.

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