ANNOUNCEMENT: New Impulsive Buy Reviewer Jenna

My name is Jenna, and junk food has always been special to me. Growing up in a household with six competitive kids where one has to hide their snacks as skillfully as possible lest they be forced to literally fight for them has a way of making those snacks feel precious! Fortunately, the energy that I used to put into securing my stash from my siblings (say that five times fast) can now go towards hunting down new and exotic treats in the wild.

I live in New York City, and while there is something slightly surreal about putting down roots in a place where you can find delicacies from every country in the world but not a single Walmart, the noshing opportunities are certainly rife. Rest assured, though, that while I love a good dollar slice as much as the next New Yorker, I’d never dream of turning up my nose at Domino’s, Pizza Hut, or Little Caesars, and in fact can often be found lamenting the fact that I’ve never encountered a genuine New York pie with the option of stuffed crust.

Throughout the years that I’ve followed The Impulsive Buy, it has encouraged my sense of wonder, cheering me up and comforting me with the knowledge that no matter how stressful or boring my daily responsibilities might become, there will always be some exciting new flavor or product just waiting to be found to bring a smile to my face. It has also encouraged the sense of adventure required for actually getting out to track down said flavor or product!

Plus, the reviews have given me countless laughs at the absurdity of each new innovation, a myriad of knowing nods when I get ahead of junk food trends (okay, inexplicable llama theming, I see you), and endless fascinating topics of conversation with my intrigued-but-slightly-concerned friends and family. Just one glance at the cheeky puns, helpful suggestions, and all-around friendly rapport that can be found in any comments section here makes me feel as warm and fuzzy inside as an especially large meal at Taco Bell. So it’s a delicious dream come true to be able to break out of my shell (taco shell?) and contribute to that myself.

My one caveat is that I’m allergic to chocolate – and fun fact, that allergy comes to me by way of my mom, who is ironically named Coco. So while I’ll have to pass on Hershey’s and friends (aside from white chocolate variants, which I fortunately can and will chow down with gusto), I’m ready to dive into any other foodie challenge I can. Since I’m constantly surrounded by writing in my day job as a textbook editor, I’m excited for this opportunity to delve into it in a way that’s a bit less dry and a bit more sweet… or savory… or salty… whoops, now I’m making myself hungry! I can’t wait to share that hunger with all of you.

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  1. Welcome Jenna! I enjoyed your introduction–I can tell you will be a great addition to the lineup. I’m a guidebook typesetter, so we’re colleagues of a sort. Thank you for sharing the irony of a chocolate-averse Mom named Coco–utterly delicious! I find the same joy, pleasure, relief, needed distraction, and entertainment in the daily Impulsive Buy posts. >And< the comments–you are all my tribe, my favorite 'social media.' I keep a folder on my desktop where I store images of items I want to try, my shopping stuff folder. Welcome, welcome, welcome.

    1. Thanks so much Annie, I really appreciate your kind words and am so excited to be a part of the Impulsive Buy squad! Love to hear from someone in a similar industry too 🙂

  2. Welcome to the party, Jenna! The Impulsive Buy is a fun website and I keep up with latest postings. Lets me know about a lot of products that would otherwise be unknown to me.

    1. Thanks so much Kihm! I feel the same way, I would have missed out on so many fun things without this awesome site!

  3. Hi Jenna!
    Welcome to our food-obsessed family. As a fellow white chocolate lover, I like you already! Loo inn forward to your reviews!

    1. Thanks a million Tracey–feels like there’s not as many of us as there should be so always excited to meet another white chocolate fan!!

      1. White chocolate lovers, unite!!! It is the superior!

        And, I’m curious; as white chocolate technically is chocolate (feel free to start up the debate guys!) what it is is other chocolates that don’t cause an allergic reaction? In short, thank you for assigning me my nightly google project.

        1. That’s a good question!! I think it’s because white chocolate doesn’t have the cocoa solids that other chocolates do?

        2. Actually white chocolate IS NOT a chocolate as it is LACKING chocolate solids which is what defines chocolate as a chocolate. I have no idea what you are saying regarding allergic reactions. This information is sourced from Harvard and a handful of top food reviewers and chefs.

  4. Welcome Jenna!

    I am a reader from the UK so very rarely get to try any of the products but i like to have a look and read reviews now and again – seeing variants of products that I wish we had here but never seem to reach us!

    It’s crazy there are no Wal Mart type stores in NYC, not even one! I only know because my friend visited NYC many years ago and I asked her to get me some Trix (my favourite american cereal) she didn’t end up finding any!

    p.s not to be predictable as Brit, but it’s a crime to call Hershey’s ‘chocolate’ so allergic or not, it’s probably a good idea not to eat it lol

  5. Welcome, welcome, welcome! And so sad to be challenged with a chocolate affliction–my waist is pleased not to be so afflicted. 🙂

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