COMING SOON: Chips Ahoy! Chewy Confetti Cake Flavored Cookies

Chips Ahoy Confetti Cookie 3

Happy 60th Birthday, Chips Ahoy!!

Well, actually its birthday is in 2023, so my birthday wishes are a little early since we’re still in 2022 as I type this.

To celebrate Chips Ahoy’s 60 years, Nabisco will be rolling out Chewy Chips Ahoy! Confetti Cake Flavored Cookies. Oh, but these are not regular crunchy Chips Ahoy, they’re Chewy Chips Ahoy, which debuted, totally off the top of my head, in 1983. So I guess I should also say Happy Early 40th Birthday, Chewy Chips Ahoy!

The upcoming cookie is made with chocolate chips and colorful rainbow sprinkles. It’ll be available nationwide staring in January 2023 in a family-size cookie pack with a suggested price of $4.99.

(Image and info provided by Nabisco)

COMING SOON: Stuffed Puffs Big Bites Cinnamon Toast Crunch Filled Marshmallows

CTC Stuffed Puffs

We’ve covered Stuffed Puffs a few times on this site. While Stuffed Puffs have been an innovative take on marshmallows, their flavors have been somewhat predictable. But now the company has wrapped its marshmallow around a bigger brand with its Stuffed Puffs Big Bites Cinnamon Toast Crunch Filled Marshmallows.

Well, actually, after reading its description, it’s more like Cinnamon Toast Crunch that’s wrapped around the marshmallow. According to the packaging, they’re “cereal-coated marshmallows filled with cinnamon flavored creme and crumbles.”

Stuffed Puffs Big Bites Cinnamon Toast Crunch Filled Marshmallows will be available exclusively at Walmart.

(Image via Stuffed Puffs)

COMING SOON: CinnaFuego Toast Crunch Cereal


I know this looks like it could be a very late April Fools joke (or maybe August Fools Day is now a thing), but I assure you, this is real.

According to the press release, it looks the same as the original and is still blasted with Cinnadust, but the sweet cinnamon flavor is combined with the added hot sensation of a spicy pepper to deliver an absolutely absurd experience.

Does spicy Cinnamon Toast Crunch interest you? Well, if so, there’s only one place you can get it — The online-exclusive flavor will available for purchase on Friday, August 12 for a limited time, while supplies last. If that excites your taste buds, burn that date into your calendar.

Thanks to General Mills for the info and image.

COMING SOON: Snickers Shakers Seasoning Blend


From B&G Foods, the folks who brought us Twix Shakers and Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cinnadust, comes its latest sweet seasoning you can put on whatever your heart desires — Snickers Shakers Seasoning Blend. And if your heart desires it on mashed potatoes, your heart is twisted.

According to the company, “Snickers Shakers Seasoning Blend combines the classic chocolate bar’s delicious blend of chocolate, peanut, and caramel flavors to recreate the mouth-watering taste of a Snickers bar and is a delicious addition to ice cream, cookies, milkshakes, pancakes, yogurt and more.”

The new Snickers-inspired seasoning will be heading to Walmart and Sam’s Club shelves this month.

Image and info via B&G Foods.

COMING SOON: Coffee mate Nestle Toll House Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Creamer


Showing up on store shelves in August, Coffee mate’s Nestle Toll House Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Flavored Creamer will give your coffee notes of semi-sweet chocolate and buttery, caramelized brown sugar. It’ll be available in 32 fl oz bottles with a suggested price of $4.39 for a limited time at grocery stores and mass retailers nationwide.

This is the third collaboration between the two Nestle brands, the first being Chocolate Chip Cookie and the other being Cookies ‘N Cocoa.

Coffee mate is also bringing back two favorites for the holiday season – Pumpkin Spice and Peppermint Mocha. Both will be available in 32-ounce bottles at grocery stores and mass retailers nationwide, and they will also come in Zero Sugar versions.

(Thanks to Coffee mate for the info and image.)