Quiznos Prime Rib Sub

Mmmm…Prime rib.

It’s one of the staples of the all-you-can-eat dinner buffet, along with soft serve ice cream, a salad bar with your choice of ranch, thousand island, and Italian dressing, soggy corn on the cob, belts that need to be opened up a notch, and smelly, smelly restrooms.

The prime rib stop always holds up the rest of the buffet line, sometimes stopping the buffet traffic all the way back to the cauliflower at the salad bar.

When people see prime rib, they want prime rib, unless they like their meat well done, they’re a member of PETA, or they believe Adam’s rib, which formed the sexy, naked Eve, can be the only thing called “prime rib.”

An all-you-can-eat dinner buffet is usually the only place where people consume prime rib, because cooking a prime rib is not a job for the impatient or really hungry people.

However, thanks to Quiznos, which is probably the easiest 25-point Scrabble word there is using the letters “Q” and “Z,” we can all enjoy prime rib without the “goodness” of a Las Vegas buffet, like long lines or old ladies in motorized carts bumping into you.

The Quiznos Prime Rib Sub consists of thinly-sliced, slow-roasted prime rib with mozzarella cheese, sauteed onions, and mild peppercorn sauce.

I felt compelled to purchase one after seeing the commercial for it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

If you haven’t seen the commercial, go visit the Quiznos site, it’s wonderful food pr0n.

The commercial shows an orgy of prime rib that glistens with the shine of the greasy mild peppercorn sauce, stuffed in between two long buns, with white mozzarella cheese oozing out from between the meat. Of course, the sandwich in the commercial looks nothing like the picture above, which looks like two haggard hobos getting it on.

Although, the Quiznos Prime Rib Sub looks like two haggard hobos getting it on, it tastes like whatever the opposite of two haggard hobos getting it on would be. In other words, it was pretty good. The peppercorn sauce was good, but thankfully it wasn’t overpowering, which allowed the flavor of the meat to be noticed. The meat wasn’t tough and there really was an orgy of it, as you can see from the picture above.

However, just like most good prime rib buffets, the Quiznos Prime Rib Sub was very pricey. A regular-sized prime rib sub, which is about eight inches long, costs about ten dollars.

Too bad it wasn’t all-you-can-eat prime rib subs, because then it would’ve been worth it.

Item: Quiznos Prime Rib Sub
Purchase Price: $9.29 (Regular-Sized)
Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Pros: An orgy of meat. Mmmm….Tasty! Good peppercorn sauce. All-you-can-eat buffets. Using “Quiznos” in Scrabble.
Cons: Hella expensive. Cauliflower. All-you-can-eat buffets. Old ladies in motorized wheelchairs running to me.

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  1. This is my new favorite sub from Quizno’s. It used to be the weaker less fattening honey bourbon chicken. But when there is this much prime rib at steak it is worth the change….mmmmm fat.

  2. Now I’m curious to know if that’s the price around here, as well, or if that’s the price for Huge Chunk O Cow In The Middle Of The Pacific. I will have to check it out and report back.

    Did you eat the whole thing? Did you video tape it? Can I watch?? 😉

  3. Hubby and I tried this sandwich the other night, after seeing the commercial a thousand times. It was delicious! I almost choked, though, when he told me he had paid almost 10 dollars for the thing!! Could have had chinese…

  4. It’s funny how food in food ads ALWAYS looks ten times better than the actual food you receive. Of course, I think the food in food ads isn’t generally edible. For example, the milk they use in food ads is actually a combination of Elmer’s glue and something to thin it out a bit. Anyhow, sounds like a good sandwich, I may get one for lunch before I head to work.

  5. OMG!!! I was gonna suggest this to you a while back, but I thought it was something found just here in Cali.

  6. Geez – I went to the Quizno’s site, and saw a picture of the Prime Rib Sandwich – the edges of the thinly sliced prime rib are well caramelized, and onions are golden brown and gorgeous, and the whole thing just looks like heaven on a plate. Then I look at your picture again – your hobo comment pretty much sums it up. It looks like a soggy, under-charred mess. And the meat is far too dense – needs to be nice and fluffy, like the picture.

  7. Like the TV commercials, I have heard DJ’s seductively advertising this sandwich on the radio time after time. You know those commercials you see late at night with moaning girls begging you to call them so that you can “have a hot, wet, and fun time?” That’s what these DJs sound like. I have never been more turned on. Props, Quiznos Advertising Dept. Props.

  8. I’ve totally been hungry for that sandwich all week! I think we all needed that review.
    Funny stuff Marvo. Looks pretty nappy..but if the meats moist I’d eat it. heheh hobos..

  9. The Quiznos here closed down…not because it wasn’t popular but because the jiggly triceped proprietress apparently cooked the books or didn’t pay taxes or franchise fees (whichever). Even if there was a Quiznos here, I don’t think I would go for the prime rib sammich, your photo just totally turned me off…it looks totally disgusting. And I’m one of those who likes their prime rib still moo-ing.

  10. I got some coupons from the newspaper for $1 or $2 off, don’t remember which, but every little bit helps. Though I find it wasteful when they cut off the rounded corner of the bread and throw it away.

  11. Yeah that looks NOTHING like it does in the commercial. I’d actually be pretty upset if I bought it and realized that is what it looks like. Borderline false advertising, that’s what that is.

  12. An orgy of meat! Don’t you know “meat is murder”? Oh, so you give an orgy of murder a 3.5!? Murderer, murderer!!

    Now, pass the mustard, please. Muuhaahhaaaa!

  13. Not that I’m some freak advocate, but sign up for their mailing list…you’ll receive their spam coupons (which for some reason, limits the number of times viewed), but that’s if you remember to print the coupons out, have them with you when you want to eat at Quizno’s or you can deal with the after-effects of a cut-up palate from the sandwich bread (well worth it if you ask me).

  14. You have an expensive Quizno’s my friend. They are only $7.49 at the Quizno’s I frequent. I like how the sauce makes the bread soggy. I think this would be better with Swiss, though, and will order it that way next time.

  15. You got fucked over man! I got one today, and it looked a hell of a lot better than that turd!

    Great sub though.

  16. I do enjoy Quizno’s.. but they are way expensive, considering.

    Albino broccoli.. Heh, that’s true. Damn cauliflower.

  17. Nicki – Actually, that honey bourbon chicken sounds good, and less expensive.

    Mir – Sorry, there are no video or pictures me deep throating this sandwich. 🙁

    bevbear – Could’ve had ten double cheeseburgers from McDonald’s or ten Whopper Jr’s from Burger King or twenty tacos from Jack in the Box or a small spoonful of caviar.

    Chuck – Your milk story explains a lot. No wonder I can’t get a proper milk mustache.

    Webmiztris – Heck, I’d pay $10 for 8 inches…more.

    Derrick – Thank goodness it’s not only available in California. I’d fly there for an In-N-Out burger, but not a prime rib sandwich.

    Bottom Feeder – Hi there, Bottom Feeder. Long time no see. I was going to try and take a picture of hobos getting it on at the park, but I think that’s a picture that should not be seen.

    Derrick – I’ve been rammed with so much advertising for this sandwich, I’m surprised I haven’t choked. I’m on the Quiznos mailing list and I’ve gotten three email about this damn sandwich.

    skibs – Well I hope you enjoy it, but I just hope that the hobo thing doesn’t turn you off to it.

  18. TG – Actually, my picture taking ability is as good as my grammar, I don’t really know what I’m doing, but if it looks good, I won’t mess with it.

    Grins – Wow! It’s like it’s Impulsive Buy Commenter From the Past Day. First, Bottom Feeder and now you. Where’s Megan and Ayesha97? Anyway, I make sure that the cardiacs on a plate only happens once a month. Note, I skipped the Triple Whopper.

    Gia on Guam – Who doesn’t like their prime rib still moo-ing? If it’s not moo-ing, it’s not prime rib – it’s just steak.

    klew – I suck with the whole clipping coupons thing, plus the Quiznos I went to doesn’t accept ANY coupons. I think I definitely need to find a new Quiznos.

    rfduck – The time it takes to make a Quiznos sandwich for a commercial: 30 minutes. The time it takes to make a Quiznos sandwich in real life: 30 seconds. I’m sure if they took 30 minutes to make it, the real life sandwich would look like the one in the commercial.


    Michael – I am on their mailing list, along with McDonald’s and another fast food place. Quiznos, by far, sends the most spam emails.

    Sylko – Nothing looked right with my sandwich, not even the price. Damn this living on a rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. But I bet it would’ve been more expensive in Guam.

    Karen – Meat… 🙂 Too much meat… 🙁 Too much fiber… 🙁

    David J. – Yes, I’m finding out that my neighborhood Quiznos sucks ass. But the girl who made my sandwich, was kind of cute, and she smiled at me.

    Jorb D – $6.99!!! Quiznos….Mmmm…Pricey.

    Andy – I want to try the Quiznos Triple Q, which will definitely not look like anything like they look in their commercials. At least they won’t have albino broccoli in them.

  19. “OK, I’d pay $10 for 8 inches, but not 8 inches of sandwich.”

    Man Dawn, only 10$ for 8 inches?? Damn, I’d pay 50$ for 8 inches…of something that’s not a sandwich… 😉

    Anywho, this sandwich looks gross, but I love your fake ad for cauliflower!

  20. Hey matvo: That photo of th esandwich totally turned me off. I like meat as much as the next gal, but I think I might feel I may actually ffel the fat sticking to my artery walls with that one. I love how you’re on the mailing list for all the fast food places … I didn’t even know that you could do that.

  21. Marvo,

    It’s time for you to do an “Advertised vs. Actual” chart.

    From Prime Rib Sandwiches to Instant soup…You can do it!

  22. I got this about 3 weeks ago, the ad brainwashed my wife into telling me to pick them up after running errands.
    It was $10 in the boston area for the large sub and 5 for my wifes, I almost passed out paying $15 for two subs.
    They don’t tell you about the peppercorn sauce in any of the advertising I’ve seen and the guy at my local quiznos put so much on I could barely taste the meat. And I know my wife wouldn’t like it so if I had known I would have ordered hers without it. I ended up eating both of them, which would have been fine except all I could taste was the sauce.

  23. Dude. I sincerely hope that’s not what your sandwich looked like, because if it is, the Quiznos by you SUCKS. 😉 I make 30+ of those during our two or-so hour lunch rush and none of mine look that disgusting.

  24. I tried the Quizno’s Prime Rib Sub as well (I could only take 6″…I know, I’m a pussy.) About three hours after eating the delicious (however expensive) sub, I began to feel nauseated. I tried going to bed. I felt cold. So cold I was shivering. Shivering while wearing pj pants, a long-sleeved tee shirt, a sweatshirt and socks. Shivering while wearing all those clothes, AND piled under five friggin’ blankets.

    Around 12:30am, the Prime Rib Sub made a violent reappearance. Seeing this picture of Marvo’s beautiful Quizno’s Prime Rib Sub makes me want to hork again.

    Thanks Marvo. Thanks for the flashbacks.

  25. Any – What if it was “quiznos”? 😉

    Toni – I’d pay $50 for 8 inches of gold.

    Tanya – Hey! Gluttony is good once in a while. Unless, your definition of once in a while means every other day.

    Gia on Guam – I cannot do it. I cannot look back at the horrors of the past, like ex-girlfriends and horrible looking products.

    Aaron – Sorry about the sauce orgy.

    Amy – Yes, I am finding out that my Quiznos is expensive AND shitty.

    Shannon – Sorry. Maybe if you imagined the picture to be two haggard hobos getting it on, it wouldn’t have be so bad. 🙂

  26. I died laughing once I scrolled down and saw your picture of the Quizno’s Prime Rib Sub. LOL! Not quite as delicious-looking as the commercial likes to tout it (it’s on brainwash rotation, apparently). Too funny. I’ll be blogging about some new food items I saw at the store this week. Pretty interesting stuff.

  27. SCREW paying that much for a freakin sandwhich. But you ever notice how sometimes the grossest looking stuff tastes the best? like moms “wtf is in this? cassarole”…cold pizza…that sandwhich you ate….chicken pot pie smushed up into a delicious pile…yeah

  28. OK, I had one of these yesterday. All I can say is that in an equation, Quiznos Prime Rib Sub = Overpriced Sandwich that later makes you Run To The Bathroom.

  29. Chuck – I must be building a strong stomach with all the crap I eat, because I felt fine after eating the sandwich. Well I guess some people like Larry the Cable Guy and other don’t.

  30. Thank you for that dose of reality. It sure doesn’t look anything like the picture in the advertisements! I have’t gotten my free Quiznos spam/email coupons lately, since the last ones expired anyway. I got disgusted the last time I was there because the workers were so dang rude and I haven’t been back since. Oh, my boyfriend’s mom calls it Queeznos.

  31. Stacie – You haven’t gotten Quiznos emails? Every other week I seem to get one with coupons I can’t use. Oh well.

  32. It is deli roast beef, dipped in au jus and put on a standard Quizno’s bun. Quizno’s though better than Subway (no great achievement), isn’t up to any local sandwich shop.

  33. Miguel – Definitely not deli roast beef, unless it’s a really crappy deli. Quiznos is better than Subway, but more expensive.

  34. I WISH I had the same experience as most of you! We tried that sub today at Quiznos in Carson City, NV. Although I could tell it WOULD have been very tasty, our meat was SO bad hubby had to spit out three pieces of gristle the size of a peach pit. Awful. Then we both got to these pieces that the only way you could get through them was to hold them in both hands and gnaw your way through. Needless to say, we didn’t bother by that point. We didn’t have NEAR the meat in ours as what is pictured above either. I talked to the manager.. who was really a nice guy… and he said that Yes, he had been getting quite a few complaints. He said the meat comes in pre-sliced from Quiznos to the restaurants. Then he gave me a percent off my NEXT purchase!

    Oh well… I wrote to Quiznos. Maybe it will get better, but for $10, we sure won’t be doing that again!

  35. I tried this sandwich today because it did look good on the commercial. i have a quizno’s in front of my office and even the picture looked good

    IT WAS HORRIBLE…… Dry, and there are no sauteed onions. They are raw onions.
    Quizno’s was a big hit when they opened, but no more. The sandwichs are not that good and they are way to expensive. I would rather spend $8.00 for lunch in a real deli.

  36. Well I will tell you this. If any of my employees made a sub that looked like that picture, they would be reprimanded. But I will tell you that they are sometimes a bit mushed after being wrapped to go, placed in bag on end instead of flat as this appears. Then you unwrap it and set it up for a photo….well it takes a toll on the looks but should not on the taste. No excuse, just my opinion as an owner. It appears not much attention was paid to wrapping this sub. Ours look like the picture that appears on the Quiznos web site when served in store. It appears a bit flatter after snuggly wrapping.

    You know what….I also feel it is a waste to cut and dispose of the ends. Quiznos corporate mandates that we do this. We wanted to save ours and give to organizations for the homeless ect. Corporate will not allow this because of liability. We have many complaints of waste and customers do not realize that corporate dictates every move we make. I mean down to the inth degree. Ridiculous!! At least they let us continue to breathe as they suck the living life out of almost every owner. Horrible, just horrible!!!

    You should write to corporate and complain about the bread ends. They don’t believe us when we tell them.

    I also have complaints myself as to how much dressing they require us to use. It is just to much. Then you get someone who is heavy handed and it is swimming.

  37. Marali – I once ate at an Italian restaurant and the waiter asked how I liked my lasagna. I told him I didn’t really care for it because it has waaay too much ricotta cheese. So he told me that he wouldn’t bill me for it. Awesome. Sorry, your experience wasn’t like that.

    Fran – Even if it is more expensive, I still do prefer Quiznos over Subway. It’s MUCH tastier.

    Masquerade – But the girl who made my sandwich was sooo cute. She had these cute dimples when she smiled.


  39. Great review — “an orgy of meat”! I have been reporting (follow the website link) on the origins of the Quiznos Prime Rib promotion — sponsored by the federal government’s Beef Board. They wouldn’t tell me the nutrition facts.


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