REVIEW: Pepsi Blue Hawaii

Last summer, Pepsi in Japan introduced the very limited edition Pepsi Ice Cucumber, which sold out in less than a month and helped Japan maintain their title of Country Most Likely Not To Use Focus Groups. This summer, they gave the finger to focus groups again and released the limited-edition, Japan-only, Pepsi Blue Hawaii.

The beverage is based on the Blue Hawaii cocktail, which is made of rum, pineapple juice, blue Curacao, sweet and sour mix, and sometimes vodka. Despite living in Hawaii and being of drinking age for the past decade, I have yet to consume a Blue Hawaii, because I’m allergic to cocktail umbrellas and drinks that make me look like a drunk sorority girl ready to flash her boobs when a video camera and Joe Francis come by.

The color of the Pepsi Blue Hawaii could best be described as Smurf-like, which makes sense since the idea of the Pepsi Blue Hawaii made me feel the same way I feel about the future Smurfs movie — it’s probably going to suck, but it has a certain allure to it that tickles my smurfs. After tasting it, I have to say that the Pepsi Blue Hawaii isn’t so smurftastic, but it is just a little smurfy.

The pineapple and lemon flavor combination was really smurfing sweet and artificial, especially the pineapple. I really didn’t enjoy it at first, but just like my experience with the Pepsi Ice Cucumber, I got used to its flavor and somewhat enjoyed it. I think its fruity flavor would make it a smurftastic mixer if you want to get totally smurfed off of something blue and can get your hands on some Pepsi Blue Hawaii.

I’m not sure what the smurf is so mutha smurfing appealing to my taste buds with the Pepsi Blue Hawaii, but for some smurfing reason, companies in Japan seem to know how to make smurfing products that sound and look unsmurfy, but in the end, turn out to be kind of smurfy. So I look forward to a new mutha smurfing flavor next summer from Pepsi in Japan. My money is on Pepsi Ice Carrot or Cherry Blossom Pepsi.

(Editor’s Note: TIB would like to thank reader Fury for sending a bottle of Pepsi Blue Hawaii from Japan, along with a bunch of other goodies to review. Domo arigato gozaimasu!)

Item: Pepsi Blue Hawaii
Price: FREE (only available in Japan)
Purchased at: Received from TIB reader Fury
Rating: 6 out of 10
Pros: Just a little smurfy. Comes in a Smurf color. After a few sips, I got used to the flavor and somewhat enjoyed it. Might make a good mixer. Using focus groups. Getting my smurfs tickled.
Cons: Pineapple and lemon flavor was smurfing sweet and artificial. Didn’t like the flavor at first. Available only in Japan. Limited edition. Drinks that make me look like a drunk sorority girl. Cocktail umbrellas.

29 thoughts to “REVIEW: Pepsi Blue Hawaii”

  1. Actually PepsiCo Japan does have focus groups, but they’re apparently staffed with the kinds of people who read your reviews. By that, I mean: I would totally drink diet Pepsi Ice Carrot.

  2. Ah, yes, and under “Cons,” please add Joe Francis. Although he really is more of an ex-con, I still think he belongs there.

  3. this is SO unfair.. Japan gets all the cool Sh*t!
    I totally loved the Smurfs, I had a smurfette costume once for halloween. oh well.. back to cruising the asian markets…

  4. Is there any way to get this in the US??? I don’t even drink carbonated beverages often, but I have a strange obsession with blue soft drinks. In fact, I might head over to TB for a some Baja Blast shortly.

  5. Domokun – No, when you pop the cap, Elvis rises from the dead and asks you for a peanut butter and banana sandwich.

    ultradave – Sometimes I’ll ask for extra umbrellas just to make it more girly.

    Alisha – when I want to be sneaky about trying some fruity girly drink I go up to a girl and then tell them ” what’s that over there?” pointing in the opposite direction and then sneak a sip from their drink.

    dee – Yes, I live in Hawaii. Are you going to stalk me now?

    SheRa – It should be fine as long as the tidy bowl man doesn’t come out of it.

    Tiggy – I know. I know. But just think of it as a canvas to create your own alcoholic dream.

    CrackerLilo – if you are related to the CEO of Pepsi then we might have a chance, but if not we are screwed.

    Reprobate – RIP Don Ho.

    Kylie – If you add alcohol or coffee to it, I’m sure you’ll like it. I suggest adding alcohol to this particular beverage.

    IE – This is something totally different. By the way, I liked Pepsi Blue.

    dramastically – I think if you search on eBay there are probably people who sell it. Although I would definitely not drink it.

    jessica – Oh god, strawberry Cheetos. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

    lex – Hmm… I think I’m going to start calling them bitch drinks too.

  6. Shannon – Japan has a lot more products that we will never see in the United States.

    Aimee – If you want to try one, there are people on eBay selling it, but it’s going to cost you.

    Ace – You could fill a bathtub with that blue Kool-Aid, sit in it for a few hours and become a Smurf.

    t3h I33tz0r – I have a headache trying to read that shit.

    BillB – Japan also adores anything from Hawaii.

    angry bob – How’s it angry bobbing, angry bob?

    Nevis – It does turn your tongue blue a little.

    Brenda – I say we try to push them to make Pepsi Ice Carrot. They should let us vote for possible flavors. Also, I think Joe Francis should wear a crown that says, “World’s Greatest Douchebag”

    bikerbabeee – Japan does get all the cool stuff, but most of that cool stuff is really weird.

    Terry – I think you are absosmurfly smurfy.

    ChrisP – The only way I know of is to by it via eBay.

  7. well today when I went to the store I found myself drawn to buy this bottle. I bought 2 just incase i liked it and if i didnt I would give it away. I am really glad that I bought 2. The taste is just strange but very good. The pineapple is not too strong and the lemon just hits the tounge with ease. I love this drink. I would agree in saying it tastes just as a cocktail but with carbonation in it. I wish most of this stuff that was over here in japan would go to america, but then again there is alot of stuff out here that is disgusting. ex: shrimp burgers at McDonalds lol.

  8. There is nothin wrong with havin a lil smurf in ya..*teehee* =^_^=

    I’d actually wouldn’t mind pepsi strawberry..that’ll be a flavor to get your juices flowing in the morning

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