NEWS: Method’s New Dilutable Cleaner Is Like A Mogwai Because It Multiplies When Water Is Added

Written by | June 9, 2009

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Gizmo was so cute in the movie Gremlins. Those big eyes made me want to pet him and his soft fur made me want to use him as a mop to clean my floors.

If I ever get the opportunity to clean my apartment with a mogwai, I might use Method’s new Dilutable Cleaner.

Although since I would be adding water to the super concentrated cleaner and the cleaner itself contains water, Gizmo would probably multiply and Mr. Wing would come to my door and tell me that I’m not ready to properly care for a mogwai.

The Method Dilutable Cleaner only comes in once scent: citrus leaf. It cleans using eco-friendly, biodegradable ingredients like plant-based cleaners and natural mineral boosters. It’s available now in stores and comes in a 25-ounce bottle.

Bucket not included.

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  1. Bear Silber says:

    So you haven’t actually tried it then?

  2. Marvo says:

    @Bear Silber: No, I haven’t tried it. I need to get my hands on a mogwai first.

  3. grinder says:

    This cleaner needs some bleach. If it don’t make your eyes water, it isnt’ going to get anything clean.

  4. cybele says:

    I’m a little confused by the term “dilutable”. Isn’t everything “dilutable?” You just add water, right?

    I’m wondering if they meant “concentrated” instead.

    (I saw this at Target and mulled over what the heck they were talking about.)

  5. Marvo says:

    @grinder: Onions make my eyes water, but only because they bitchslap me.

    @cybele: I agree concentrated might’ve been a better word to use, since they already use it for their laundry detergent.

  6. JamieSusan says:

    Marvo! Come mop my floor!

  7. Marvo says:

    @JamieSusan: Only if you provide the mop, bucket, Method cleaning products and French maid outfit. The frillier, the better.

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