11 thoughts on “VIDEO REVIEW: Wasabi Kit Kat (Japan)

  1. I tried many flavors of Kit Kats from Japan. I loved shoyu, sweet potato, maple, and green tea. Wasabi was the only one I couldn’t handle and actually had to spit out. So gross!

  2. So people who don’t care for wasabi wouldn’t appreciate the Wasabi Kit Kat. Sound reasoning! XD (I’d be all over a Green Tea one, though.)

  3. Me love some green tea Kit Kat! So… If I have an addiction of putting wasabi on any edible thing, I’ll probably like this Kit Kat, right? In Brazil we only have the plain-not-fun-at-all chocolate Kit Kat. :(

    ps: <3 from Brazil Marvo! You are a cutie ;)

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