COMING SOON – Limited Edition Dr Pepper Vanilla Float

Limited Edition Dr Pepper Vanilla Float

The 2000s was a great decade for new Dr Pepper flavors. There was Dr Pepper Red Fusion, Diet Cherry Chocolate Dr Pepper, Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper, Berries & Cream Dr Pepper, and Dr Pepper Cherry.

This decade we’ve seen, um, Dr Pepper Ten…and that’s it. However, that will change in mid-May when Dr Pepper Vanilla Float hits shelves. It will bring together Dr Pepper and the flavor of vanilla ice cream. It’ll be available in 20-ounce bottles, 2-liter bottles, and 12-ounce 12 packs.

If you’ve tried it, leave your thoughts about it in the comments.

119 thoughts to “COMING SOON – Limited Edition Dr Pepper Vanilla Float”

  1. Bring back the dr pepper vanilla float it was awesome my family wants more bring it back permenantly please

  2. PLEASE!!!! Bring the Dr Pepper Vanilla Float! Our family fell in love with it! Our all time favorite, then it got snatched off the shelves. 🙁

  3. Always loved Dr. Pepper. But the Vanilla Float Dr. Pepper is in a class all by itself. I really do hope they consider putting this in regular rotation… Great Drink…

  4. My family and I love the Vanilla Float Dr Pepper. I cant find it anymore and it is the best of the vanilla colas anywhere! Everyone wanting it needs to write Dr Pepper on their website! Bring it back…

  5. Please bring the Dr. Pepper Vanilla Float back, my entire family fell in love with it, even my pregnant daughter who is now craving it and its no where to be found!!!

  6. This is by far the best flavor that Dr. Pepper has released please make this a regular production and please release Diet Dr. Pepper Vanilla Float for those that can’t drink regular soda.

  7. Please bring back Dr. Pepper Vanilla Float permanently! I am a Cherry Dr. Pepper fan & drink 6 – 7 cans a day. The Vanilla float is GREAT. I can’t believe how fast the stores sell out of it. I was told by a few stores that it isn’t a big seller…that doesn’t make sense. I haven’t tried the Choc. Dr. Pepper due to I’ve never seen it. I live in Las Vegas. Thanks & I hope u will seriously consider my request along with everyone else that would love to be able to buy it whenever they want to.

  8. Dr Pepper vanilla float is by far the BEST soft drink I have had!!! PLEASE make this a permanent addition to your product line. Thank you!!!!!

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