Jell-O Oreo Instant Pudding

Jell-O Oreo

I really like pudding, but I’m not sure why.

It could be because pudding is really good. Or because pudding is fun and quick to make. Or because pudding is something I enjoy licking off of a woman’s body. I don’t know.

What I do know is that the Jell-O Oreo Instant Pudding I bought was really good. Then again I really enjoy anything labeled Oreo or cookies and cream, but not as much as licking pudding off of a woman’s body.

Anyway, making the pudding took less than five minutes and after I was done, I let it sit in the refrigerator for awhile.

Later, I pulled the bowl out and began eating it.

While eating it, I flipped through the 200-plus television stations I can watch and I happened to come across The Cosby Show. Then, thanks to Mr. Cosby, an idea popped into my head:


You blogging moms like that idea, right? Pretty good, eh? I feel so Martha-ish.

I think I’d make a great blogging dad some day. If only I didn’t scare women away with that whole licking-pudding-off-of-their-body-thing.

Although making pudding pops was a good idea, there was a slight problem: I’ve never made pudding pops before. I didn’t know what I could use to put the pudding in, so that I could stick it in the freezer.

At first, I thought about putting the pudding into my, “Coffee: The Breakfast of Office Workers” coffee mug, but realized that I would have a pretty huge pudding pop on my hands.

Then I had the great idea to use an ice cube tray. So I scooped out the pudding and put them into the ice tray’s slots. I let them sit in the freezer for a couple of hours and they turned into frozen pudding goodness.

However, I had a problem with taking them out of the ice tray.

I know, blogging moms. I should’ve put popsicle sticks in them.

Unfortunately, I used up all of my popsicle sticks because when I role-play, I like to play doctor.

The pudding pops turned out pretty good, but I found out if you leave them in the freezer for more than a couple of days, freezer burn sets in.

So if you like Oreos, pudding, or licking stuff off of a person’s body, then I would recommend Jell-O Oreo Instant Pudding.

Item: Jell-O Oreo Instant Pudding
Purchase Price: $1.69
Rating: 4 out of 5
Pros: Great tasting. Quick and easy to make. Great to lick off of body parts, if partner is willing.
Cons: Remember to use popsicle sticks when making pudding pops. Can get messy if trying to lick off of body parts.

19 thoughts to “Jell-O Oreo Instant Pudding”

  1. I have an idea for your frozen pudding goodies. Well, two ideas. First: shorten the name. That’s a lot of syllables and if you want to make millions you have to make it easy for children to say. Second: Maybe if you put plastic wrap over the ice tray, then drop the pudding into the holes, they’ll be easier to retrieve. Love the site.

  2. Here’s my blogging mom tip for you — buy the individual cups of pudding (I know, they don’t come in Oreo flavor, YET). Take a cup (don’t peel the foil off!!), grasp it firmly, and shove a fork right through the foil lid and all the way into the cup. Stick it in the freezer. A few hours later, pull the lid off, run a little warm water on the outside of the cup, and VOILA! :9

  3. hmm, I am not sure if I want to make pudding and then eat it or make pudding and make sure it’s a flavor my husband would like! {wink} thanks!

  4. I don’t know… the frozen pudding goodness could be quite a lot of fun to lick off. 😉

    Great site, love the reviews!
    and I’m sure that one day you will find a woman that will allow you to lick pudding off of her.

  5. Isn’t anybody willing to tell you that they already sell Jello Pudding Pops in the frozen section of the store??? I used to buy them for my kids all the time. Oh..and they already have sticks attached 🙂

  6. glad you added the ” if partner is willing” part. Otherwise it could just get super messy and pretty ugly, too. Will have to try this delectable delicacy.

  7. Leah – I thought about the plastic wrap, but I used it all up doing…Um, nevermind.

    jennifer – I tried that in the past, but I didn’t like it because the pudding pop was way to thick.

    Andrea – Some women like the quick touch of ice on their bodies. Wait…This isn’t Dr. Ruth’s blog!

    Tara – TMI (Too Much Information). Oh wait, I take that back. Go on.

    Ayesha97 – When I do find that woman who enjoys having pudding licked from her body, I must marry her.

    Webmiztris – Ooh, didn’t think about that. I’ll remember that if I ever get the chance.

    Aymie’s Mom – This may sound strange, but there aren’t any Jello Pudding Pops at the national grocery store chain I shop at.

    Goldberry – Super messy? Doesn’t super messy make it super fun.

    kimdog – Or even shorter, FroPuGoo.

  8. Busy Mom – Are you sure you don’t want details? Want the video? 😉

    Jennifer – Yes, desperation makes us try anything.

  9. Call me a crotchety old bastard, but instant pudding sucks. Cooked pudding rules. You don’t have to bust your chops making it from scratch (although that is the way to make the Finest Chocolate Pudding on Earth) – just get a box of Jell-O pudding – the kind ya gotta cook. Small time investment, big flavor return.

    Now get ya lazy momona ass in da kitchen an’ start cookin da puddin’, yeah?

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