Pringles Prints: Daytona 500

Pringles Prints

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Now here’s today’s review. Enjoy.)

I’m not good with things that require knowledge.

For example, the game show Jeopardy. I totally suck at it. If I had to play against Ken Jennings, he would pull me across his lap, pull my pants down, and spank me badly. Also, I honestly believe that Alex Trebek’s old mustache knows waaay more than me.

Then there’s Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? If Regis Philbin was still hosting, he’d be yelling at me. Not the crazy, happy “You just won $32,000!” yelling that he usually does, more like “You are a moron!” yelling.

Oh, and let’s not forget The Weakest Link. If I ended up on that show, I would totally be Anne Robinson’s bitch.

Sure, I could acquire knowledge through such things as books, the Internet, newspapers, magazines, and television, but books are for nerds, the Internet is for porn, newspapers are for lining bird cages, I only pick up magazines for the pictures, and my brain shuts off when watching television.

However, recently I came across Pringles Prints. They look and taste like regular Pringles, except on each chip there’s a trivia question and its answer printed with blue ink (which doesn’t affect the taste).

Holy crap! I can learn from one of my favorite all-time snacks?

Why couldn’t they have done this for the Russian class I failed in college? Nyet! Nyet! Nyet!

Despite being excited about finding a way to acquire knowledge through Pringles, I was disappointed that I happened to have picked up the Daytona 500 edition of Pringles Prints.

Now, if there was a topic that I wouldn’t want to know anything about, it would be the Daytona 500. No offense to you NASCAR fans out there, but I’m more of a baseball, college basketball, women’s figure skating, and women’s bodybuilding kind-of-guy.

So instead of questions about the Daytona 500, I wish on these Pringles Prints there were questions and answers that many people want to know, like:

1. What is the Gaian Theory?
2. Who are the members of the G-G-G-G-Unit?
3. What happened to Tiffany-Amber Thiessen’s career?
4. Has there been any moment this year that Anna Nicole Smith hasn’t been drunk?
5. Where do babies come from?

If they had Pringles Prints like that, I believe becoming a member of Mensa is definitely in my future, or at least, maybe I’ll get my ass kicked less in Trivial Pursuit.

Item: Pringles Prints: Daytona 500
Purchase Price: $1.13
Rating: 4 out of 5
Pros: It’s original Pringles-flavored and you can’t go wrong with that. Perfect for NASCAR fans.
Cons: Questions were on a topic I’m not interested in learning. Hand got stuck in Pringles can…again. Stupid can!

13 thoughts to “Pringles Prints: Daytona 500”

  1. These Pringles are a big hit in North Carolina (wonder why???). I live here and am totally uninterested in any factoids about NASCAR. But they’re Pringles so they can’t be all that bad. I’ll just eat them in the dark with my eyes closed 😛

  2. you should see the nascar memorials on cars in the south. i swear, these people actually think they are dale jr., and whoever else drives around in a circle.

  3. Man why would a company even want to be assoicated with NASCAR? It is the most redneck sport out there. I live in Saint Louis Missouri and people have the memorials on the cars also. I don’t think that St. Louis is a redneck town but people here love their NASCAR. God I hate NASCAR. Good idea about eating them in the dark with your eyes closed. I will have to try that also.

  4. Jim – Who doesn’t love winning stuff? Oh wait, if I won a date with Anna Nicole Smith, I wouldn’t consider that a win.

    Aymie’s Mom – You don’t have to eat them in the dark or with your eyes closed. The question and answer are only printed on one side of the chip, so just flip the chip over. Besides when I can’t see what I’m eating, I tend to miss my mouth. This sucks, especially when eating spaghetti.

    Peggasus – Um…I can’t read EITHER!!! NOOOOO!!!

    josh – Don’t forget, they only make left turns.

    Becky – I like to compare NASCAR with soccer. In the US, soccer isn’t a major sport, but in the rest of the world it’s the BIGGEST sport. In the south, NASCAR is the BIGGEST sport, but in the rest of the country, it’s not so big. Holy crap! I wrote something semi-intelligent.

  5. I love any kind of pringles. I live in North Carolina and I can’t stand NASCAR. Maybe if I ate those pringles I would know what the rednecks are always talking about.

  6. You think cars driving around in a neverending circle would be right up an island dweller’s alley?

  7. Tommy – If there’s one thing I know about NASCAR, it’s that everyone seems to hate some guy named Jeff Gordon.

    Damon – Yes, Pringles do rock. As for NASCAR, if it was like Gran Turismo and I was driving, it would be fun and I’d wreck my car in the first two minutes.

    kevin – Touche, Kevin. Touche. But that only happens during road trips.

  8. See…snacks can be educational. I’m holding out for Pringles’ Baby Boomer Trivia and Eclectic Things That End In Y editions…

  9. Webmiztris – Apparently there are Pringles Prints that have questions about the show Survivor. Dammit! Give me questions about women’s figure skating!

    Thumper – I’m waiting for the Menudo Trivia and Movies That Have Scenes With John Cusack in the Rain editions.

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