Jack in the Box Asian Chicken Salad

Jack in the Box Asian Chicken Salad

(Editor’s Note: It’s the final day of Salad Week here at The Impulsive Buy. It was an interesting week filled drive-thru windows, black plastic bowls with clear plastic covers, way too much iceberg lettuce, and a lot of salad tossing. Today’s final salad review comes from my favorite fast food place, Jack in the Box. Enjoy.)

Being Asian, I felt I had to represent and try the Asian Chicken Salad from Jack in the Box. However, I also had another reason for picking it up: I needed more Asian in me and I was hoping that this salad could give it to me.

You see, my ethnicity is Japanese, but I am probably the most un-Japanese Japanese person in the world. I can’t use chopsticks very well. I don’t like sushi. I definitely don’t karaoke. I remember six words from the two years of Japanese language I took in college (In case you were wondering, the six words are: Hai (yes), iie (no), sake (rice wine), sushi, karaoke, and geri (diarrhea).)

I don’t even think I have enough Asian in me to make the pick up line, “Do you have Asian in you? Would you like some?” work for me.

Although, I do drive a Toyota, which kind of makes me more Asian. But then again, just because Carrie Underwood won American Idol, doesn’t mean she’s very good, and also doesn’t mean Ruben Studdard can’t eat her.

Anyway, the Jack in the Box Asian Chicken Salad is a very colorful salad, as you can see in the picture above. It has green leaf lettuce, some fancy red/green leaf thing, baby spinach, red onion slices, shredded carrots, mandarin orange slices, pieces of grilled white meat chicken, wonton strips, roasted slivered almonds, Asian sesame dressing, and white-ass iceberg lettuce.

After I mixed the salad in a bigger bowl, I took a few bites of it using a fork and then switched to chopsticks to see if I had gained the Asian powers to wield them properly.

When several mandarin orange slices and leafs of lettuce ended up on the carpet, I knew the art of using chopsticks wasn’t meant to be. I guess my once fast fingers’ past as “The Human Vibrators” has messed up any chances of me using chopsticks properly.

The salad was very tasty, which was due to the very good Asian sesame dressing. I also liked the various textures the salad had. From the crunchiness of the wonton strips and almonds to the soft mandarin oranges and pieces of chicken. It’s probably the best fast food salad I’ve had so far, and I’m not being biased because I’m Asian.

Despite the 590 calories, 33 grams of fat, and 1306 milligrams of sodium, the Asian Chicken Salad is surprisingly the most healthiest specialty salad on the Jack in the Box menu. It also has a whole lot of potassium and dietary fiber, which are good for you.

After eating the entire salad, which was very filling, I realized that eating Asian foods won’t ever help make me more Asian.

So now I’ll take another approach and hopefully I can become more Asian by watching lots and lots of anime porn.

Item: Jack in the Box Asian Chicken Salad
Purchase Price: $4.99
Rating: 4 out of 5
Pros: Tasty. Good dressing. Lots of potassium and dietary fiber. The healthiest speciality salad on the Jack in the Box menu. Filling salad. Salad Week is over, which means back to REALLY unhealthy stuff.
Cons: Didn’t make me more Asian. High in sodium and fat. Abusing my fingers from those “Human Vibrator” years.

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  1. There’s a part of me that would like to know more about the “human vibrator”– the rest of me is just too plain scared to ask!

    Another great review! I’m glad you’ve survived your week of tossing your own salad. 😉

  2. You know, you really should have linked to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hentai

    Not that I would know anything about that… *looks around*


    I love JITB. Their Sourdough burger thing is one of my all time favorite fast food things. Too bad the closest one I know of around here is about 10 hours away.

  3. Nice finish to salad week: a Chinese Chicken Salad, and a fast food salad that doesn’t suck. Of all the salads you’ve reviewed this week, this is the one I will try. Domo origatu. (If that’s spelled wrong, it’s because I’m not Asian; but then again, since you admit your Asian-ness is lacking, you might not even catch any misspelling there, or even know what it means. So, we’re good.)

  4. Oh yeah, asian chicken salad is all about the dressing. Oddly, of the 500+ calories, the 30+ grams of fat, and the 1300+ mg of sodium, probably 75% of it all is in the dressing.

    You can buy that yummy asian dressing in a bottle at the grocery store. I have a bottle of it in my fridge. At my house, every salad is an asian salad.


  5. No Jack in the Box here in these parts either…guess I’ll have to console myself with McDonald’s Bacon Ranch salad and Applebee’s salads. That and the occasional Hardee’s thickburger. I did used to eat at Jack In The Box, though, when I lived out West, and I think they are a good restaurant. Probably my fave fast food restaurant was In and Out though.

  6. yeah, this salad looked the best for the week… i’m kinda surprised that it comes from Jack in the Box, I wouldn’t have thunk that. I get the 2 tacos for 99 cents… still deep fried in oil, yum. But ouchee for heart valves.

    marvo, that is really funny about what you said about being un-Japanese. i thought that was me – I don’t speak the lingo, can’t eat sashimi, don’t eat sushi that much, and i absolutely absolutely hate Wasabi. People figure because I’m Japanese I should be singing kereeokeee every night and using wasabi as toothpaste. I can use chopsticks okay though. =)

  7. It’s a real bummer that we don’t have Jack in the Box out here on the East Coast. I always try to eat there when I go westward, but my friend discourage “strange restaurants.”

  8. At least tell me that it is schoolgirl porn as opposed to tenticle hentai.

    You know, I’ve never once had the “Have some Asian in you?” pick up line, though I have actually been dealt a “nice shoes, wanna …” by a guy who, literally, had a shoe fetish. What I didn’t realize was that the latter part of that pick up line was directed at my footware, and not at me.

    You should really learn how to cuss in Japanese. That’s the only stuff that stuck with me, aside from saying “yes”. Why would you ever need to say “no” in Japan? Oh, wait, I also remember how to say, “I love you.” See … all the phrases that a girl needs to know. ^_^

  9. “and also doesn’t mean Ruben Studdard can’t eat her.”
    This is exactly WHY I READ your reviews. Oh my GOD, I thought I’d bust a gut!!

    So, evidently all you have to do to make Asian salad is add wonton strips, mandarin oranges, and some sesame dressing? Somehow, I don’t think that’s very authentic!

  10. Ayesha97 – Sadly, the “human vibrator” days my fingers enjoyed are way behind me.

    Lord Jezo – You’re right, I should’ve used hentai. But that’s how un-Japanese I am.

    Mellie Helen – Your spelling is wrong, but I know it’s wrong, not because of my Japanese ethnicity, but because of the band Styx. Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto.

    Bottom Feeder – Most salad dressings are bad in terms of healthiness, but sometimes bad can be good.

    shannon – You may not have a Jack in the Box, but I bet you have much better other choices in Brooklyn.

  11. Wow, Jack in the Box. I didn’t know they still existed, we had one growing up in NY but it closed. They made White Castle look like a four-star, jacket-and-tie establishment! Remember in the 80’s when some kids in Seattle died after eating Jack in the Box? A (less-than-reputable) friend of mine used to work at said J.I.T.B. and he thought the tacos were made from kangaroos. Then again, he told me that he peed on the grill once. I never ate there again. And from one asian to another, I’d suggest you do the same. 🙂

  12. I knew a guy who achieved that “human vibrator” effect with his fingers through hours of practice with his game controller. (An actual game controller, you sickos. Oh wait, I thought of it too…)

    I forget which game. Tekken, or something.

    Salad looks pretty good. Ummm…mandarin oranges….


    Bryan – My chopsticks always cross and to pick up large pieces I just stab the buggah with the chopsticks.

    RattleNHum82 – Well the next time you go to Jack in the Box, avoid the Monster Tacos.

    TheInfamousJ – Definitely schoolgirl porn. Wait, why am I admitting this to you? Anyway, in college when I worked at the university’s library, there was this Japanese reference book that taught readers how to curse in Japanese and what to say when making sweet, sweet loving. It was a funny book and I used to know how to say, “Do you like it rough?” in Japanese, but I forgot.

    nat – Oh yeah, don’t forget the couple of drops of Asian blood, that’s what really makes it authentic.

    Rygar – I think Jack in the Box has improved greatly since the 80s. I think it’s because of the Jack in the Box antenna balls.

    wired – I think I achieved my fast fingers from high school typing class. Sixty words per minute and sixty seconds until pleasure, baby! But sadly, it’s down to thirty words per minute and way too much time until pleasure.

  14. When I lived in Dallas, Jack and I were good friends. I swear my family would eat JITB burgers at least one night a week before we moved. Sadly, it’s been a long decade without such delicious fast food cause they don’t have any JITBs here in west Tennessee. I could really go for a sourdough burger right now. *sigh* Thanks alot, marvo, you’ve bummed me out.

  15. Salad Week Was Interesting.
    Your Body is Going To Shut Down The First Time You Eat Some Fast Food…. 🙂

  16. Wired, I don’t think it was Tekken…but there was a meter…and I think it had something to do with breaking walls and stuff…rapid X-button pushing…

    Marvo, did the dressing have a strong sesame taste? Scooze’s asian chicken salad sucked because that’s all you could taste: sesame! Blech!

    I forgot where it was, now…but there was a restaurant there that spoiled me with their asian chicken salad. Maybe Wired remembers.

    And surprisingly, The Cheesecake Factory has a really good chinese chicken salad. I was thoroughly impressed.

  17. Thr4ll – Hey, I don’t have a White Castle, an Olive Garden, AND a Target. You’re bummed out? I’m bummed out.

    Damon – That will happen first thing Saturday morning.

    Priss – Well Scooze’s is long gone, so I won’t have to worry about that. As for The Cheesecake Factory, I have yet to venture into Waikiki to eat there, but when I do, I’ll definitely consider your suggestion, along with some cheesecake.

  18. First the salad seems similiar to the mandarin chicken salad offered at Wendy’s which I like.
    Next I live between Baton Rouge and New Orleans the cutoff for JITB locations seems to be Baton Rouge (in the south).
    Last I learned in school how to use chop sticks but now I suck at it. Did you give catching flies a try?

  19. Oh… I was wondering why I’ve never heard of a Jack In The Box fast-food place.

    But then again, you’ve probably never been to Dunkin’ Donuts.

    Or asked for ‘jimmies’ instead of chocolate sprinkles.

    or considedered 50 degrees in March to be a heat wave.

    Then again, I’m from New England.

  20. Mmmm kangaroo tacos

    I luff JITB. They have the best Universal Monster toys around Halloween time! I also love their Sourdough Jack and Supreme Croissant. Mmmmm calorific!

  21. Interesting salad for sure. Too bad your Asian-ness wasn’t at all boosted by the meal, though. Thank god you didn’t try any Bruce Lee moves

  22. well, maybe BK gives you shitty salad dressing out there, but at least you have a Jack in the Box. Out here, we have no Jack in the Box OR Sonic OR White Castle!!

  23. Moi- I can’t recall having seen a dunkin donuts but the commercials ran here when i was a Kid “Time to make the donuts” I remember they used to be my favorite ads. On friday before christmas the temp. was in the upper 70’s f. christmas day it snowed (first ever white christmas) then Monday we were back in shorts.

    Dawn-NO-O-O-O! Sonic? How can you stand it? The tater tots gives me a break from fries and their treats I prefer over Dairy Queen.

  24. Kent Tell – I have trouble catching stationary objects, so anything that moves will be difficult for me to catch with chopsticks, except for slow-moving elderly people in walkers.

    ~Moi~ – I have been to Dunkin’ Donuts. Actually, we have a Dunkin’ Donuts with a frickin’ drive-thru. It’s also connected to a Baskin Robbins, so we could order donuts, ice cream, and coffee all at one time.

    Kirkkitsch – Mmm…Sourdough Jack…Mmm…Antenna balls…

    Ken – Yes, thank goodness I didn’t try any Bruce Lee moves. I would hurt myself more than I would hurt anyone else, because I’m not very flexible.

    Webmiztris – SONIC!!! That’s another place I have yet to eat at. I keep seeing their commercials on television and I keep yearning for one of their drink combinations. It seems to be Sonic good.

  25. mrsmogul – Thanks. Also, thanks for handing my ass to me in our Blog Explosion blog war.

    ~Moi~ – That’s okay. It could be worse. Some people actually don’t believe we’re the 50th state.

    pikkelweezel – Mmm…Arby’s.

  26. You know, I’ve never been to a white castle. We don’t have them here. I hear they’re alot like Krystal. Do they have cool nicknames for white castle burgers like they do for Krystal burgers? Some of my favorites are “Stoner’s Turkish Delight” (All hail CS Lewis) and “Gut Bombs”.

  27. Pardon me; poor scanning skills on my part. I see you’ve already been acquainted. (going back to the silence from whence I came)

  28. Thr4ll – We don’t have White Castles here either, but we don’t have a lot of things here.

    Pearl – Yup, I know Bottom Feeder. Well I don’t KNOW him. I know OF HIM.

    k@os – So that means you’re also really close to Porn Heaven…I mean, Diamond Head Video?

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