Happy Upgrade Day!!!

Hi there! Um…No review today.

Just wanted to let you know that I upgraded the blogging software today. Because of that, some things might not work, like if you wanted to email a review to someone, you can’t do that yet.

Besides that, if you happen to visit The Impulsive Buy and something looks weird or something goes wrong, please let me know about it…Even though all of you will probably be watching the Super Bowl.

Speaking of the Super Bowl…My prediction? Steelers 34 Seahawks 14.

7 thoughts to “Happy Upgrade Day!!!”

  1. If I was a football fan, I would give you a prediction. But since I’m not… I can’t. Hope the upgrading goes well!

  2. Nice.. recently upgraded AND changed my theme for the umpteenth time.
    Weird though, when I came to post a comment I had Lucy’s details all filled in for me. Bug ?

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