March Prize Drawing!!!

Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up and it’s a great day to get drunk, get pinched, and get caught urinating in public.

However, no one gives gifts for Saint Patrick’s Day. So this month two lucky readers will each receive a Saint Patrick’s Day gift from The Impulsive Buy.

These two lucky readers will each win A BOX of the Extra Cool Watermelon Gum, which I reviewed the other week. It’s enough gum to last for weeks, unless you have a strong oral fixation and you also like to share, then it will only last you a couple of days.

Just like last month, I’ll be having two separate drawings. However, this month, one drawing is for men only and the other drawing is only for the ladies in the hizzouse. So one Barney will win a box and one Betty will win a box.

However, if you happen to be a hermaphrodite, I will enter you in both drawings. But if you are a hermaphrodite, and you win, you MUST show proof in the form of a doctor’s note.

To enter this month’s prize drawing, just leave a comment for THIS post with THREE THINGS.

1. The words “Hey! Nice watermelons!”
2. Whether you’re a male, female, or a hermaphrodite.
3. Whatever else you would like to say.

Please fill out the email field, because I’ll be emailing the winners for their mailing addresses. Don’t worry about the shipping, I’ll take care of it.

The Impulsive Buy will start accepting entries for the drawing on Tuesday, March 14, 2006 and stop accepting entries on Sunday, March 19, 2006. Only one entry allowed per person. The drawing is ONLY open to those in the United States, US Military APOs, Canada, and Guam. (To the rest of the planet, I’m sorry.)

Good luck!

Fine Print: The Impulsive Buy promises your email address will not be used to send you spam about “lovely russian bittches in action.” (Yes, that’s how the spammers spelled it.) The Impulsive Buy also promises your mailing address will not be used to send you information about seminars that will improve your managerial skills. Bribes will not be accepted. The Impulsive Buy will not be responsible for lost mail, damaged mail, or Brokeback Mountain not winning Best Picture.

98 thoughts to “March Prize Drawing!!!”

  1. i can not wait for marvo to say “Hey! Nice watermelons!” to me i am a female and i am in love with marvo and my husband knows it kisses

  2. Hey! Nice Watermelons!
    Of the Female pursuasion.
    Whatever else you would like to say. (Sorry, couldn’t resist)……….

  3. Hey! Nice watermelons!
    Female for life!
    Yesterday one of my high school students asked me if we were in B.C. or A.D. years. I fear for the future.

  4. Hey! Nice watermelons!


    Could never have spelled vinaigrette on my own, thanks Marvo
    Mmmm gum!

  5. Hey, nice watermelons!

    I’m a male.

    I am in a hurry so I don’t have time to think of anything funny to say.

  6. Hey! Nice Watermelons!


    30, single, enjoys long walks on the beach and product review blogs….

  7. “Hey! Nice watermelons!”

    I’m a female, so the watermelons comment felt a little awkward!

  8. Hey! Nice watermelons!
    Does the runner up get pictures of a nice pair of watermelons?

  9. Hey!!!! Nice Watermelons!!

    I’m a Female

    Trust me…. I’m Irish!

  10. Hey! Nice Watermelons!
    “Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.”
    – Proverb

  11. 1) Hey! Nice watermelons!
    2) female *fluttering my eyelashes*
    3) I never win your prize drawings, but still find you very sexy.

  12. Hey, nice watermelons. I’m a female, and I always get a fluttery feeling when I see the Impulse buy has been updated, Hooray!

  13. 1. Hey! Nice watermelons!
    2. female
    3. ::is always horrid at this sort of thing::

  14. “Hey! Nice watermelons!”
    Dood, I’m a chick, man!
    I would like to say that I would so chew the hell out of a pack of Watermelon Extra gum, and that afterwards my jaws would ache and pop uncontrollably due to my TMJ.

  15. Hey! I am a female with very nice watermelons!
    I also happen to adore watermelony deliciousness and I check the Impulse Buy every single day because I am a huge slacker in class and you’re funny.

  16. Things you never want to hear from your proctologist:
    “Hey! Nice watermelons”

    I’m a man, baby!

    Great Oden’s hammer!

  17. “Hey! Nice watermelons!”
    Thank God I’m female.
    Yesterday I spent several minutes picking the watermelon flavored jellybeans out of a huge bag of Starburst Tropical jellybeans.

  18. “Hey! Nice watermelons!”
    Thank God I’m female.
    Yesterday I spent several minutes picking the watermelon flavored jellybeans out of a huge bag of Starburst Tropical jellybeans.

  19. Hey! Nice Watermelons!

    I’m male.

    There is some milk in the refrigerator that is about to go bad…

    …..And there it goes.

  20. Hey! Nice watermelons!

    I have nice melons, thus am a female.

    And I’d like to say that I watch too much American Idol

  21. Hey, Marvo? Did you see that adorable woman waving at you yesterday? You know the one…the one that made you say, Hey, that female has nice watermelons? Remember her? Yeah, that wasn’t me, never will be, but I’d be very happy if I won the prize this month!

  22. 1. Hey! Nice watermelons!
    2. Male, but I will do the surgery if I get reimbursed for all expenses. And I
    win the contest.
    3. I didn’t get first post. Shame. Go add gravators to The OTHER Blog.

  23. Hey! Nice watermelons!


    watermelon candy flavor tastes nothing like real watermelon, which is very tasty.

  24. So I’m a male and said to this girl, “Hey! Nice watermelons!”

    Then she slapped me and I ran away.

  25. If I had a dollar for every time I heard “Hey! Nice Watermellons!”, I’d be a rich, rich girl. Instead, I just have nice watermellons.

  26. “Hey! Nice watermelons!”

    I am a female 🙂

    I love that photo of the bubble gum bubble blowing little girl!

    Happy early St. Patrick’s Day, Marvo & The Impulsive Buy readers.

  27. Hey! Nice watermelons!
    Very male. Like male-er than all youz.
    Um, “whatever else”

  28. Hey! Nice watermelons!


    I have very limited hopes to win but love your reviews so I keep trying.

    I know I was just very happy when you reviewed the PB kisses and mentioned my name. I guess I am easy.


  29. Hey! Nice watermelons!


    I love the watermelon gum! Even if it does make me feel a bit effeminate when I chew it…

  30. 1. The words “Hey! Nice watermelons!”
    2. Male
    3. I’m glad I’m not competing in the same pool as #63.

  31. I am a girl who often hears the phrase: “Hey, nice watermelons!”

    Love, love gum!!!!!

  32. hey, nice watermelons! despite my name, i’m female. if i were to win a certain box of artificially-flavored watermelon gum, it would be gone in a flash because i raffle off gum and office supplies to my students on a weekly basis. i rest easy at night knowing that any gum and/or candies i buy for my kids in bulk form do not risk becoming stale, hardened, and unloved.

  33. Hey, thats some nice, round, plump and juicy watermelons you got there. The gum looks pretty tasty too.

    I’m a girl!

    I can no longer afford gum, or any other of the small comforts… We purchased a car and a new house. SOS

  34. 1. Hey! Nice watermelons!
    2. I’m one of the ladies in the hizzouse.
    3. Marvo has mad product reviewing skillz.

  35. 1. Hey! Nice watermelons!
    2. Female
    3. I donate blood at work only because they give me 4 hours off.

  36. I once blew a bubble inside a bubble in grade school. I will attempt it again if I win this.

    “Hey! Nice watermelons!” would apply to me if I were walking down the street. Actually, “Hey! Nice navel oranges” would be more apt. Does this answer the gender question? (Clarification hint: My navel oranges emerged via hormones I was born with, not the kind that come with the operation)

  37. I was born a man, but since then have undergone expensive surgery so everyone that walks by me will shout “Hey! Nice watermelons!”.


  38. “Hey! Nice watermelons! “.
    I’m a school teacher for the summers off

  39. Hey! Nice watermelons!

    Female, as per my watermelons

    I just watched the movie The Cutting Edge…I lead a sad life

  40. HEY!!! Nice watermelons.
    I am a female…who quit smoking recently, thus chewing insane amounts of gum…and its my birthday! And also I love your site. It rocks my socks.

  41. Last night, there was an 8-hr sale at Albertson’s (grocery store). There were some great deals — blocks of cheese for $0.99, Wolf Chili cans for $0.49, pork loin for $1.49/lb and seedless watermelons for $2.99. When I saw them, I couldn’t help but point them out to my husband and say, “Hey! Nice watermelons!” They were the perfect size, round, and a lovely shade of vibrant green. Sadly, he wouldn’t let me purchase any because we are never home (and the watermelon would likely rot before we’d eat ’em). I also hit the clearance aisle and managed to get both hair dye and gel F.A.C. (free after coupons). I didn’t need the stuff, but what can I say, I’m female, parsimonious, and I can’t pass up a good bargain, especially on girly items.

  42. So, I was walking down the street and some guy is whispering to his friend. I can see them out of the corner of my eye, and I know they are talking about me. So I turn around and and call out to them, “Hey! I hear you over there! What did he just say to you?!” And, startled, one of the guys says, “He.. uh.. He just said that girl has nice watermelons!”

    I said, “Oh. I know. I just got them from that fruit stand over there.”

    [See how I fit everything in? Wonderful.]

  43. Hey! Nice watermelons! I’m ALL woman!!! I need gum to keep me awake at my soul-sucking, mind-numbing job…

  44. hey, nice watermelons!

    i’m a girly-girl

    i’d really rather somebody else win because i only chew orbitz gum.
    also, you mentioned nobody giving gifts for st. patty’s day. actually, in my irish family, we do give each other little gifts to celebrate. and (the best gift-giving site ever in my opinion) has a whole section of st. patrick’s day gifts. you should check it out!

    i am not paid to say nice things about, i just really love them. i wish one day soon they will start shipping to APOs!

  45. 1. Hey! Nice Watermelons!

    2. Female – some might even say lady

    3. May you arrive in Heaven and hour before the Devil knows you are dead! -Old Irish Toast

  46. “Hey! Fantabulous watermelons! Are they real or artificial? Can I feel ’em?”

    I AM THE “finder of all misplaced things around the house that noone else can remember where they put ‘it’ because it is never put back in it’s rightful place where they got it from originally so now it’s frigging LOST *sigh*”, ….so I MUST be a female. I think the uterus was originally meant as a homing device……

    Gimme sum gum, dammit.

  47. “Hey! Crack-head!….I saw you steal that nice watermelon…SECURITY!!”

    I like shoes…..I AM female!

    Don’t give this awesome prize to any toothless tweaked-out meth head…they’d probably just sell it anyways!

  48. 1) Hey! Nice watermelons
    2) Female
    3) Likes- People who find me attractive
    Dislikes- People I attract

  49. Since I’m a guy when I saw the hot hotel clerk all i could think was “Hey! Nice watermelons!

  50. “Hey! Nice watermelons!”

    I’m a guy – and this is a cool, funny site… just stumbled across tonight.


  51. Hey! Nice watermelons!

    I’m a male.

    This is a great site. I hope I’m not too late to enter the contest!

  52. Hey! Nice watermelons!

    I hope I’m not saying that towards any of my fellow males, because they’d need some serious bro-idg.

  53. Thanks to all who participated in this month’s drawing.

    Winners will be announced later this week.

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