Delta Airlines Snack Pack

The Delta Airlines Snack Pack I recently received on my five-hour red-eye flight to San Francisco was much like the flight itself…nothing really exciting.

My flight consisted of thin, blue blankets, a lot of empty seats, cute 30-something female flight attendants, and Big Momma’s House 2 as the in-flight movie.

My snack pack consisted of a shortbread cookie, buttermilk and herb crackers, a box of raisins, and a small container of spreadable Havarti cheese.

The shortbread cookie was like the thin, blue blanket that greeted me when I got to my seat. Both could’ve been thicker. The thin blanket did nothing to help keep me warm, while the thin shortbread cookie did nothing to help keep me nourished. The cookie lacked the butteriness that most good shortbread cookies have.

It was also dry, like a Jay Leno monologue. However, the cookie did come in a nice design much like Danish cookies. Too bad its taste was passive, much like Danish people.

The buttermilk and herb crackers were like the empty seats on my flight, because there were plenty of them and they all were a little small. Each cracker reminded me of a tiny piece of Italian garlic bread. I tried it plain, but it definitely tasted better with the Havarti cheese that also came in the Delta Airlines Snack Pack.

The raisins were like the cute 30-something female flight attendants because they both had wrinkles (although they were very slight around the eyes of the female flight attendants), they are sweet, they are probably both delicious, and I’d like to take some home with me. The box of SunMaid raisins was the “fun-sized” one and it was definitely the healthiest part of the snack pack.

Finally, the small container of spreadable Havarti cheese was like the movie Big Momma’s House 2. I would never spend eight dollars for a tub of Havarti cheese at the grocery store or spend eight dollars to watch Big Momma’s House 2 at a movie theater.

Heck, I wouldn’t even spend the two dollars to get the headphones so I could watch it on the flight.

Besides, why would I spend eight dollars for Havarti cheese when I can spend 55 cents for the cheese in a Kraft Handi-Snacks Cheese and Crackers, which the Havarti tasted like.

Overall, the Delta Airlines Snack Pack was a decent potpourri of individually-packed goodness. It was definitely better and more substantial than the hard-to-open honey-roasted peanuts that were given to me on previous five-hour red-eye flights.

Item: Delta Airlines Snack Pack
Price: FREE (Airfare not included)
Purchased at: Received free on Delta Airlines Flight 637
Rating: 3 out of 5
Pros: A potpourri of individually-packed goodness. Better than a hard-to-open pack of honey-roasted peanuts. Lots of empty seats on my flight.
Cons: Thin blanket and thin cookie. Cookie was dry. Spending two dollars for the headphones on a flight. Expensive sounding cheese didn’t taste expensive. Big Momma’s House 2.

29 thoughts to “Delta Airlines Snack Pack”

  1. I love those snack packs.

    But dude…they charged $2 for headsets??? They just gave us ours…maybe the fact that I was flying to Atlanta had something to do with it.

    Be thankful you didn’t fly American.

    They would have charged you $5 for the headset and then charged another $5 for the snack pack.

  2. You forgot a pro: cute 30-something female flight attendants.

    If I were you I’d ask the cute 30-something female flight attendants to take the place of the movie and……..n\m 🙂

  3. When I think red-eye flight to San Francisco, I think Havarti. You should, too. I didn’t.

    Anyone get all in yo face while popping that flash at 3 in the morning? I hope you did it more than just a few times since it’s crucial to get that just-right picture.

  4. I’ve been on a red-eye where after midnight, they rolled out a full meal service. It wasn’t really wise to eat so late, but somehow I couldn’t resist. Your snackpack looks comforting for all the name brands that were present.

  5. Haha, I can just picture you taking pictures of your snack pack while everyone else on the plane thinking something’s gotta be wrong with you. hehe..

  6. calling jay leno’s monologue “dry” gives that goofus more praise than he deserves. (i mean, “dry” could actually be complimentary, right?)meanwhile, “wrinkles” on a 30-something flight attendant?… a person must get pretty spoiled out there on the island

  7. CRAP! You should have let me know you were coming to SF. We could have hooked up for some “impulsive buying”.

  8. I think we may have found the root of another problem here, Marvo- comparing women to raisins. This could provide some insight into why you are still single, as it is usually a bad idea to compare a woman to any fruit, especially a raisin, even if not interested in said woman. Of course, I only mention this to try and help, Marvo..

    Just a thought.

  9. I have a 5 hour red eye on Delta next week. Thanks for this review, I now know to pack my own snack and a portable DVD player. 😉

  10. They had a similar snack on JetBlue when I flew LAX-JFK. Except the package was clear, so you could see what was in there… and there was no cookie.

    I’m doing a red-eye on Friday (LAX-PIT) on USAirways. I highly doubt we’ll get something so upscale. But I sure hope the flight isn’t overbooked.

  11. You can use your own headphones on flights instead, I’ve used my own earbuds on various types of commercial airliners both foreign and domestic.

    Yes, you should have announced you wre coming to SF.

  12. At least you got something to eat. I have learned that I must pay for snacks on my NWA flight from HON to SFO. It’s SPAM musubis and mochi crunch all the way to the City of Brotherly Love.

  13. Only you, Marvo, only you.

    Great review. Originality counts.

    Southwest is my airline of choice. We won’t talk about their “snacks.”

  14. Nothing is more depressing than airline food. It’s kind of like “air prison”…we have you trapped on board here, now eat this swill we laughingly call food. Oh well, at least it was free. On United or Northwest they would have charged you $5 for the privilege of a snack pack.

  15. Wench – I figure the two dollars help keep the wings on the plane, so if the movie on the flight back isn’t Big Momma’s House 2, I may just spend the money. Oh wait, I have my iPod headphones. Bah! Planes don’t REALLY need wings to fly.

    DaDead – Yup, I forgot that. I would’ve definitely been a pro if it were 20-something female flight attendants or 40-something female flight attendants.

    Domokun – Actually I didn’t use the flash, just the overhead light. Didn’t want to get thrown off the flight.

    Gwen – IT’S THE FOURTH MEAL!!!

    Ultimate Best Vamp Ever – You should see the pictures from the lavatory. Oh wait, maybe not.

    TG – I was going to put “easily puts me to sleep,” but thought it was overkill.

    Valerie – Oops…Actually, it’s been a VERY busy week here in SF, spending lots of time with my twin sister and the rest of my family. I’d really like to go to a Target, since I don’t have one on my rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, but I don’t know if I’ll have time.

    Andy – I think you’re right. Now that I think about it, fruits remind me of Fruit of the Looms underwear. Not good. Not good at all.

    FatYoli – HOLY. CRAP. That’s frickin’ awesome. Thanks for the link.

  16. Tynk – I think the other movie was The Chronicle of Narnia, but that portable DVD player would be a good idea.

    Derrick – Oh, The Onion. I heart The Onion. I don’t heart Big Momma’s House 2.

    Bryan – She must be hot. You used THREE Ts.

    cybele – I think the clear package and lack of cookie is what keeps the flight costs low on JetBlue. I’ve never flown JetBlue.

    klew – I know this doesn’t help, but I’ll probably be in Seattle in November.

    Gia on Guam – Heh…NWA. I always think of gangsta rap whenever I read the NWA on the planes. Also, isn’t Philadelphia the City of Brotherly Love?

    Karen – The cheapest airline is my airline of choice. That’s usually Northwest Airlines.

    Chuck – So what do you pilots eat during the flight?

  17. Dammit…that’s what I get for a quick google…I guess it’s the City of Free Love…or the City of Gay Marriages…Phyche!

  18. Gia on Guam – I like to Quick Google too. Oh wait, you’re probably talking about a quick online search. 😉

  19. those snack packs are a joke. I have never had an actual meal on a plane. I guess you have to be going overseas or something? Because when I went to Mexico AND when we went to Vegas, all we got was that stupid snack pack and I was STARVING!

  20. Continental used to have these good cookies (I think they were gingerbread). They no longer have them 🙁

  21. I have a flight tomorrow morning, and I’ll be lucky if I get a plastic thimble of water and a sneer. Flying is really low-rent nowadays. Maybe I should go upscale my next trip and book a seat on Greyhound.

    Saving grace is that the Austin airport has yummy BBQ and Amy’s ice cream, right off the plane.

  22. Webmiztris – See, that’s what happens when you smoke a bowl before going on a flight. 😉

    JG – Cheap bastards!!!

    ultradave – I suggest you rent an RV.

    gattasorniona – Wow is right!

  23. Well, I just flew Delta a few weeks ago, and that snack pack was… interesting. Sure, I’m a vegan and don’t eat cheese, but it was the freaking red-eye and I was starving, so I gave it a shot.

    I must say, the Northwest snack pack, which they charge three bucks for, was much better. It also had some weird crackers and a package of about four times as much cheddar-cheese spread as you needed (that one really did taste like handi-snacks). It also had a package of goldfish crackers, two oreos, a really good granola bar, some raisins and a beef stick which I gave to the guy sitting next to me.

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