Soda Club Energy Drink Mix

Growing up, I loved to make things like planes made out of Lego; dams in the backyard stream; slingshots with sticks and rubber bands; forts made out of pillows, boxes, and blankets; mixtapes with Huey Lewis and the News, Prince and Cyndi Lauper; and provocative poses using stuffed animals.

Over the years, my tastes have changed, but I still love to make things like decadent desserts; custom iTunes playlists with the Barenaked Ladies, Beyonce and the Beatles; paper mache masks of assassinated U.S. Presidents; blogs I occasionally update; hot and passionate whoopie; and Build-A-Bear.

Because of my love for making things, I looked forward to trying and reviewing the Soda Club Energy Drink Mix. However, I had some trepidation because I believe that the first rule of Soda Club is…you do not talk about Soda Club. Of course, the second rule of Soda Club is…you DO NOT talk about Soda Club.

Then I realized the third rule of Soda Club…taking famous lines from movies and adding your own twist to them to make you seem witty is just plain lame, especially if you’ve never seen the movie.

Anyway, I had the opportunity to make an energy drink thanks to the Soda Club Energy Drink Mix. The instructions to make a liter of it was illiterately simple due to the drawings on the back of the packaging.

1. Get a one liter bottle of seltzer water.
2. Twist off the cap of the seltzer water.
3. Squirt Soda Club Energy Drink Mix into seltzer water bottle.
4. Twist on the cap of the seltzer water.
5. Shake it like you’re a pimp trying to get yo’ money from yo’ hos.
6. Let the bottle sit for a while.
7. Enjoy.

It was definitely easier than a simple sudoku or removing a bra using only my teeth, but not as easy as figuring out Lance Bass was gay. As you can see from the picture on the left, the Soda Club Energy Drink looks like beer. For something that was low sugar and low calorie, I was surprised by how decent it tasted. It’s definitely not the best energy drink I’ve tasted, but it’s definitely not the worst either. It also gave me a good boost of energy, but I guess that should happen after drinking the entire one liter bottle within 30 minutes.

The greatest appeal of the Soda Club Energy Drink Mix is the fact that is can be significantly cheaper to make your own energy drink using this mix rather than spending $1 to $2 for either a 8- or 16-ounce can of energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster, and Rockstar.

With its decent taste, decent energy boost, and inexpensive price, the Soda Club Energy Drink Mix may come in handy during those nights I’m making either a decadent dessert or wet and sticky whoopie.

(Editor’s Note: Thanks to Emily, an intern at Soda Club, for the free samples of Soda Club Energy Drink. Actually, she sent these to me months ago, so she might not be an intern anymore. It was so long ago that she might’ve graduated from college, moved on in the world, and is right now making her way up the corporate ladder. Or she might’ve moved to the Caribbean to enjoy the warm beaches…and occasional hurricanes. Anyway, thanks again, Emily!

Item: Soda Club Energy Drink Mix
Price: FREE
Purchased at: Given by Emily, a Soda Club intern.
Rating: 3 out of 5
Pros: Despite being low-sugar and low calorie, it has a decent taste. Decent energy. Inexpensive compared with mainstream energy drinks. Easy to make. Looks like beer. Lots of B Vitamins. Some Vitamin C. Barenaked Ladies.
Cons: Missing the good energy stuff, like taurine and guarana, ginseng, and other things I have a hard time pronouncing. Opening bottles of soda after shaking it. Pimps trying to get money from their hos.

23 thoughts to “Soda Club Energy Drink Mix”

  1. The packaging reminds me of motor oil or toilet cleaner…I can’t decide which.

    That stuff ‘ll put hair on your chest.

  2. heheh… you guys have two different prices for energy drinks. Here they cost 3.50$ no matter what

  3. Lance Bass is gay? Who’s Lance Bass? Oh, him. Them. I thought they all were. Didn’t like ’em then, and not now. Changes. I’m with Skibs…this product looks like something found at Homo Depot to fill in some crack somewhere. Free’s a great price, though. That should get it 5/5!

  4. I don’t understand the appeal of energy drinks. Most of them taste like flat Mountain Dew. Wouldn’t it be tastier and cheaper to wash down a couple of B vitamins with a cup of sugary coffee?

  5. I just never thought that was an energy drink in such a small bottle. Energy drinks can be useful, like when you’re driving 11 hours – start loading up on energy drinks and coffee at the beginning of the trip. That’s how I also found out that warm energy drinks taste NASTY!!

  6. I don’t like energy drinks, I just can’t get past how smell and/or taste. If I’m that in need of energy, I’ll go for the old fashion caffeine pills and coffee,then enjoy an hour of shaking (and nausea).

  7. The packaging is definitely off. From the first glance, I thought it was White-Out or shoe polish.
    I prefer coffee, but I’m glad this product didn’t completely suck for you, Marvo. Enjoy it while you make your “wet and sticky whoopie.” LOL.

  8. I am thoroughly disappointed at the fact that you listen to Beyonce. Tsk.

    And about the packaging, it sorta reminds me of disinfectant. But that’s just me. Haha.

  9. Okay, first – it definitely looks like toilet bowl cleaner. I expected to see the little Scrubbing Bubbles brush guy swimming around in your glass. And second, go rent Fight Club if you haven’t seen it, it’s soooooo good! Seriously, I had some qualms about seeing it because it looked like some dumb macho fight movie (not that I’m against that, I like stuff blowing up in my movies, but the ads made it look lame, you know?)…. anyway, as I was saying before I interrupted myself…. it’s really good. The book was good, too. Go rent it and then tell me what you think of it, Marvo!

  10. I’m going with Brie, the first thing I thought when I opened the page was, “White out?! Why would he be reviewing white out?!”

  11. skibs – Unfortunately, I already have hair on my chest, especially around the nipples.

    Rylan – Three Fiddy!!! Suddenly $2 for a Red Bull doesn’t sound so bad.

    Domokun – Well think of it this way, if I got a free N’Sync CD, I wouldn’t give it 5 out of 5.

    Chuck – Hmm…Too bad I used it up. I wonder if a couple drop of it would’ve turned my toilet into a energy toilet.

    Wednesday – If they made that in can form and it came with an aggro name like Killer Koffee, I would totally drink it.

    tanya – Yes, that is unfortunately a downfall of energy drink, they ALL taste nasty when even slightly warm.

    Barb – Oh, caffeine pills! Wonderful shaking memories!

    Brie – Oh, white shoe polish! Horrible junior prom, white tuxedo with peach accessories nightmares.

    TG – I have a cooler idea. Let’s synchronize what we wear tomorrow. I’ll be wearing a green pinstriped Gap shirt with black Gap khakis and black oxfords.

  12. Peachy – Hey! Sometimes I have the need to shake my booty and Beyonce can do that for me.

    Melanie – I shall rent it, or BitTorrent it, or Netflix it, or perhaps if I’m feeling sorry for them, I’ll Blockbuster it. 🙂

    Rhawb – Hey! White Out has done wonderful things for me, like make corrections during my typewriter typing class, change F’s on my report card to A’s, and helped some days pass by with its wonderful aroma.

    Webmiztris – I sure hope it was a urine sample, because I drank it all.

    K – Oooh, maybe it would’ve turned my eyes into an amber color!

    Muneer – Yes, I believe Fanta makes it, but it’s hard to find. Unless you live with the Fanta girls and listen to them sing all day and night.

    B-rad – Monster definitely rocks!

    Grins – Out of the toilet…No. Out of a glass with some seltzer water…Yes.

  13. A white tuxedo? Ouch. I’m envisioning a Lou Rawls type appearance. But peach is always flattering. 😉

  14. Webmiztris – Oooh, direct contact with the brain. It’s like cocaine, except sweeter.

    Brie – Sadly, I was the ONLY GUY IN A WHITE TUXEDO that night. Didn’t even get to make out with my date. 🙁

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