McDonald’s Banana Pie

Isn’t technology great?

Thanks to people who make way more money that I do — the engineers and scientists who advance society — computers have gotten faster, cell phones have gotten smaller, hard drives have gotten larger, sex dolls have gotten more realistic (kind of SFW), and robots have come even closer to making human beings their slaves.

It doesn’t seem like it was too long ago when cell phones were the size of a concrete brick, gave off enough radiation to cook a hot dog, and to talk on it would cost about the same amount per minute as any 1-900 number found in the back of Juggs or Booty Magazine.

Today, cell phones can easily fit in a pocket, can play music, take scantily clad pictures of yourself to post on your MySpace or blog, and thanks to small wireless Bluetooth earpieces, they can also make you look like a crazy person talking to yourself.

Cell phones are a more recent technology, but even one of the pillars of home entertainment — the television — has seen dramatic improvement over the decades of its existence. When I was growing up, televisions came in black and white or color, screen were small, knobs were used to change channels, and PBS had Monty Python and occasional nudity.

Televisions today can come in sizes greater than 100 inches and show a vivid color picture in high-definition which allows you to see blades of grass blowing on a football field or the wrinkles on Larry King’s face that show the number of times he’s been married (It works much like how the rings in a tree can determine its age).

Advances in technology doesn’t stop with just consumer electronics and sex dolls, it’s been also seen in the fast food industry. Burgers have gotten bigger, french fries have gotten fryer, cup sizes have gotten taller, the waists of fast food eaters have gotten wider, and Happy Meals have gotten happier.

However, there has been one area in the fast food industry that hasn’t seen many technological advances — fast food pie technology. Over the years, the only change the McDonald’s Apple Pie has seen in its almost 40-year history was having the fried version replaced with a baked one in 1992. Although despite it being baked, along with Nick Nolte and Tara Reid, today’s McDonald’s Apple Pie is probably the only other thing in existence that is really baked, but looked fried.

Recently, other people who make way more money than me — chefs, nutritionists, and pieologists — have taken the apple out of the McDonald’s Apple Pie and replaced it with exotic fruits like, cherries, taro, and bananas.

Recently, I ate the McDonald’s Banana Pie, which was apparently available for a limited time at participating McDonald’s, because it doesn’t seem to be around anymore. From the outside it looked like a normal fried McDonald’s Apple Pie, but inside was the potassium-rich goodness of bananas, which is also the number one cause of accidents in cartoons.

The pie itself was good and sweet and the bananas inside weren’t mushy at all, but despite it being tasty, I don’t know if just replacing the fruit in a McDonald’s pie is enough of an advancement in fast food pie technology. I was hoping for a bigger pie, a pie that heats itself, or a pie that can make itself a la mode.

Item: McDonald’s Banana Pie
Price: 99 cents
Purchased at: McDonald’s
Rating: 6 out of 10
Pros: B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Tasty and sweet. Crispy. Potassium from bananas. Bananas weren’t mushy. Advances in sex doll technology.
Cons: Fried not baked. For a limited time. No major advances in fast food pie technology. Cartoon accidents caused by banana peels.

29 thoughts to “McDonald’s Banana Pie”

  1. “…the number one cause of accidents in cartoons”
    crack me up. & i’m not going to explain why i know this but it’s true that banana peels are slippery if you step on them

    how long ago did you eat this banana pie if it’s no longer available? are you giving us old reviews? 🙂

    kidding. have a nice mlk day

  2. Well, it may have been tasty, but it sure doesn’t look tasty. Of course, I find that’s true with many of the fast food products you review. If I’m having a banana pie, I want it to be a banana cream pie…that way, if I don’t like the looks of it, I can just throw it in the server’s face and have an amusing comic moment.

  3. I had some custard pie they ran as a promotion once. As I recall the custard was multicolored. It literally made me gag and then I had to reach for a “fry antidote.” I wasn’t a veggie at the time, so I wasn’t concerened about their fries’ beef content then, just their delicious delicious goldeness that could chase away the horrid horrid aftertaste of that pie.

    Man we’re old people Marvo, I can’t believe how far down memory lane your talk of televisions with knobs took me.

  4. I think it’s for the best that they aren’t making this any more. I can imagine them accidentally sticking one of these in an Apple Pie box, and scaring the bejeezus out of someone who bites into it expecting apple and sees a bunch of yellow goo.

  5. Looking forward to McDonald’s Yuzu Pie. Wonder how long it took McDonald’s researchers to come up with substituting bananas for apples. Twenty, thirty years?

  6. It doesn’t look too bad, considering this is McD we’re talking about. Too bad I hate bananas. Almost as much as I hate freaking Gwen Stefani singing about them.

  7. But I thought that anvils were the largest cause of cartoon accidents.

    As for McDonald’s banana pies, I have no interest in them. I like eating bananas in its pure fruit form, but I hate banana flavored candies, and I don’t like bananas in pastries or drinks.

  8. They have pumpkin around Thanksgiving sometimes, I think…. But McD’s banana pie sounds yucky, probably because banana pie sounds yucky to me.

  9. I really wish they would start frying all of the pies at McDonalds again because the baked pie is disgusting! The pie there can’t be very good for you anyway, so if you are going to eat the thing, who cares, why not fry it? Everything about it is so much better that way. I had some fried apple pies at a McDonalds in Mexico a few years ago and I haven’t seen them that way since.

  10. Why the fuck is it fried?

    If they fry shit, as a vegan, I can’t eat it(there’s beef used as a flavoring in the frying oil).

    It pisses me off that they started frying this stuff again. I wouldn’t mind it if they stopped using beef though.

  11. LaR – I think it was only available for a couple of months here. I don’t know, but it might be available in other states right now.

    Chuck – What about a banana pie in soda form?

    Hunter – We used to have it here, it was available for a limited time, and it was purple inside.

    L’il E – I’m not old, despite the fact I just got up from a nap.

    Zadillo – But even the apple pie has yellow goo. Yellow goo = good.

    Kari – Actually, some places still do sell the fried pie.

    Domokun – Lychee? Mango? Rambutan?

    damasta – I would dance right now, but it’s not a pretty site.

    Clevegal42 – A fried Snickers Bar sounds disgusting.

    Brie – Again, I would dance for you, but it’s not pretty.

  12. Webmiztris – Well, actually, if the pie is fried and is fresh out of the fryer, I’m sure the hot oil would cause some havoc fun.

    Politicallll.Asylum – Because the more preservative, the more preserved my insides are going to be.

    Toni – Nope, anvils are only in the Looney Toon universe, bananas are in both.

    Meredith – I hear that McDonald’s in other countries have weird things on the menu. I’m sure somewhere out there a McDonald’s has a coconut or fig pie.

    Sir Jorge – It might be regional thing. “Regional” being only on these rocks in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

    Melanie – That’s right! I forgot about pumpkin. If you’ve never had banana cream pie, I gotta tell you that it’s pretty awesome!

    Stacie – There are actually a few McDonald’s scattered across the US that do still make fried pies. Also, I agree, if it’s from McDonald’s it can’t be very good for you.

    calvin – It’s not fried everywhere. Most of the McDonald’s in the United States do serve baked pies. Also, it’s America, one of our mottos is “We’ll fry anything.”

  13. I like Mc Donald’s apple pies, but they were way better when they were all fied and bubbly on the outside. I know, trans fat tastes good, but it isn’t good for you. I can’t imagine theat imaginary meat they serve is any better for you either. Still…you gotta love Mickey D’s.

  14. I used to like the cherry ones, then they disappeared. No banana’s here though….never have seen them, but I’ll try them if they ever show up. They do need to be bigger don’t they?

  15. I haven’t seen those at the local McDs!

    Did you see the article in they NYTimes about banana cream pie … you must be on the cusp of some trend about banana pies … you trendsetter, you!

  16. If you guys want fried apple goodness, go to Taco Bell and get their Caramel Apple Empanada. It’s basically a deep fried apple pie and it is delish. It’s also one of the few items on the menu that won’t give you E. coli.

  17. I scrolled down from the limited edition candy bar poll and gagged. There aren’t a lot of websites that make me do that, but your’s has a pretty good track record.

  18. Lacey – I heart Grimace!

    Suzanne – You know what they say in fast food, “The bigger they are, the harder your arteries.”

    cybele – My banana pie review says “trendsetter,” but my plaid pants say the opposite.

    Ace N. – I don’t know about that, they stick green onions in EVERYTHING.

    Abi – I must keep that up, because I’d hate to let you down.

  19. wow, it’s been forever since i commented here…
    all i can say about this is.. eww! chunks of bananas? in pie? O.o
    banana cream pie is one thing, but…

    and yet, i commend you for being bold enough to try all these, ehm, interesting new foods and tell us all about them.

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