REVIEW: Jack in the Box $2.99 Big Deal

Earlier this year, Jack in the Box came out with their $2.99 Jumbo Deal, which consisted of two beef tacos, a small fries, a Jumbo Jack and the feeling in your stomach that you’re doing something horribly wrong by eating it all. It was great for those who wanted their Jack in the Box saturated fat and sodium fix in this tough economy.

But, like most of the money in everyone’s retirement funds, this cheap meal disappeared. Thankfully, Jack has been kind enough to bring back a $2.99 meal, and this time it’s got a name that was probably conceived with the help of the old name and a Roget’s Thesaurus — The Big Deal.

The name is not the only thing different about this $2.99 meal. It comes with a small fries, a beef taco, either a chicken sandwich or cheeseburger and, most importantly, a beverage, which was something the Jumbo Deal didn’t have, making it hard to satisfy your thirst caused by consuming all the sodium in it. This orgy of trans fats, which by the way is the least sexiest orgy ever, has enough variety to make sure there’s something for even the pickiest stoner.

Despite having variety, none of the items in the Big Deal were new or interesting. The cheeseburger was so boring that I’m surprised the microwave oven used to warm it up didn’t fall asleep. If you’ve had a mediocre cheeseburger in any time of your life, whether it be in a school cafeteria or at some shitty diner at 3 a.m., you’ll have an idea of what this wimpy cheeseburger tastes like.

As for the beef taco, well, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Jack in the Box beef taco is one of the most vile fast food menu items. It takes some huge balls to deep fry an entire taco and then sell it to the public. Not even Taco Bell is willing to do that, and they put out a lot of crap.

Jack in the Box’s Natural Cut Fries may not have been circumcised and still have the potato skin on them, but they are quite possibly the most limp fast food fries around. I’m talking seeing your grandma naked and in spread eagle position limp.

By themselves, the boring cheeseburger, deep fried taco and limp fries, aren’t going to encourage me to raise my blood pressure and harden my arteries by eating them. But when all of them are offered together with a medium drink for only $2.99, it makes the cheeseburger a little exciting, the fries a little crispy and the taco a little less greasy.

(Nutrition Facts – 1 Big Deal with cheeseburger minus drink – 764 calories, 37 grams of fat, 12 grams of saturated fat, 6 grams of trans fat, 60 milligrams of cholesterol, 1414 milligrams of sodium, 80 grams of carbohydrates, 7 grams of fiber, 9 grams of sugar and 26 grams of protein.)

Item: Jack in the Box $2.99 Big Deal
Price: $2.99
Size: Enough
Purchased at: Jack in the Box
Rating: 7 out of 10
Pros: Good variety of food. It’s only $2.99. Nice amount of food. It’s only $2.99. It comes with a drink. It’s only $2.99. Its price makes everything slightly better than they truly are. It’s only $2.99. High in protein. It’s only $2.99.
Cons: 6 grams of trans fats (Seriously? 6 grams? If KFC can go trans fat free, then JITB should too). High in sodium. Boring cheeseburger. Greasy deep fried taco. Limp fries. Mental erectile dysfunction caused by seeing your grandma naked and in spread eagle position.

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  1. Just eat it as a cheap drunk meal. Isn’t that one of the better places for drunk fast food anyway?

  2. Yeah, you can’t really beat that $2.99 with a stick. With the trans fats it’s like JIB unzipped their pants and are just lettin’ it all hang out, they’re not ashamed of it apparently.

  3. Naked grandma, spread eagle, taco, Jack in the Box. That’s probably the ultimate Impulsive Buy.

    Anyhoo, bonus points to Jack’s for always leaving out ketchup and hot sauce pockets.

  4. My first time ever at JIB I ordered the two taco meal. I have never seen grease drip off a wrapped item in my life til that day. It wasn’t even good.
    Needless to say the only thing I order at JIB now is the eggrolls or the macaroni bites.

    Thanks for the grandma image… my day is offically ruined!

  5. @Chuck: Yup, no guy will ever be able to get it up after that image. Pfizer should be thanking me.

    @amanda: Hmm…That would explain why JITB drive thrus take so damn long after 10 pm. All the slurred speech must be hard to understand.

    @Bear Silber: I’m surprised the taco alone didn’t have 6 grams of trans fat.

    @Erin Brooks: I believe frying is the cheapest way to cook food. You can reuse the oil again and again and again.

    @Ken: It’s the Four Horsemen of Things You Don’t Want Haunting Your Nightmares.

    @grinder: But I would throw it at a hobo to prevent their hobo stank from getting on me.

    @lex: You’re welcome.

    @Meryl: It’s a 7 because it’s $2.99 for a decent amount of food and it comes with a drink. In this economy, that is mighty impressive.

  6. angry bob thinks you should all be ashamed of yourselves. Trans, gay, and bi fats deserve the same rights as everyone else.

  7. I had this the other day and it was like eating air. They need to give a jumbo jack instead of that wimpy little burger.

  8. bear silber quick to bash everything and everyone for health reasons yet he promotes people eating monster pizzas by themselves – he is what you call a jogoff

  9. Oh man are you kidding jackis mad in the head. 6 trans fat wow THATS A SPICY MEAT BALL A and enough salt to finish me


  10. in st. louis we have the “jumbo deal” again except its 2 tacos a jumbo jack fries and medium drink for 3.49 which i think is a rather awesome deal

  11. @C W – No that I must respond but is this really a bash? “Yeah, you can’t really beat that $2.99 with a stick. With the trans fats it’s like JIB unzipped their pants and are just lettin’ it all hang out, they’re not ashamed of it apparently.” ….also, are aware how bad trans fats are? They’re horrible. And actually that comment is a praise…I’m saying that you can’t get a better deal or more food for $3. I’ve always mentioned that I like Jack in the Box. In all honesty I would love to eat this stuff but the fact is that it IS so unhealthy.

    Just because someone works at a grocery store (let’s say) and sells beer to a shopper does that mean they endorse liver disease? Yes I let people decide what they’d like to enjoy. Another huge difference is that I endorse attempting an eating challenge, ONCE, not as a daily meal….I think it’s interesting to see the limits one can push their body and mind. I would never even want my own customers to eat my product daily. Everyone knows whats right for them and who am I to tell them otherwise. When I mention something is unhealthy I’m speaking on my own accord and whether or not I would eat it personally. I would never consume something with trans fats.

    Plus……most importantly….I don’t care what you say 🙂 As you shouldn’t care whay I say.

  12. Dont you love the fact that even if you dont know someone at all they can still piss you off via internet?? 🙂

    Leave you with this then: who cares what people eat? People honestly know what is good for them (healthy wise) and what is not good for them. It is so funny about trans fat now because people talk about only because the news media keeps putting the crap in the news. If you ask a person to honest describes what trans fats are and the effects they would look at you with the “deer staring in the headlight” glare. Then run too google it. So eat what you want and die happy.

  13. Despite my initial wariness of the restaurant trans fat ban in NYC, when I see that there are places still selling food with 6 grams of Trans, I feel almost grateful that I don’t have to worry about it!

  14. I don’t hate to admit it, but I love JITB tacos, sober or otherwise. I hate the fact that JITB is right down the street from my job. When I go there 2 times in a week and am thinking about the third time I take a walk around my office and see the whales stressing out the gas cylinders on their office chairs, or the people who offend me with their cankles the size of oak trees whose super stretched out tattoo of a dolphin looks like varicose veins, make me think otherwise and go eat a salad.

  15. Marvo, I don’t care if JITB pays you $2.99 to eat it. There are NO “pros” for a meal like that that has 6 grams of trans fat.

  16. Jack in the crack again eh? Yes for 2.99 this is sort of a bargin, just remember that greasy food from Jack destroys your body and errodes your soul, although it does lubricate the ol digestive system if you know what I mean.

  17. you’d get more protein eating 764 grams of pasta. that is a VERY low protein to calorie ratio.

  18. edit: you’d get more protein eating 764 calories of pasta. that is a VERY low protein to calorie ratio.

  19. Odd taco fact, the book “Eat This, Not That” suggests substituting it for a small order of fries. Among other things, 4 gram drop in trans fats. I think you’ll also restore 2 seconds to your lifespan.

  20. JIB tacos are to the other fast food tacos, what White Castle burgers are to other fast food burgers. An acquired taste during the day, but dang tasty at 2:45am.

  21. Jack’s cheeseburger is pretty standard, throw some onions on it and BAM! it’s a McDonald’s cheeseburger.

    If you’re so worried about trans fat…learn to exercise

    Either way, I prefer the chicken teriyaki bowl. I rarely get the tacos, maybe a couple times out of the year.

  22. Though, I wouldn’t doubt Jack would switch to non-trans fat oil in the future, the issue is the cost of it.

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