Happy Fifth Birthday!!!

Dear TIB,

Today, you turn five years old. My goodness, has it really been that long? Wait…Do I have to start sending you to school? You better tell me because I’m not going to jail for you. Oh, and for future reference, I won’t ever post bail for you. Sometimes you have to learn a lesson the hard way and if that means spending time in a cell with someone who’s missing teeth, has a face tattoo and calls you honey, then so be it.

But let’s not talk about a future that may or may not happen. Let’s talk about the present and past. You’ve grown quite a bit over the past year and made a lot of new friends. Sadly, your look hasn’t changed much over the past year or so. Perhaps it’s time for a makeover. But, unfortunately, daddy doesn’t have much money for one. I wonder if there’s a reality show out there that does child makeovers. Oh, who am I kidding? We would never end up on a reality show because I’m not an attention grabbing, fake-breasted whore or a muscular douchebag with anger issues.

We’re going to celebrate your birthday the same way we’ve celebrated your past birthdays by holding a prize drawing. For your fifth birthday, we’re going to give away five (5) mystery boxes, filled with items that we’ve reviewed over the past five years. The contents of each mystery box will be different.

To enter the drawing, TIB readers will have to leave a comment for this post with the words, “Happy Birthday TIB” and how they discovered TIB. They should fill out the email field, because we’ll be emailing the winners for their mailing address.

We will start accepting entries for the drawing on Sunday, August 9, 2009 and stop accepting entries on Saturday, August 15, 2009 (11:59 Hawaii Standard Time). Only one entry allowed per person. The drawing is open to EVERYONE.

The winners will be determined in a way that has not been decided. It may involve chocolate syrup, scraps of paper and an electric fan.

Fine Print: The Impulsive Buy promises your email address will not be used to send you spam about Chinese imports. The Impulsive Buy also promises your mailing address will not be used to send you information about how you can get $4500 cash back for a new truck. Bribes will not be accepted. The Impulsive Buy will not be responsible for lost mail or lost time cause by watching reality shows.

Well, TIB, since it’s your fifth birthday, I guess it’s okay for you to finally watch TV, although not all of the channels. I’ve blocked all of them except PBS, Nickelodeon, Noggin, and C-SPAN.


216 thoughts to “Happy Fifth Birthday!!!”

  1. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I found you while looking for the nutritional value of a volcano taco, but little did I know that there was so much more to you than fast food statistics. Now you’re a part of my life I couldn’t dream of living without.

  2. Happy Birthday TIB

    My how you’ve grown. I came across TIB when looking up impressions of McDonalds Snack Wraps one day…I’ve been checking in ever since.

  3. Happy Birthday TIB!

    Once upon a time, there was a snarky movie review site named Pajiba. Pajiba loved TIB enough to mention it in Pajiba Love. I clicked the link and lived happily ever after.

  4. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I found you when looking for a review on the McDonalds Southern Chicken sandwich and if it was as good as Chik-Fil-A or a total waste of mind, body and soul (I assume anything southern must require at least a little bit of soul… on top of anything you willingly eat from McDonalds).

  5. Happy Birthday TIB!!!!!!!!
    I first crossed eyes with you about 2 and a half years ago off the sidebar of another blog I read (although I have yet to inform the other blog of our steamy 2 and a half year affair).

  6. Happy Birthday TIB
    Lord knows you’ve had a good run, and I think 5’s just about the age you start picking up brooms and spoons and whacking people on the back of the head with them, if this is the case, don’t expect to get away with it because of your cute face- I will readily enforce a beating if necessary.
    Nice one guys,
    James V

  7. Happy Birthday TIB! I honestly don’t remember how I found you. It’s sure been fun, though.

  8. Happy birthday! I also don’t recall how I found the site. It’s been ages ago though. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  9. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I discovered your site after you did a review of “Just A Geek” and Wil Wheaton linked to the review. Man, that’s been a while, huh? Anyhow, I liked the snarky humor style and I’ve stuck around ever since.

  10. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I found you by checking out the site that was always right above us in the search results.

  11. Happy Birthday TIB!

    Wow Marvo if this site is 5 years old your getting old too 😛 You should be very proud of the following you have 😀
    Let’s see I found TIB a few years ago (although I never commented I’ve been viewing the site for a long time) searching for fast food reviews on google.

    So Happy 5th TIB and many more! Hey don’t let daddy get sick from celebrating too much!

  12. Happy Birthday!

    To think that a website I was randomly linked to would become a daily visit is amazing. Keep on doing what you’re doing.

  13. Happy Birthday TIB

    I found out about The Impulsive Buy through friendship. Yes indeed, its a long heart warming story filled with tears and emotion that i wont go into. But, I can say that I have enjoyed The Impulsive Buy ever since. Thanks TIB for everything and I hope you have a fantastic birthday. Just don’t eat too much cake.

  14. Happy Birthday TIB

    Marvo you’ve done a great job with the site! I found you through the blogroll of FFN I’m pretty sure.

    …..what if we want Chinese import spam?

  15. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I think I found your site either through google or pajiba. It’s been so long I can hardly remember. 😛

  16. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I don’t remember how I found you, but I am sure glad I did. I look forward to reading your witty reviews about many things I will never buy haha.

  17. Happy birthday TIB! I found you looking for reviews of a really gross frozen dinner I had bought… You agreed that it was really gross. I felt vindicated.

  18. Happy Birthday TIB! Just how did I come across your zany (but accurate) reviews?? I think it must have been through Twitter that I caught whiff of the maniacal madness that is Marvo.

    Keep putting the ew in product reviews!

  19. Happy Birthday TIB! I think I stumbled upon your hilariousness after typing “Impulsive” Into Google and clicking “I’m feeling lucky” but I am really not sure. Glad I found it anyway, I have a strange fondness for this place. Marvo and everyone else involved always do a great job.

  20. Happy Birthday TIB!!!
    I was roaming around the sites ( i google) food blogs and found yours. Been a reader ever since.

  21. Oh please… let it be zesty. Let it be chips. Let it be guaca—holy!

    Five years, huh? Geez! Congrats on maintaining the effort, enthusiasm and energy. And uh, something else that starts with ‘e.’

    I was supposed to say something in here I think to enter something.

    I should probalby pay better attention.

    To the way I spell probably, mostly.


  22. Happy Birthday TIB!
    I discovered you while perusing the heateatreview.com site. And my oh my, was I glad to click on you. You’ve given me endless amounts of entertainment, enjoyment, and enlightenment. I wish you only the best for the future – an iron stomach, waxless chest, and tons of fun. 🙂
    – S

  23. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I found you by way of a friend of mine going: “Dude!” (why she calls me ‘dude’ when I’m actually a lady, I don’t know, but she does) “Dude!” She says, “Have you heard about TIB? It’s only my favorite food blog EVER!”

    I’ve been hooked ever since.

  24. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I found you when I was goggling a review of some product. I honestly don’t even remember what it is but I was hooked and you have been in my reader ever since.

  25. Happy Birthday TIB, I found you googling some random reviews on food, might have been brought here from another food blog but my mind fails me at the moment.

  26. Happy Birthday TIB!
    I discovered you from browsing food reviews on either HeatEatReview or Iateapie but stayed around for the witty commentary

  27. Happy Birthday TIB!!

    I don’t remember when, but I’m certain I found this site by clicking on a link that Pajiba had posted.
    What can I say, they send me to all the cool places.

  28. Happy Birthday TIB

    I too can’t remember how I stumbled onto TIB a few years ago, but what matters more is that I’ve intentionally come back ever since. Marvo you’re pretty darn awesome!

  29. Happy Birthday!

    I found you not that long ago. I think I was looking up something about some tv dinner on google, but I stayed because for two things, you review things I actually eat, or would eat and second, I enjoy your commentary

    Here’s to 5 more years.

  30. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I’m pretty sure I’m here from Pajiba, too, but I might have gotten linked over from heateatreview. I can’t remember. We might have met at a party; I don’t remember many of those either. But, hey, it doesn’t matter how we met, right? All that matters is that we’re together now.

  31. Happy Birthday TIB!

    A shocking proportion of the blogs in my RSS feed are food-related. I actually have a “food” category. So I suspect I originally found you via a link from Heat Eat Review or Iateapie.net.

  32. Happy Birthday TIB!!

    I have no idea how I got here. But now I can hardly remember what life was like before TIB.

    Hope you are having cake.

  33. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I found you via Pajiba, too, and now I’ve got all sorts of food blogs on my daily rounds because of you.

  34. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I think I found you 4 years ago, I just remember it was through blogexplosion? Old school. Was about the same time I found out about candyblog and iateapie, and around when I was starting cheap eats. Man, review blogs have come a long way since then… but TIB remains one of my original faves. Thanks for the good times.

    P.S. I did not know Hemingway was your dad.

  35. Happy Birthday, TIB!

    It has been so long, I have no idea how I discovered you. Perhaps it was from a blog awards website – have you won any of those? I’m too lazy to check, but I’m sure you’re a superstar.

  36. Happy Birthday, TIB!

    On June 26th, 2008 (the day is fresh in my mind), I was unfortunate enough to try Jimmy Dean’s Pancake and Sausage Minis. After violently tossing the package into the garbage, I hit up Google to see if anyone else thought Jimmy Dean’s Tire Rollups were icky.
    And, indeed, there was.

  37. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I think I found you via my Google Reader’s “recommended feeds” section? Maybe? Or not?

  38. Happy 5th!! I discovered TIB when I was curious to find any reviews for the then-new Whole Grain Chips Ahoy cookies. I found Marvo’s review, and the rest is history!!

  39. Happy Birthday!

    I found your glorious site through Pajiba (and now I visit you more often. Shhhh, don’t tell.)

  40. Happy Birthday TIB! I probably found you through a google search for some delicious food item, and now you’re one of my faves on my google reader.

  41. Happy Birthday TIB!! I came across your website last year thanks to a link at candyblog and I’ve been hooked ever since.

  42. Happy Birthday TIB

    I was visiting my friend, Dionne Warwick from the Psychic Friends Network. She told me if I didn’t check your website daily I would die. Now I’m just hoping my internet doesn’t go down.

    P.S. – This knowledge makes me feel like Tweak from South Park.

  43. Happy Birthday TIB!!

    I found this website while researching various energy drinks…couldn’t stop reading after that!

  44. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I really wish I knew how I found this gem of a web site. I’ve found a lot of great things through cracked.com. I am not sure if you have ever had an article linked through there but if you have, then that’s how I found you. If not, then it was through another review site that I just happened to come across when I used to have a job where I was able to sit for hours and scour the web for things that would keep me entertained for seven hours a day.

    It’s really not important how I found you. What’s important is that I have and my life has been forever changed for the better. Thank you, TIB, for making my life less painful!

  45. This sounds way too fun for a 5 year old. MYSTERY BOXES!?


    I discovered TIB from Heat Eat Review. College Kids – love me some frozen meals!

  46. Happy birthday TIB!

    Discovered through a link on Cheap Eats, been bookmarked ever since!

  47. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I found you by doing a google search on White Gummi flavored Jamba Juice. That post was hilarious and I’ve been checking for new reviews nearly every day since! (My experience with that jamba juice smoothie was not so good, however. Yuck!)

  48. Happy birthday, TIB! I’m pretty sure I found you because Marvo performed a Vulcan mind meld on me years ago. It’s all a little fuzzy, frankly.

  49. Happy Birthday!!!!! I found your site through a link and now it is a daily stop for me!!

  50. Happy Birthday, TIB. I have no idea where I found the site any more; I just know that it’s pinned to my Google Reader for the fun and humor.

  51. Wow; it’s been so long, I’m not sure what first lead me here. My best guess is a link from a “Pajiba Love” column on the Pajiba site many years ago.

  52. Happy Birthday, TIB!

    Wow; it’s been so long, I’m not sure what first lead me here. My best guess is a link from a “Pajiba Love” column on the Pajiba site many years ago.

    I also cannot follow directions.

  53. Happy birthday, TIB! Found you via my RSS client’s recommended blogs feature and haven’t looked back since.

  54. Happy Birthday TIB.

    I think I found you when I was looking for info on Burger King Chicken Fries, because I was so excited when I heard about them. I stayed ever since then.

  55. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I discovered you guys while looking up reviews of Pop Chips. BTW, the new cheddar ones are terrible.

  56. Happy Birthday, TIB!

    I was looking for information about a product, and it turned out you’d reviewed it. I forget which one, though. Probably Ice Breakers Liquid Ice or vanilla-flavored toothpaste. Then I couldn’t leave.

  57. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I’ve been reading you so long I’ve forgotten how I originally found you… perhaps the Philips Bodygroom. In any case, have a great birthday TIB.

  58. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I found you when checking the latest wrecks on cakewrecks. This is a great site and was quickly added to my favorites list!

  59. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I found you from a link from another site, although I don’t remember what site. I’m glad I did though!

  60. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I discovered you through iateapie.net and have been linking you frequently to my friends ever since. It’s been a long time, and your reviews have caused me to crave some rather suspect things, like Taco Bell pineapple drinks, and avoid others, like mandarin orange salmon cups, which might be the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. Keep up the good work.

  61. Happy Birthday TIB!

    Every time you guys review a new product I look at your review, I appreciate you guys interviewing new products and I hope your database grows bigger.

  62. Happy birthday TIB.

    I found you through Candy blog. I was looking through the recommended blogs. I saw yours and clicked it. That was 2 years ago. Amazing how time goes fast.

  63. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I 1st discovered this wonderful site while googling reviews on some food product ages ago. The finding out you were linked on Candy Blog was a nice surprise.

  64. Happy Birthday, TIB and Marvo the Marvelous.

    My tale of how I found you is long and full of wonder and whimsy. It all started with a can of creamed corn which, curiously, did not contain any corn at all. Now, you’d think that I’d notice a weight difference if the can was empty, but the can was not empty at all. When I opened it, there was an ugly little man inside. He said he was a fairy, but he didn’t have any wings and smelled pretty bad. He blamed the smell on being locked into a can without access to a bathroom for weeks, but I wasn’t convinced.

    I asked him how he’d gotten into that can and he said that he’d be imprisoned there by an evil wizard, but I wasn’t convinced. The truth was that he had alcohol on his breath and I suspected that he had merely partied a little too hard one night and just fallen into the machinery.

    Anyway, I asked him why a wizard had sealed him up in my can of cream corn and he said that he had defied the wizard’s wishes by videotaping him without his express written consent, but I wasn’t convinced. After all, how many wizards do you know who own camcorders?

    In the end, I got sick of his lies and told him to go away, but he said he couldn’t until I granted him one wish. When I remarked that it was supposed to be the other way around and he was supposed to grant my wish, he got angry and started to whine about his misfortunes. I asked him if he promised he’d go away if I granted his one request provided that such a request was in my power and he said he would, but I wasn’t convinced. I had a bad feeling he’d just hang around and ask for more if I did what he wanted.

    I asked him what his one request was, and he told me to go to http://www.theimpulsivebuy.com and read it every day. He swore that he’d go away and never come back as long as I kept on reading this web site. Though I wasn’t convinced, I decided that the safe thing to do was to do as he asked. He hasn’t come back, so I am grateful that TIB is here to keep that smelly little man out of my life.

  65. Absolutely Happy Birthday TIB!!!

    I write a health and fitness column, ” Dr. J will see you now, ” and when some surgery patient didn’t show up, I chanced upon your site. No health and fitness here, but your excellent, funny, creative writing style, and the fact that I’ve never been to the Islands kept me a loyal reader, but rare commenter, for over two years.

    Hope you go for another 5!!!

  66. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I found you when you were the daily site on the Kim Kommando website.

  67. Happy Birthday, TIB!

    I stumbled upon TIB. Greatest freakin’ day of mah blog reading life.

  68. Happy Birthday TIB!!!!!!

    I found you through the Philips BodyGroom review. I LOVED that hilarious website they had put up with the songs and everything (“Philips BoooooodyGrooooooom / The convenient, fast, and simple way / To make your genitals bloom!”). So I went looking for more funny BodyGroom funnies, which brought me here. And it’s been a great few years. I love you, TIB! Will you be my second husband?

  69. Happy Birthday, TIB!!

    …and here is to many more. I probably found you through a like from Cybel’s site… or maybe it was the booniverse… I don’t remember. Doesn’t matter anyway. You’ve given me hours of grins and more sexually oriented product reviews than I ever thought possible. Keep up the awesome job!

  70. Happy Birthday TIB!!

    i first discovered this wonderful site searching for product reviews on google of course there was alot of bad sites until i found impulsive buy, man was i sure lucky ot find this site i love it 🙂

  71. Happy Birthday TIB

    I discovered you when my google reader suggested that I check you out. I did and the rest was history.

  72. Happy Birthday TIB!!!

    I found TIB through the nifty Google Reader recommended feeds thingie.

  73. “Happy Birthday TIB”! I love you like a fat kid loves cake

    I came across this website probably 4-5 years ago. I don’t remember what exact term I googled, but I’m sure I was trying to find a food review for something.
    I’ve yet to find another site that provides both functional food reviews and genuine comic relief. Nor have I ever seen one with chest waxing… hilarious stuff.

    Hopefully one of these days I’ll win some free junk for my loyalty 😉

  74. Happy Birthday, TIB! I found you one night while I couldn’t sleep. What is a girl to do besides Google food reviews? Now I check you every day…

  75. Happy birthday TIB!

    I totally found you when looking for the McRib sandwich and what ever happened to it a few years ago. Somehow I stumbled onto your magical website and have been visiting, and droppin your URL around the water-cooler ever since.

  76. Happy Birthday TiB! I check you more often than any man should check a website about delicious products.

  77. Happy Bday, TIB.

    I followed a link from Pajiba here one time and found the review funny. A few days later, bored, I thought ‘wonder what TIB has today’ and since then made you a regular bookmark.

  78. Happy Birthday TIB! I discovered you while on the Heat,Eat, Review website. But you’re funnier.

  79. Happy Birthday TIB!!!

    I found you because I Googled Betty Crocker Warm Brownie… I was actually looking for a recipe to make a ripoff version at home, but instead found a review that talked about grooming pubic hair before it actually discussed brownies. I knew right then you were the blog for me.

  80. Happy 5th B,day to TIB!

    I only started coming to this site this year and this is a pretty good site for food reviews, I discovered this by doing a Google seach on Hot Fudge Sundae Pop-Tarts and i clicked on the link that said TIB. mostly i read marvo’s reviews ’cause his are mad funny and the best. Hey Marvo, you should get an Ice cream cake from Baskin Robins and we should all dance to the ice cream and cake song lol.

  81. Happy birthday, TIB.

    You’re the only website that StumbleUpon has given me that I’ve kept, aside from the 19th Annual Moustache Growing Winners of Idaho, 1998.

  82. Happy Birthday TIB!!!

    How am I supposed to remember how I found the site when I can’t remember what I had for dinner last night?

  83. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I found your website when the stinky little man Orchid64 chased away showed up on my doorstep. Orchid told me she kept him away by reading your blog so I started doing the same.


    Actually, TIB found me! You linked to my review for Late Night Doritos and put something else in The Week in Reviews, I believe. Since then I’ve been reading (almost) every day!

    Congratulations Marvo, keep it up!

  85. Happy birthday, TIB! I found you.. well.. I don’t remember now, but it was from another blog. Maybe candyblog, or cakewrecks, or heat eat review, or freezerburns? Doesn’t matter, cause I love ya just the same either way.

  86. Happy Birthday, TIB. I discovered the site as I was searching for into on the Late Night Doritos line, loved the writing style, and have been reading ever since.

    Wait, that proves I haven’t been reading as long as other people. AND THUS LESS DESERVING OF PRIZES, FUCK.

  87. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I don’t remember how I stumbled upon your blog… think it had something to do with frozen dinners. Yum :/

  88. Ah, the story of how I discovered The Impulsive Buy is both a long and interesting one…

    Y’see, one day, a good five years ago now, I was browsing another blog I don’t remember the subject or title of… It was there that I clicked a link promising to lead to a humorous end. It brought me to The Impulsive Buy.

    Now, while I might not remember the name of the blog that directed me here, I’m sure glad it did, as ever since I’ve checked The Impulsive Buy for updates daily, and I’ve been brought much joy.

    Thanks, random blog I don’t remember–and Happy Birthday TIB!

  89. Happy Birthday TIB!

    If i recall correctly, I read about you in some magazine I don’t remember. I do remember thinking that a website called the impulsive buy was going to be written by some rich girl who would have entries like, “OMG! today, I was walking down Madison, and I passed the Jimmy Choo store, and this cute little pair was calling my name, begging me to take them home, so i just HAD too!! They’re not at all comfortable, but they look so sexy!!!!” Needless to say, when i realised that that was not the kind of site you are, I was very glad and have been reading your reviews ever since.

  90. Happy Birthday TIB!
    I was looking for a review of shower soothers and then I found you. I was hooked from then onwards.

  91. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TIB! Nice to share a birth-month with you. I discovered you when I was perusing for fast food reviews via Google, and you were an instant bookmark. Keep it up!

  92. Happy Birthday, TIB!

    I found this blog one day when I was looking for information on ‘Dragon Fire Cinnamon Gum’, and yours was one of the links that popped up. I found the reviews so funny, I had to keep coming back. And I have!

  93. Happy Birthday, TIB. You feel like an old friend; like a favorite shoe that has gotten worn and stinky, but is the most comfortable thing in the world. Google brought us together, but fate intertwined us forever. I was halfheartedly searching for information on the Froot Loops Straws that I had seen in the store that day, and found the most amazing site dedicated to product trial. You had a witty wording that I could not ignore. Eventually I found out that you were only a few years old, and that made me feel a bit dirty, but I suppose age is only a number. It’s love that counts.

    I am pretty sure you don’t know who I am, and for that reason, I am dedicating to you the ultimate Stalker song: Every Breath You Take by The Police. As long as you still live on the World Wide Web, I will continue to read your wonderful viewpoint on as many products as you wish to share with us.

    Live long and prosper, my wonderful, witty website friend.

  94. happy birthday tib!

    i think i found this through the recommendations page on google reader? i’ve been hooked ever since 🙂

  95. Happy Birthday TIB! 🙂

    congrats on 5 yrs of awesome blogging! i came across your blog via Heat Eat Review (another favourite blog of mine) about 3 yrs ago and have been following you ever since.

  96. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I have only found you recently, surfing the interwebs in a desperate attempt to kill time at work. Cannot really tell you what the link was that led me to you – but I have been doing my homework, catching up on the past year and a half or so, which means I have only got 3 1/2 years of archive material left :O)
    GREAT blog, by the way! Am also a happy Facebook follower of yours.
    The goodies in the mystery box have not spent the past 5 years in your cupboard, have they?

  97. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I found your website using stumbleupon. It was by far the best stumble ever!

  98. Happy Birthday TIB!!!

    you don’t look a single day over 3, when i first found you. i was bored and reading up on random frozen food reviews and found your article on the banquet frozen dinner.


    I discovered this site when I was trying to find reviews on Japanese Pepsi products. The first review that I read was about Pepsi Ice Cucumber. Then, I read about how Pepsi Blue Hawaii was the worst summer flavor for Japanese residents. This summer, I came to this website to see if Pepsi Shiso was reviewed. I saw the review and others on youtube. I agree with all of them when they say how much its disgusting or sucks.

    My favorite review of all time on The Impulsive Buy was the Jack In The Box’s Sirloin Burger. I laughed extremely hard when I read the words “motherfucking unhealthy” and “nom nom nom nom nom”

    I love how humor is being added to the reviews as well and I want this website to live on forever! 🙂

  100. Happy Birthday TIB!!

    I can’t swear to this, but I think I found you from a crosslink at Candyblog?

    Have enjoyed the witty posts and look forward to five years + and more of them same!

  101. I think I’ve been reading this little guy since near the beginning, discovered by googling something like “candy review” or some such thing. Happy birthday, TIB!

  102. “Happy Birthday TIB”

    I had never heard of The Impulsive Buy until a few months ago until marvo called me for a interview. I had a very busy
    week with my clients Oprah and Gail and was quit tired, just
    Oprah herself takes almost 3 full days of scrubbing. I just wanted to sleep but Marvo convinced me that I wasn’t getting the respect I deserved.

    After my interview was posted on his blog, my career just exploded. the past few months have been a non-stop whirlwind of me between some of the most famous buttocks in hollywood and except for the few clients who enjoy their “cleaning” a bit too much (I’m talking to you Tom C. and John T.) it’s been wonderful! Here’s to another 5 years Marvo!

  103. Happy Birthday TIB

    I found your blog through blog surfing. You were on the blogroll of a site I was randomly surfing through. I forgot which. It’s been a while, my memory fails me. Happy 5th!

  104. Happy Birthday TIB. I have been with you from the very beginning and I found you through some website which I am sure has bit the super internet highway.

  105. Since I am addicted to food & all I can think about is eating, I googled for others like me and upon your site I came!

    So I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday TIB!

  106. Happy Birthday TIB!
    I randomly stumbled across your site doing a Google search some time ago. I’ve have the site bookmarked ever since, and became a fan of yours on Facebook.

  107. Happy Birthday TIB!
    I found you kids on a search to discover if burger king was really going to put mashed potatoes (you know the ones that looked like loogies) on a hamburger and to my surpise your site appeared. Its been a daily check in for me since. Keep up the good work.

  108. Happy Birthday TIB!! I discovered you through a link from Candy Blog, I believe. Been visiting ever since, because I love trying “limited edition” crap (like funky Pop-Tarts).

  109. Happy Birthday TIB! I found this site when a friend and I were thinking about whether or not we should try out those KFC bowls of mashed potatoes and fried chicken and sodium. Oh, the sodium.

    Despite your advice, we still ended up each getting one, just for the perverse pleasure. Sorry, haha.

  110. “Happy Birthday TIB”, I found you through a link on FARK.com. I bookmarked you because I found you amusing, and check in periodically to see how you are doing.

  111. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I first discovered you about a year or so ago.. I was reading one of Nevis’s blogposts and saw the link to your site. I have been hooked ever since!
    Keep up the good work and here is to five more years of eating weird and unhealthy food! lol

  112. Happy Birthday TIB!

    Hard to believe it’s been five years… oh, don’t worry, TIB; you don’t need a makeover… you don’t look a day over two or three. Really. 🙂

    Um… if I mentioned that today (August 10th) is also *my* birthday, would that increase my chance of winning? 😉 I certainly think that ought to be taken into consideration here! Okay, okay, that’s probably not exactly fair… but seriously though, it *is* really my birthday.

    It was actually because of a link from Vegan.com several years ago that I first found this site (yes, I used to be a vegan); the point of the link was to show us the spectacularly revolting picture of a fast food sandwich… I don’t even remember which one it was now, but indeed, it *was* a revolting picture.

    But more importantly, the review made me laugh…

    So I read some more reviews, and laughed even more…

    And I’ve been coming back ever since. 🙂

    So once again, happy birthday to TIB, and congratulations to Marvo… they grow up so fast, don’t they? Here’s to another five years, and beyond! (Don’t celebrate *too* much though; after all, five years old is still very young and impressionable….)

  113. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I don’t remember how I found you but I like to think it was divine intervention.

  114. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I remember running a search for Hotpockets (which I now despise as they took away my fav flavor of cheeseburger) and your site showed up in the results I clicked on it and have been in love ever since. I remember going back and reading thru every article, and cannot wait to get my daily fix of TIB.

  115. Happy Birthday TIB!!

    One morning I opened a delicious box of mini chocolate mini wheats. Wanting to share my joy with others, i googled “chocolate mini wheats” and there you were! From then on, instead of telling my friends “I found this delicious chocolate cereal, go buy it” I said, “here, read this! It’s the best!”

  116. Happy Birthday TIB!! I don’t remember how I found you either. It probably was on someone’s blog but I always check the site once a day or so. Keep up the great work!

  117. Happy Birthday The Impulsive Buy! I found you linked from another long forgotten blog.

  118. Happy Birthday, TIB!

    I found you on YumYucky about a month ago, and I love you already (:

  119. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I found you as linked through Pajiba and you’ve been in my feed reader ever since.

  120. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TIB! Oh, Tib. You’ve given me such great reviews and witty remarks.
    I found you through iateapie.net 🙂 So glad I did, I have you bookmarked on my favorites and everything!

  121. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I found you while looking for reviews about the Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme. I ended up looking at random reviews and loving the writing style and found myself laughing. Love it.

  122. Happy Birthday, TIB!!

    My internet-but-I-wish-was-real-life friend, the lovely Sara from the hilarious “How Much Do We Love” podcast, sent me an email giving me the heads up that TIB existed. My life has been better for it.

  123. “Happy Birthday TIB”

    Hope you had a great bday TIB…and many more to come. About a year ago, a friend sent me an email. This is one of those friends who, once a week, sends everyone in their Address Book an email with a bunch of links to fun (and often NSFW or just plain gross) websites. One of the links he sent me was to a younger and slimmer TIB. *no, those pants do not make you look fat, it’s all the calories you eat* I can’t remember which product he sent me a link from, but if I’m a good judge of my friend, it was probably some crazy asian food concoction which A) I’ll never be able to get here in Chicago, and B) had numerous sexual inuendos in the write-up (or just quoted off the pervy Japanese packaging).


  124. I found TIB by finally going to look over my fiance’s shoulder to see what he kept laughing about. That day, I wound up spending about three hours reading TIB archives. I’d been wanting to start up my own food review website for a long time, but that first day of reading TIB is what finally convinced me to do it. I registered a domain name that very day. Thanks, Impulsive Buy, for finally pushing me to do what I’d been wanting to do for years!

  125. Happy Birthday TIB !!

    I found your website with a random Google search probably about a year ago. I was researching some food item or another and found you. Thanks For making me laugh and informing me at the same time !!!

    Happy Birthday TIB !!

  126. Happy 5th Birthday TIB – here’s to many more!

    I found you through a link on Pajiba quite a while ago and have been a regular reader ever since

  127. Happy Birthday TIB!

    Oh, I remember my first visit like it was yesterday . . . 7-11 was running a promotion with iTunes for a free song with a Slurpee purchase, and I found a TIB Slurpee review.

    I must’ve redeemed over 50 codes for free songs . . . and my colon has never recovered.

    Here’s to another five years, and being able to watch more TV!

  128. Happy Birthday TIB!!!!!

    I found you 2 years ago while looking up reviews of betty crocker warm delights. I then sat down with my delicious microwave cake and read all of your past posts in one shot. Now I read the site everyday.

  129. Happy Birthday TiB!

    To be honest, I’ve been following you so long, I don’t remember at all how I found you, but I enjoy it!

  130. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I believe I found you via WouldaCouldaShoulda. But, I might be wrong – it was years ago….

  131. I found your web site from an ad about removing hair with spray can hair removal and it was Marvo’s leg. Since that fateful day I read this website daily and stil Laugh my ass off!!! You guys rock!!

  132. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I discovered you while trying to find Vegemite and then wound up finding an entire world full of awesome! I’m still working my way through 5 years of history and looking very much forward to the day that I can just read daily 🙂

    So, to you, I send the best wishes for a Happy Birthday and many more to come!

  133. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I discovered you through StumbleUpon one night. i fell in love with Marvo’s Hilarious reviews and have been coming here ever since!


    To be honest, I have been reading you for so long I can’t even remember how I found you. What I do know, is my life wouldn’t be the same without you… I mean, what would I read at work when I didn’t feel like being productive?

  135. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I found you due to my intense love for Volcano Tacos when they came out. I wanted to see what others thought, and loved the site so much that I decided to stick around.


  136. it was december 2005 when i first found you tib. yoplait whipped chocolate yogurt. i was curious… and google brought me to you. (ok..so i didn’t know that date off of the top of my head.. i had to look it up in the archive)

    h a p p y b i r t h d a y t h e i m p u l s i v e b u y !

  137. Happy Fifth!

    I discovered you through Grubgrade. Or did I discover Grubgrade through TIB?

    Quite the dilemma. But really, who cares? Both are great sites that I frequent often and probably would cry if they went away.

  138. HaPpY BiRtHdAy TIB! I found you when I was trying to find info on a product and up poped you…thanks for all the reviews before i decided to try something new…you’re the bestest!

  139. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I can’t even remember how or when I found you but I’m glad I did! You have cured many boredom filled days and nights and I always look forward to new reviews. Thanks for sticking around and becoming one of the great ones!

  140. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I found you when someone mentioned the Angry Whopper and I did a Yahoo! search. Your review came up and I clicked on the link. I was hooked and spent the rest of the night reading ALL of your archives.

  141. I dont know how i magically stumbled across this, but it has given me days of unsuppressed joy going through the archives before work 😉 and furthermore its gives me reason to want to wake up and go to my shithole job. . . So thank u and happy birthday tib!!! (Also, Marvo. . . I think I love u:))

  142. Happy birthday TIB!

    Mamas so proud of you. I still remember the first time I laid eyes on you. It was when I was clicking away on some other random sight’s links and up popped you and all your glory. It brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it.

  143. Happy Birthday TIB…I found this gem of a sit originally on Pajiba. I hope you can continue on for a long time to come.

  144. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I think I found you through HeatEatReview, Candy Blog or a random google search for food. I don’t remember which.

    I came across your blog one day when I was stumbling. I have been a devoted reader every since. I love how you write and being so honest with your thoughts. I hope you have many more wonderful years and will look forward to reading them.

  146. Happy Birthday TIB!!

    I found this site during one of those weird, trippy internet surfing escapades that I often fall in to. You know the kind… You’re not sure how you got there, and you’re pretty sure that Ceiling Cat is watching… but you’re not sure you want it to end…

    I’ve had extensive experience with chocolate syrup, scraps of paper and an electric fan. Does this disqualify me??

  147. Happy Birthday TIB! I’ve found out about this site after googling food reviews for mcdonalds.

  148. Happy Birthday TIB!!

    I’ve been following through RSS for a while, I think I picked it up from the Candy Blog or stumbled by through some other blog. Keep up the good work!

  149. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I followed a link from Candy Blog. The reviews are entertaining and informative…. I’m addicted now!

  150. OK here’s the story: my good friend and former boss wrote a short story about his first job after graduating college – selling cheese in a downtown farmers market. At the mundane markets, he would amuse himself by farting around the vendors who annoyed him and stole his customers. He described that his favorite “ammo” for the task was the Burger King Mushroom and Swiss Steakhouse Burger.

    The sandwich sounded interesting to say the least, not that I wanted to follow in his footsteps or anything. So I Googled it, and the first hit was TIB’s review, featuring the transcript of a PBS-style debate between Marvo and a rather mute King. I was extremely amused… and hooked.

  151. Let me try this again. How could I forget, Happy Birthday TIB!

    OK here’s the story: my good friend and former boss wrote a short story about his first job after graduating college – selling cheese in a downtown farmers market. At the mundane markets, he would amuse himself by farting around the vendors who annoyed him and stole his customers. He described that his favorite “ammo” for the task was the Burger King Mushroom and Swiss Steakhouse Burger.

    The sandwich sounded interesting to say the least, not that I wanted to follow in his footsteps or anything. So I Googled it, and the first hit was TIB’s review, featuring the transcript of a PBS-style debate between Marvo and a rather mute King. I was extremely amused… and hooked.

  152. Happy Birthday TIB!

    It’s been so long, I can’t remember how I found you. I just had a birthday, too, so I’m getting old and forgetful. I think I was looking up some information about a product that was reviewed here and I was hooked.

    I found you during the spring of this year, while on a search for blog reviews of food items to use as examples in my Journalism class. I teach high school English and Journalism in a small town in North Carolina, at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I am trying to expose my students to the world of what I like to call “new journalism” so they can broaden their minds to something outside of the narrow world they often live in. I enjoy reading The Impulsive Buy and I am a Google Reader subscriber. If I win, I will select Journalism students to review the items and we will have fun with it! I will ask each of them to write a review of one of the items, and we will post some of them on our online newspaper!

  154. happy birthday TIB! i can’t even remember how i found you, maybe stumbleupon or random googling? but i’m so glad you found you!

  155. happy birthday tib!

    i found this site through pajiba love and was instantly hooked. you’ve never steered me wrong!

  156. I just found you through Mir’s WouldaShouldaCoulda blog. And I’m enjoying reading through the archives. Congrats on 5 years!

  157. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I found TIB through random links on a poker blog (can’t remember which one). I blog about poker and read mostly poker blogs, but I was in the mood to venture out in the world of blogs and followed some non-poker blog links, and here I am. I’ve been reading for the past 6 mos or so. Keep up the great work!

  158. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I found you during spring of 2008, when my friend and I were on our teacher’s computer while working as teachers’ aids. (We weren’t slackers… we just did such an excellent job aiding that she ran out of stuff for us to do. Yeah, we’re good.) She knew your site and after I read your review in which you compared strawberry milkshake Oreos to a vagina, it was love.

  159. Happy Birthday TIB!
    I found your site after a long night of heavy drinking and smoking and probably googled Crystal Pepsi or Taco Bell or Slurpee or whatever the hell else it is I eat when i’m high.
    I also think you’re a real hottie, Marvo!

  160. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I was looking up those oreo fun stix review to see what other people were saying about them. I didn’t think they were very good and I found this blog that had a review on them. The review was exactly what I thought of that damn product. “An Impulsive Buy” xD Now I guess I’m hooked.

  161. Happy Birthday TIB!!

    I found out about this site through a random link in a blog. I have been coming back ever since because the reviews here are very funny and entertaining. Congratulations on 5 years.

  162. Happy Birthday TIB!!

    I used to read Heat Eat and Review all the time and found a guest review from Marvo and came to this site and been a religious reader since. Here’s to many more years folks!

  163. Happy birthday, TIB! I found you guys through Heat Eat Review, and have been a regular since.

  164. Happy Birthday TIB!
    I discovered you when my friend sent me a link to one of your awesome reviews and haven’t stopped reading!

  165. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I would say I was searching for Muppet penises, but that happened just now. I cannot remember how I ended up here a long time ago, but I have it bookmarked and have had other people suggest the site to me since. I am a front runner in that regard.

  166. Happy Birthday TIB

    Well, I’m sure there are many many interesting ways to find this site. Like, googling giant Cheeto eating car parts for example. But that’s not quite how I found it. (Although it is what I will say should giant Cheeto eating car parts ever ask me)
    You see, my job as both a student and a lazy person means that I have very little time to cook. I live mostly off frozen meals and sometimes the boxes they come in (believe me after a while it gets hard to taste the difference). So, many eons ago I came across this site called heat and eat review. It reviewed all sorts of food meals. Being new to the foodie universe, I deemed it godly.
    After a few visits to the site, I noticed the ‘links’ section and TIB listed under it. Having no real life of my own, these other ‘food review’ sites seemed extremely interesting. So I clicked the TIB and the tumbled down the proverbial rabbit hole. Today, I’m a pretty TIB fan. Although, I still don’t have a life.

  167. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I honestly don’t remember how I found you, but i’ve been a fan for over two years.

  168. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I think I was looking for a review on energy drinks, stumbling upon your site, and was hooked. I love it! Happy Birthday! Many more years of reviews to come.

  169. Happy birthday TIB!!

    It has been a while, but I think I learned about TIB on a link from another site (maybe heateatreview.com).

    Thanks for all the reviews!

  170. I was looking for a review for a fast food dish, and I got totally hooked! I love this blog…you always crack me up.

  171. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I found you when I stole a laptop from some fat kid. TIB was the only bookmark.

  172. happy birthday TIB!!!! I think I stumbled upon this blog when I was reading another foodie one, maybe 3 years ago. Either way, I hope you manage to live a long & happy life.

  173. Happy Birthday TIB! I was lucky enough to find you through match.com; but alas, it didn’t go further than waxing your chest…

  174. Happy Birthday TIB!!! I found you through an internet search for food blogs. I have a fat girl inside me dying to get out!

  175. Happy Birthday TIB!!!
    I can’t believe it. 5 years old and still not potty trained. Your Papa should be ashamed of himself!

  176. Happy Birthday TIB

    I’ve been reading TIB for so long that I don’t remember how I found out about it.

  177. Happy Birthday TIB

    I found out about you from a friend who recommended that I read TIB. Thanks,

  178. Happy Birthday TIB!

    I think I found you because I was looking up review for Oreo Cakesters. I thought they were cakey and edible and I like to feel vindicated when random strangers on the internet think the same thing as me. So I found you, read the review and found it amusing.

    Oh, by the way, you were a godsend at work when there was nothing to do and I was bored. Thank you for helping me avoid work for, like, six months.

  179. Happy Birthday TIB!
    Another person who found you through Pajiba.

    Oh, and make sure to block Noggin too. Nothing good comes from that channel.

  180. I wanna win the prize! Waaaah! (speaking like TIB’s five year old friend invited to the party but overindulged in Burger King French Toast flavored Cold Stone ice cream cake).

    Happy Birthday TIB!

  181. I found this blog through a link on a blog that did reviews, that I in turn found from some forum. I’ve since stopped visiting both websites, but I still enjoy reading TiB reviews. You guys are just as addicting as the terribly unhealthy foods you review.

    Happy Birthday TIB!

  182. Happy Birthday TIB!
    I accidentally hit the wrong button on this laptop and submitted my comment to early!!! aaaaaaaaaaah.
    I was going to say that I first discovered TIB about 3 or 4 years ago while looking at another food blog I’ve long forgotten what that other blog was but stuck with TIB b/c Marvo is frickin hilarious!

  183. Happy Birthday TIB!

    i initially found you through google within the past year, but i don’t remember what i was searching for. i regularly search for reviews of new food products before (or while!) i try them. today i came upon your site again while searching for reviews of honey kix, which i bought earlier today at the grocery store.

    keep up the great work! 🙂

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