PRIZE DRAWING: Because It’s The Season of Giving

Agoraphobics call it, “The Season of Avoiding Shopping Malls and the Post Office.”

Retail workers who don’t work on commission call it, “The Worst Time to Work in Retail.”

But for many, they call this time of year, “The Season of Giving.”

Right now, I’m in the mood to give and if I could give you all a gift, I would. But with several thousand regular readers, it would be extremely pricey to do so. If I had a stolen credit card with a large credit limit, I might be able to pull it off, but I don’t and I’m afraid of going to prison for identity theft and becoming a white-collar bitch.

Instead, I’m going to have a prize drawing. I have three prizes to give away — one I reviewed recently, another I reviewed a long time ago and another I didn’t review at all, but you might be able to get some DNA off of it and clone me. Here are the three prizes:

1. Twin Lotus Herbal Toothpaste – The poop-looking toothpaste I reviewed last year. I recently received a new tube.

2. Terracycle M&M’s Candy Wrapper Speakers – Portable speakers made out of candy wrappers and other recycled materials.

3. Bunny Ears Cap from San’s Little Frog – The same bunny ears cap I wore in Episode #8 of The Impulsive Buy Podcast. It’s a handmade fleece hat that I wore for less than an hour while shooting the episode. It’s a large size, made for heads that are 25 inches or larger around).

To enter this prize drawing, leave a comment with THIS post. Your comment MUST include the prize you’d like to win and whatever else you’d like to say.

Please don’t forget to fill out the email field because I’ll be emailing the winners for their mailing addresses. The Impulsive Buy will stop accepting entries on Sunday, December 6, 2009 11:59 p.m. Hawaii Standard Time. Only one entry allowed per person and it’s only open to those 18 years old or older, anywhere in the world.

Good luck!

Fine Print: The Impulsive Buy promises your email address will not be used to send you press releases about some stupid cookbook from some stupid chef you’ve never heard of. The Impulsive Buy also promises your mailing address will not be used to send you Costco coupon booklets. Bribes will not be accepted. The Impulsive Buy will not be responsible for lost mail, damaged mail, or a reindeer’s antler up your ass.

101 thoughts to “PRIZE DRAWING: Because It’s The Season of Giving”

  1. I CAN CLONE MARVO??? You mean, my lifelong dream of having adorable Asian babies isn’t ruined just because I’m whiter than the creme in an Oreo and married to a fellow pasty wonder?

    If I win and the hat is already taken, can I just get a DNA sample? Probably not. I’d be happy to win anything, really. But I want that hat!

  2. I’d like the Terracycle speakers – just because I can piss off my roommates (I’m a poor college student) with my bad music. Maybe I’d play Katy Perry…

    Can’t wait for more reviews, Marvo!

  3. Terracycle M&M’s Candy Wrapper Speakers

    Not only is it friendly to the environment, but I really need a new pair of speakers for my mp3 player. I really don’t like sleeping with my bulky headphones because it’s very uncomfortable. Earbuds work, but they produce a very loud sound and my ears don’t like it at all. I always have a positive experience when I plug my mp3 player with speakers.

  4. I would like the toothpaste, because my new Alaskan malamute and I would like to practice good oral hygiene.

    I realized belatedly that if you read it the right way, and maybe if you were half asleep, that might sound a little threatening. I assure you I mean no harm. I sound crazier with every key stroke.

    But seriously, I’d rather have the bunny ears.[email protected]/

  5. Toothpaste! Having that amazing, allegedly disgusting and slightly racist toothpaste would make my life.

  6. I need the poop paste!! I’m a mom of three boys, I’ve been looking for this since I saw the review, the little piles of poop are perfect for messing with my kids!! I’d be the coolest mom EVER!!

  7. I really just wanted to tell you to try the credit card thing because maybe you won’t be a white collar bitch – the trick is to sucker punch the biggest guy in the joint on your first day and then get your own bitch. I hear that works.

    That being said, I’m not down with brushing my teeth with a poop like substance, but the speakers or the hat could be cool.

  8. Ooh I would like the candy speakers.

    Unfortunately I didn’t get my milkshake.. totally forgot about it. But don’t worry I dumped 200$ into our economy on Friday. The funny thing was most of the cars in the mall parking lot were canadian! lol

  9. I’d like those speakers. I don’t know exactly what I’d do with them, but it will probably involve lewd things and the absence of clothing on my part.

  10. I would love the bunny ears for my daughter. She has kitty ears, but would look great with the bunny ears. We both love your blog because it makes us laugh all the time. Thank you for the great reviews!

  11. BUNNY EARS for me please – I would love to hear the flapping sound as I ride my bike through the winter..

  12. I want the toothpaste because they commercial for that stuff was one of the weirdest and funniest things I’ve ever seen 🙂

  13. I would like the Twin Lotus Herbal Toothpaste! Why? Well, you’ve all seen the advertisement.
    If I win, it’ll be a gift to you for all my friends and family! =D

    Merry giving!

  14. The M&M speakers look cool, so i dig those. It’s nice that you’re giving away prizes, The Impulsive Buy is awesome.

  15. I wanna bunny ears hat toooo! I’ll even take a picture of them on my head and send it to you…

  16. I would very much like to have the bunny hat. As strange a hobby as it may be, I collect cute hats and I actually do not have any bunny hats.

  17. Omg, number 3, cute hat please!
    I would just like to say Merry Christmas and thanks for a lovely year of reviews. 🙂

  18. YES, that hat would look oh-so-sexy on any head – (freakishly) large or not. I’m keeping my fingers crossed… it’s getting cold over here in the northeast.

    I hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving – one WITHOUT Tofurky soda.
    – S

  19. I would really love that hat because my husband would look so cute in it!

    or the herbal toothpaste because I can’t wait to video my husband trying this for the first time thanks to you. 🙂

  20. The speakers!! I got a very special someone in my life who LOVES peanut M&Ms.. I just gotta make sure they don’t replace ME in the pecking order 😉

  21. bunny ears’ my wish for the season. but everything will do.

    and if you have some kind of chocolate, i’d like to take it as well.

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