APOLOGY: Because I Didn’t Know Moving 10 Years of Crap Would Take So Much Time

I’d like to apologize for the lack of posts this week. I’m currently moving to a new place and I didn’t realize how difficult and time consuming it is to move the 10 years worth of crap I’ve accumulated, which includes 35 USB cables, 100 pounds of books I haven’t read, two printers, a dead PowerMac G4 with 17 inch monitor (which I swear I’ll revive one day), kanji practice worksheets from college, half a dozen hard drives that are less than 250 GB (which sounds like I have a lot of porn, but surprisingly they don’t contain any, because my porn is stored on a 2 TB drive), several pairs of jeans that don’t fit anymore, a lot of magazines with Tiger Woods on the cover and a comfort wipe.

I’ve moved over 95 percent of my stuff and will bring the last 5 percent to the new place by tomorrow, so expect a bukkake of reviews next week.

13 thoughts to “APOLOGY: Because I Didn’t Know Moving 10 Years of Crap Would Take So Much Time”

  1. Good luck on the move.

    Also, uhhh… kudos on writing a “I’m moving” message with a comfort wipe and bukkake in it.

    “That’s sooooo Marvo!” / laugh track

  2. I feel your pain. I’m just finishing up a move myself. How the hell did I end up w/ 6 manual can openers?!?

  3. I personally feel reasonable for you even owning a comfort wipe… I kinda feel like I probably should reimburse you for having to move it lol.

  4. When I had to pay movers just to haul my couch up and over the balcony because it wouldn’t fit through the front door, I realized that they can move other things, too! I highly recommend hiring others to do your dirty work. Or never moving again. Either way.

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