REVIEW: Kleenex Hand Towels

Kleenex Hand Towels

A hand towel in the bathroom at a big house dinner party gives me an idea of what it would be like to participate in a gangbang. You’re sticking a body part in something that’s wet and has been used by many other people during the past two hours.

While I’m willing to break the five-second rule when it comes to food that I’ve dropped onto the floor and I may let the party host’s dog make out with me instead of using a napkin, I won’t use a hand towel at a party. I don’t mean to go all Dateline NBC on you, but a hand towel at a party is also a party…for germs.

Usually, if I need to dry my hands, I’ll either walk through the house like a doctor prepped for surgery to get a napkin or paper towel or I’ll shake my hands vigorously as if I’m a puppeteer making his puppets dance to death metal.

However, when the next dinner party rolls around, I may just bring a box of Kleenex Hand Towels with me.

If you’ve ever been sick or you’re a male who has masturbated, you’re probably very familiar with the Kleenex brand. But, you might not know they make more than that, unless you have the Kleenex website in your web browser’s bookmarks to keep up to date with the latest in booger trapping technology.

The Kleenex Hand Towels are individual paper towels that come out of a box and work the same as all Kleenex boxes — pull one out and the next one is ready for another person. If inks, dyes and fragrances bother you, your sensitive skin won’t have to worry about any of that with the Kleenex Hand Towels. The 9.1 inch square towels are small when compared with other paper towels, but they’re softer than the stuff you find in a public restroom, and they’re more absorbent. Unlike most public restroom paper towels, I needed only one Kleenex Hand Towel to dry my hands.

Sure, it’s just paper towels from a box and a roll of paper towels is significantly cheaper, but have you ever tried tearing off a sheet from a paper towel roll with two wet hands, trying not to get any other sheets wet. I don’t know about you, but when I try it, I look like I’m attempting to bring back a dance from the 1990s. I think the convenience and ease of use are worth a little extra scratch for your guests.

Kleenex Hand Towels In Use

While the Kleenex Hand Towels are soft and absorbent, the box they come in is a little more impressive. The shape of the box allows you to place it on top of a towel rack, creating a convenient dispenser in case you don’t have much room on your bathroom countertop due to a prescription drug addiction or a toothpaste variety addiction.

Item: Kleenex Hand Towels
Price: $2.99
Size: 60 towels
Purchased at: Target
Rating: 7 out of 10
Pros: Very absorbent. More hygienic than a communal hand towel. Great for having in the bathroom at parties. Convenient box that can be placed on a towel rack to save counter space, but not towel rack space. Ink, dye and fragrance-free. Softer than paper towels found in a public restroom.
Cons: Might be pricey for some. Smaller than most paper towels. A communal hand towel being like a gangbang. Dances from the 1990s. Breaking the five-second rule. Making out with a dog instead of using a napkin. Prescription drug addictions. Toothpaste variety addictions.

11 thoughts to “REVIEW: Kleenex Hand Towels”

  1. These would also come in handy for orgies, and could be placed next on the table with all the various lubes and condoms.

  2. It’s not too tricky to get a paper towel off the roll after washing…Why should I get those hand towels when paper towels work just as well for germ-free hand drying and double as counter-cleaning rags and dishtowels as well? I mean, unless I decide that I don’t need trees anymore. Seriously, what have trees ever done for me?

  3. At first I thought this was really stupid. WHy would I need hand towels? Now, I can see the benefit if I had a party (still laughing after this!) but for everyday use in my place wouldn’t be worth it to me.

  4. I need to give these as Christmas gifts to my friends…I’m totally on-board in the dislike of the crusty communal towel in the guest bathroom.

    I wonder how well a product made by Kleenex would be if they just titled it “Masturbation wipes”?

  5. I like the idea of avoiding disgusting germs but I think it’s up to the host to check the bathroom every hour and supply a freshly laundered hand towel, if needed.

  6. I like the new design of the new Kleenex Hand Towel box. I don’t lose any towels per box as I used to.

  7. They work very well in a caregiving environment. I cannot speak for a large household of people. I like them.

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