REVIEW: Milk Chocolate M&M’s Chocolate Bar

Milk Chocolate M&M's Chocolate Bar

The color blind life can be challenging. I can remember struggling with colors since a young age, receiving criticism from my teachers for coloring the grass orange and pumpkins green in my coloring book – even though that’s what I actually saw. My inability to properly identify many of the colors soon brought forth a dislike for multicolored objects. Even sitting through an episode of Reading Rainbow was excruciating because of all the different colors in the logo – and I love LeVar Burton!

With so much color-related difficulty in my life, you might think that I would hate such a colorful candy as M&M’s, but no. For some reason, I love the little rainbow candy-coated pieces of chocolate. Sure, I might not be able to correctly tell you which colors I’m eating, but they still taste amazing. Plus, their tiny size makes them so easy to eat! My record is 154 M&M’s in three minutes. (I’m like Takeru Kobayashi, but instead of shoving wieners in my mouth, I eat candy.)

I was pretty excited when I heard about Mars’ new M&M’s Chocolate Bar. So excited, in fact, that my inner Tommy Wise broke free, and I thought, “Oh hi, Mars. M&M’s inside my candy bar? You think about everything, ha ha ha.”

But wait – haven’t I seen this M&M’s Chocolate Bar somewhere before? Oh, that’s right. Back in 2004, Mars introduced the M-Azing chocolate bar, which was only available in peanut butter and crunchy flavors. I can vaguely recall tasting an M-Azing bar and disliking it. Let’s hope this M&M Chocolate Bar does better.

I found the M&M Chocolate Bar at my local Target in the candy bar section next to the check-out line. At a mere seventy-nine cents per bar, it seemed like a true bargain.

Milk Chocolate M&M's Chocolate Bar Closeup

After removing the chocolate bar’s wrapper, I instantly noticed the imprinted design of an anthropomorphic M&M man. I don’t usually find anthropomorphic creatures on my candy bars, so this was a pleasant surprise. The chocolate bar is divided into eight sections for easy distribution among eight friends. Or if you’re like me and don’t have any friends, you’ll have to distribute the eight pieces to the various homeless men who follow you home from work everyday.

The brightly colored mini M&M’s can be seen peeking through the chocolate, giving the bar a subtle rainbow appearance. When compared to more commonly purchased chocolate such as the Hershey Bar, the M&M’s Chocolate Bar’s smell is a bit more rich and powerful, but the scent is pleasant nonetheless.

After taking my first bite of the M&M Chocolate Bar, I was surprised that the M&M’s contributed significantly less crunch than I expected. Since the M&M’s are the mini variety, they don’t add much texture to the bar. In fact, I found it pretty difficult to distinguish the M&M’s from the normal chocolate part of the bar while chewing. Everything blends together into one chocolatey mass.

Milk Chocolate M&M's Chocolate Bar Innards

Unfortunately, the chocolate used in the bar isn’t the best. It’s super sweet, almost too rich, and the M&M’s give it a somewhat chalky texture. Furthermore, it left a funny aftertaste and a strange feeling in my throat after eating all eight pieces.

Perhaps if Mars had used a higher quality chocolate in their new M&M’s Chocolate Bar, I might be a bit more of a fan. Although it’s super inexpensive, there are other chocolate bars on the market I would prefer to purchase. The M&M’s found inside of the bar fail to enhance the already unsatisfying chocolate base. Maybe if the M&M’s Chocolate Bar magically cured colorblindness, I’d consider purchasing it again, but next time, I’ll be passing this one by in the supermarket.

(Nutrition Facts – 1 bar – 220 calories, 110 calories from fat, 12 grams of total fat, 7 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat, 15 milligrams of cholesterol, 30 milligrams of sodium, 27 grams of total carbohydrates, 1 grams of dietary fiber, 26 grams of sugars, and 3 grams of protein.)

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Item: Milk Chocolate M&M’s Chocolate Bar
Purchased Price: 79 cents
Size: 1.5 oz.
Purchased at: Target
Rating: 4 out of 10
Pros: Super cheap. Pleasant chocolatey scent. Awesome anthropomorphic M&M man imprint. References to Tommy Wiseau.
Cons: Low quality chocolate. M&M’s blend in with the rest of the bar. Funny aftertaste. Doesn’t cure color blindness.

20 thoughts to “REVIEW: Milk Chocolate M&M’s Chocolate Bar”

  1. This makes me sad. I stared at them for so long while standing in the line at SuperTarget yesterday. I couldn’t believe it. But all those thoughts about this bar; I now know I wasted so many seconds. I could have definitely been thinking about something important at that time. At least a bird is chirping outside right now.

  2. I confused Tommy Walker and Tommy Wiseau. I though you were going in a whole different direction.

  3. I don’t see the point of going chocolate on chocolate. They should have used a different type of M&Ms, or had a flavor other than milk chocolate for the bar.

  4. Thanks for the reveiw. Love the site but have never posted before.

    Being a huge M&Ms fan I snatched this up in an instant when I spotted it at a gas station last week. I think they would have been better suited to use regular size M&Ms for more crunch but overall I really enjoyed it. Yes, the chocolate is overly sweet, but I liked it and I didn’t think it seemed low quality. I am weird like that- nothing is ever too sweet for me.

    Plus, I am such a sucker for presentation and packagaing that a product can be put over the top for me if done well. And this is one of the coolest looking bars and packages I have seen in some time.

    I can’t see myself buying this regularly as I am trying to cut back on sweets outside of when I see a new product, but if I am looking for a fix I would get it again. I would go 8 out of 10 personally. Would have been higher if the M&Ms had a bigger impact in the texture.

  5. I couldn’t disagree more. I absolutely love this candy bar! I only found out about it a few days ago and I have already bought 5 of them. My kids love them too. The chocolate is the BEST and what makes it so good. It is very milky/creamy. Anyway, I hope they stay around because it is my new favorite candy bar.

  6. Just like the picture on the M&M candy bar shows-no way! Leave my m&m’s alone!

  7. MMmmmmmmmm, M&M’s chocolate.

    Good review, Matt. Sorry to hear about your colour issues. :/

    On the bright side, you have colourful imagery of your experiences. 🙂

  8. They are quite sweet but also very creamy. I liked the branding/design & thinness as well. I would have rated a 7/10.

  9. I love this chocolate bar! I think Hersheys chocolate tastes cheap, espicially compared to this. The chocolate is nice and creamy. The design is really cool as well. Overall, I think the bar it is great for the market. Can’t wait to make some s’mores! 8.5/10!

  10. I love love love this candy car… i hope they keep it out for a long time.. it is so yummy i give it a 9 out of 10 now if they make one with peanut m&m’s hehe now we are talking 🙂

  11. I haven’t tried these yet, but I remember the M-azing bars from my college years. I loved the Crunchy version and always felt the Peanut tasted different (the chocolate, not the peanuts 😛 ).

    I was at a CVS the other day and there was a display of the new M&M bars at the checkout counter and a teenage girl pointed them out to her dad and went “These are new.” I remember thinking to myself that they definitely weren’t new since they seemed like repackaged M-azing bars and I wondered if they tasted the same.

  12. By the way, can anyone who still remembers the taste of M-azing bars confirm if this new version tastes the same?

  13. It’s weird seeing this review when just today I got one and loved it to death. I really hope that these don’t get discontinued. Also they could’ve done something to make these stick out. I didn’t know that these existed until today.

  14. I totally disagreed with this article. I just snatched up a box of the yummy deliciousness for a cheap $.33 per bar, and I LOVE them. Perhaps it’s just me, but the actual chocolate itself tastes like the same chocolate they use in the M&Ms themselves, and that’s why myself and the other people I’ve introduced to them LOVE them. 🙂

  15. Have to agree with the “Love It!” people: I was actually prowling the ‘net to see if the M&M people used UK or European chocolate for this bar because it tastes so rich and creamy compared to regular, non-gourmet US chocolate!

  16. The mini M & M chocolate bar is awesome every time I go to the store now my niece and I look for that chocolate bar first. All those negative people are wrong the chocolate taste great and the little mini M&Ms make it taste good with little crunchy bites. That chocolate bar needs to be at more stores specially the $.99 store. i’m having trouble finding it and when I do the boxes are empty. That’s how you know it’s a great item.

  17. I have to disagree! The chocolate bar is so delicious and the m&ms embedded throughout provide a nice crunch, I love this chocolate bar!!

  18. I don’t care about self-absorbed fools’ reviews. The bar is delicious and I just want to know where I can buy more.
    First discovered July 2016. Very difficult to even obtain information. Took some time to even find this location.

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