REVIEW: Ruffles Limited Time Only All Dressed Potato Chips

Ruffles Limited Time Only All Dressed Potato Chips

Update: These chips are now a regular flavor in the U.S.

This is the Canadian citizenship test. It’s two questions.

Question 1: Who is the best rapper?

a. Jay-Z
b. Notorious B.I.G.
c. Eminem
d. Drake

Question 2: Please describe, in 500 words or less, the flavor of Ruffles All Dressed.

In short, they are delicious.

I’d heard about Canada’s Ruffles All Dressed years before I got to taste them, little rumblings here and there about how great they were. While I never made it over the border to give them a try, Frito-Lay has finally decided to bring them to the United States (or ‘Murica, if you are an unfunny person) for a limited time.

All Dressed is not just a Ruffles flavor. Other chips also feature this taste and their recipes may differ. But overall, All Dressed usually displays elements of barbecue, salt and vinegar, sour cream and onion, and ketchup. (“Ketchup” flavor is a whole other Canada thing entirely, which I have eaten and is unique but too ketchup-y.)

Ruffles Limited Time Only All Dressed Potato Chips 4

The Ruffles All Dressed bag from Canada features pictures of a halved onion, a white vinegar dispenser and maybe a tomato, but it might actually be a red bell pepper. The Ruffles All Dressed bag from America—stamped with a maple leaf—has a picture of an open bottle of barbecue sauce, some off-color vinegar in a carafe and a spilled jar of paprika. This marketing difference exists because Americans hate vegetables and love spilling condiments. It’s a bit vague what elements are exactly featured in this version of the chip.

Actually, it’s pretty apparent. It’s a bunch of chemicals. But I can say I love those chemicals so much.

The introduction is a tangy hit. It’s not as sharp as a cheese chip, more rounded like a blunt spear of ketchup. Then vinegar-flavored flecks dance on the tongue and send up acidic flares, which eventually dip into a smooth taste not unlike the Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream.

Ruffles Limited Time Only All Dressed Potato Chips 3

The flavors are nuanced with a light touch and many dimensions are present, which makes the chip extremely easy to eat. As my mouth adapted to each taste, new corners appeared and others disappeared. Some chips had the mouth cloud of a barbecue chip, others had the pleasantly harsh spank of a salt and vinegar. Handful after handful, a prevalent aftertaste emerges —- light ketchup, a sweet-savory tomato hug. The flavors interplay well and complement each other like no other potato chip I’ve had. All Dressed is optimized for consumption. I obliged.

The only downside of this chip is what all Ruffles suffer from: The mealy, warm mush that ends every mouthful. Also they aren’t as crispy as I have come to expect from a “good” potato chip. But it’s unclear whether this flavor would reign on a Kettle Brand or a Cape Cod. The oily, ridged, soft body of a Ruffle thrusts the flavors into center stage, unobstructed by mountain ranges of crunch. I ate half a bag in a day and then another half a bag during that same day. So a full bag. If these leave America, so will I. And if this happens during a draft, then All Dressed will still be the number one reason.

I hope this chip is the same as the one I had heard legend about and not some tweaked American version. Because if it is this same fabled mutant flavor, I can agree with my Canadian brothers and sisters and people who have visited and smuggled back cheap pharmaceuticals. I am casting my vote for Ruffles All Dressed for Prime Minister.

(The correct answer to question one is, strangely, “b.” Canada recognize.)

(Nutrition Facts – 1 ounce – 150 calories, 80 calories from fat, 9 grams of fat, 1.5 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of cholesterol, 170 milligrams of sodium, 16 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of fiber, 1 gram of sugar, and 2 grams of protein.)

Item: Ruffles Limited Time Only All Dressed Potato Chips
Purchased Price: $3.49
Size: 7.75 oz. bag
Purchased at: Ralphs
Rating: 10 out of 10
Pros: Tasty flavors with lots of dimensions. Easy to eat so many.
Cons: That hot, mealy Ruffles mush that sits in your mouth after a few bites.

34 thoughts to “REVIEW: Ruffles Limited Time Only All Dressed Potato Chips”

  1. Only a Canadian would give this a 10/10. I had a bag in NYC and was disappointed. Good flavor but very muted, more like a 6/10 chip. Order UTZ Carolina-Style BBQ for a more pronounced and better version of this chip. And that’s probably not even a top-10 UTZ flavor.

  2. I looked for these for a full week. I finally had to call the local Frito-Lay distributor, and found out that they’re probably only in convenience stores around here (Reno). Anyway, I was super disappointed after reading all the hype on the Internet. Maybe my taste buds are shot, but I could hardly taste any flavoring at all…

    1. I belive the that the flavor could be stonger but is still exelnt I found out that they sold a limted stock to see how they would sell.

    2. I am with you. Seriously disappointed in the flavor. Totally miss the Ridge X2 barbecue chips they put out last year. Bring them back!!!!

  3. These chips are great. Tangy vinegary hit, smooth barbecue middle and a cheesy herby finish. Great flavor.

    1. I just tried the Riffles All dressed chop for the first time. I loved the flavor. Before o knee it, the small bag was will definitely buy again 🙂

    2. Oh my gosh. just tried the Riffles All dressed chop for the first time and I loved the flavor. I usually get Bbq or salt and vinegar flavor. Before i knew it, the small bag was will definitely buy again. 🙂

  4. I’m with Ron. These were pretty muted, especially compared to several of the UTZ flavors (Yuengling Wing). I liked ’em, but not enough to finish the bag (and I *always* finish the bag) or buy a second.

  5. Best chip ever. I went into the convenience store wanting my usual salt and vinegar but they were out and this random bag was laying there all alone, I’m so in love now. I hope they don’t disappear too soon.

  6. I live in Butler Pa and I bought your All Dressed Ruffles. They are great but I purchased 2 bags and Now i cannot find them anywhere. Is it possible to tell me where I can buy them in my area or is it possible to order them on line. Please respond to me if possible these chip are the best things I have every ate. Thank You So much!

    1. They don’t sell the chips, they just review them. I”ve found them at walmart though.

  7. I bought these chips at a Kroger grocery store in Indianapolis, Indiana. Definitely taste the salt and vinegar flavor. I only eat a few at a time. They are different but i don’t love them. The flavors are all muddled together, which I kind of like. I’m so confused, but i keep eating them ?

  8. I thought that these were sooooo good. To me they have a sweet vinegar taste and as a huge fan of salt and vinegar chips, I love these. I’ve always been a fan of ruffles because they don’t disinigrate like lays regular chips so, and these are my new go to chips!!!!

  9. I fell in love with this chip the moment I tried it. Now I can not find them any where.

  10. I found these for the first time today at Kroger. Normally, I don’t shop there, but I went there looking for something and decided to go down the chip aisle. I had read this review before, so I went ahead and bought two bags. After nearly finishing one of the bags in just one day, I wish I had gotten a few more. They’re so good and so addicting. I’m going to miss these when they stop selling them here.

  11. I’m addicted!!!!!!! I’ve looked everywhere for these chips…..I can’t stop thinking about them!!!!!! Please bring them back!!!!!!

  12. I agree 110% with this article. A couple of Canadian friends of mine bring a few bags of these down whenever they come visit, and last time they left me two. One of those bags lasted all of an hour, and that was only because my girlfriend got full. The other, I am saving until I can’t handle it any more. Why these aren’t sold stateside will baffle me for the ages.

  13. The best chip I’ve ever tasted! Amazing flavor I ate an entire bag. Please make this permanent I can’t live without them!

  14. I’m from Vancouver Canada and when I saw these at my local convenience store here in Atlanta I was super happy. Let me say this however, they are not as flavorful as the Canadian version. The ones from Canada have more of a “throat hit”, from the vinegar.

  15. These delicious Ruffles Just hit US Kroger Co. grocery shelves this week (WV) . They’re telling us limited time only… so i guess they’ll get us addicted and then take them away!! HOPE NOT!! 🙁

  16. I posted earlier, and I found these at Walmart about a week ago, so… maybe they’ll have them at walmarts near you guys?

  17. These are fantastic. One of our local gas stations had a bunch of these stocked next to Lay’s recent “Classic Buffalo Wings” offering (which I also enjoy) a few weeks ago. The next week, when I came back for some beers, I found the wings version was almost gone, but there were still a bunch of All Dressed for me to nab at my leisure, as the folks around here apparently aren’t adventurous enough to realize just how good they are!

    Their loss. My gain! I can’t eat a whole bunch of chips and such these days because of my diabeetus, so I try to make sure my occasional snacking is a really good experience. All Dressed is all right!

  18. Reminds me of the Middleswarth BBQ chips I enjoyed as a child in central PA. Now living in Las Vegas, these are so great to remind me of a classic childhood snack!

  19. They are the exact same flavor as Golden Flake Tangy Pickle BBQ that have been out (at least in Alabama, USA) since at least September of 2015. They are good, I agree, but it is nothing new or innovative.

  20. Please please bring these back….I am totally addicted to them…..can’t find them anywhere since Covid….

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