REVIEW: Hershey’s Gold Peanuts & Pretzels Bar

Hershey s Gold Peanuts  Pretzels Bar

HERSHEY’S GOLD – IT’S THE FIRST NEW HERSHEY BAR FLAVOR IN 20 YEARS!!! At least that’s what the press release and news articles screamed.

But didn’t I review a new Hershey’s Cherry Cheesecake bar flavor. a few months ago? And wasn’t I snarfing down Candy Corn and Candy Cane flavors recently? Yes, but Hershey’s says it’s the first non-chocolate flavor release since Cookies ‘n’ Creme in 1995. Like the C&C bar, Hershey’s Gold is a creme-based bar.

How is that different than a flavored white chocolate bar? I fell into a rabbit hole of internet research on what’s considered real “chocolate” and comparing ingredients from various Hershey’s bar flavors.

Three hours later, I realized there was a candy bar next to me, being NOT eaten. Focus! Let’s just say it’s a new Hershey’s bar flavor and consume it already.

Hershey s Gold Peanuts  Pretzels Bar 2

This bar is a deep golden hue, as promised. The peanut and pretzel bits mixed in were tiny shards. I expected larger peanut chunks and hoped for crunchy pretzel balls in the style of the Cookies ‘n’ Creme cookie balls.

Hershey s Gold Peanuts  Pretzels Bar 3

A fun surprise was the new pip layout (yes, that’s what those squares are called, apparently). Instead of the standard uniform rectangles, these are offset with some larger ones. The design initially looked asymmetrical, but came together to satisfy my sense of geometric justice.

On first smell, this thing is ALL peanut butter. On first taste, same thing. Overwhelmingly peanut butter. I can’t discern any pretzel taste beyond a slight burst of salt. Same with the caramelized creme – a little toasty sweetness. These are flavors I associate already with peanut butter and PB-flavored foods, however, so to me they’re hard to separate out. What they do is blend seamlessly to make a really nice peanut butter bar. It’s creamy and salty and sweet, but not too much of any of those things.

Hershey s Gold Peanuts  Pretzels Bar 4

The texture was slightly crunchy, but a far cry from what I’d expect from peanuts and pretzels. As a big pretzel fan, I was disappointed in their shallow presence here. Had this been billed just a peanut butter bar, I’d say this was a great entry.

But the larger issue was — was it s’moreable? I grabbed some holiday Peeps and graham crackers and headed to the microwave. (Yeah, I’m one of those.)

Hershey s Gold Peanuts  Pretzels Bar 5

18 seconds later – Holy peanuts, Batman. These are great. I think this bar is far more interesting as s’mores than as a candy bar.

Hershey s Gold Peanuts  Pretzels Bar 6

(Nutrition Facts – 1 bar – 220 calories, 14 grams of fat, 7 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat, 5 milligrams of cholesterol, 85 milligrams of sodium, 22 grams of carbohydrates, 20 grams of total sugars, 17 grams of added sugars, and 3 grams of protein.)

Purchased Price: $1.39
Size: 1.4 oz. bar
Purchased at: Duane Reade
Rating: 7 out of 10
Pros: Good peanut butter flavor. New artsy pip design. Incredibly S’morable.
Cons: Are you there pretzels? It’s me, Rachel. Still haven’t figured out the whole “first non-chocolate bar in 20 years” thing.

18 thoughts to “REVIEW: Hershey’s Gold Peanuts & Pretzels Bar”

  1. I love this bar so much. I didn’t even know it existed until I saw it at CVS the other day. I was amazed at how fantastic it was. The caramelized white chocolate tastes like caramel corn, the peanuts add a peanut buttery flavor and the salty pretzels add a little bit of crunch. I’m going to be extremely angry if they disappoint this.

    1. AGREEE. you have brought life to this page and i am currently eating the gold bar while writing this review and i plan on hanging the wrapper on my wall because it has brought joy in my life.

  2. I made it a s’more using this bar and a chocolate chip marshmallow (a homemade artisan brand sold in my area) and it was amazing


  3. gah, pet peeve! white chocolate should still be considered chocolate! it contains cocoa butter people!

    and on a side note, caramelized white chocolate is amazing and I am not in hot pursuit of this confection! glad it has made it to the mass market.

    1. Thank you! Since chocolate was invented by us, humans, and didn’t come naturally on this planet, I do think we have the right to consider white chocolate as chocolate.

  4. I have tried this twice now … and love it! It is definitely something different. A few notes:

    1. You definitely have to be a peanut/peanut butter lover to enjoy this.
    2. On the flip side, I feel they missed the mark here because they can’t sell this bar to people with peanut allergies (a growing problem in America).
    3. I agree, barely tasted any pretzel but def some saltiness.
    4. Tastes like creamy as opposed to crunchy peanut brittle.

    Def worth trying!

  5. Thumbs down for me. Not impressed in the slightest. Found there was little taste to this Hershey’s Gold Bar. Could not detect the pretzels and the cream caramel was simply bland, flavorless. I am sorry, but I love food and consider myself a critic. I used a $.50 off coupon to buy this bar at Walmart. I love pretzels, eat them every day and also love caramel, this bar has such scant amounts of both, it is a fail for me. Not even a hint of good and tasty enough for me to buy into again.

    1. Joyce,
      Your comments are pure trash. The Gold Bar is awesome. Do you own stock in a rival company? Are you trying to sway people away from glory? Perhaps sway them away so you can have them all for yourself! Don’t lie to people anymore. It’s not cool!

  6. I saw this one day at a counter at the gas station store..I don’t love chocolate like a normal girl, but love salted Carmel any thing. I fell in love with the first bar, I fact I didn’t go back to get another- it as addictive.. went back and got another for myself and husband. Went back 3 days later and the station had sold out all their boxes. Please them coming to Shell gas stations in No. Californi, I’m not a candy bar person in years PLEASE!

  7. I’m highly allergic to chocolate and I haven’t been able to eat chocolate for 5 years! This is such a relief to be able to enjoy a candy bar again! Thanks, Hershey’s!

  8. Not a chocolate or peanuts fan but tried the Gold bar anyway. Tasty, yes, and then I checked out the ingredients. Pretzels are NOT listed. Hmmmm. How does that make it a “peanuts and pretzels” bar?

    1. Cher,
      Why are you questioning the Gold Bar? Did it not bring you pleasure? Are you not satisfied? What more can they do for you, you ignorant slut!

  9. Can you please make this Gold bar with only gold chocolate. No pretzels are peanuts. Can’t eat either. Just plain like the regular Hershey chocolate bar. Thank you.

    1. Debbie,
      You are plain selfish. It’s perfect the way it is. If they change the recipe to satisfy your jacked up genetics, then I will hold you accountable.

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