QUICK REVIEW: Dairy Queen Jurassic Chomp Blizzard

Dairy Queen Jurassic Chomp Blizzard

What is it?

One of two new Blizzards available on Dairy Queen’s Summer Blizzard menu. What better time to release your summer specials than the second week of spring? The Jurassic Chomp mixes “colossal” choco dipped peanut butter bites with fudge topping blended vanilla.

How is it?

If you love peanut butter and chocolate, hold onto your butts. Listed in the ingredients as buckeyes, the choco-dipped peanut butter bites are colossal in taste if not size. While pleasantly abundant, they do not appear to be any larger than what I normally find in a Blizzard.

Dairy Queen Jurassic Chomp Blizzard 2

The candy is dominated by nutty peanut butter deliciousness with just the right amount of salty grittiness and a chocolatey finish. The choice to infuse the vanilla base with fudge topping hatches an Indominus rex of a flavor by exquisitely balancing the heavier peanut butter of the buckeyes. The resulting combination had me devouring my Blizzard faster than a hungry Tyrannosaurus stumbling upon a lawyer in an outhouse.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Apparently, dinosaurs love peanut butter and chocolate as much they love wreaking havoc on theme parks. This is second time these flavors have been featured by Dairy Queen in Jurassic Blizzard.

Dairy Queen Jurassic Chomp Blizzard 3

Despite the similarity in name and general flavor, the Jurassic Chomp is significantly different than the Jurassic Smash Blizzard that was a cross promotion in 2015. Released alongside Jurassic World, the Smash was comprised of “smashed” peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip cookie dough, peanut butter, and choco chunks.

There is no Jurassic World themed container or other advertising for the Chomp currently, but that can change if this becomes June’s Blizzard of the Month to coincide with the new movie.


With a peanut butter and chocolate flavor as impressively large as it’s real world namesake, this is one Blizzard I’m chomping at the bit to sink my teeth into again.

Purchased Price: $3.59
Size: Small
Rating: 9 out of 10
Nutrition Facts: (Small) 660 calories, 29 grams of fat, 19 grams of saturated fat, 1 gram of trans fat, 50 milligrams of cholesterol, 260 milligrams of sodium, 86 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of dietary fiber, 73 grams of sugar, and 15 grams of protein.

4 thoughts to “QUICK REVIEW: Dairy Queen Jurassic Chomp Blizzard”

  1. All Dairy Queens need a recipe on how to make it. It seems that they all make it different.

  2. My local Dairy Queen in Oregon City Oregon must only use enough of the fudge topping in their Jurassic Chomp blizzards to barely coat the tip of a teaspoon – the blizzard is all but totally white. It really is not very good with ONLY the peanut butter candy pieces surrounded by plain-tasting soft serve.

    1. I didn’t know chocolate fudge was suppose to be in it also! Loved the peanut butter cups though!!

  3. Your description of the blizzard is incorrect and is causing confusion. The ingredients are vanilla ice cream, peanut butter filled chocolate buckeye pieces and PEANUT BUTTER. There is no fudge in the blizzard.

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