QUICK REVIEW: The Simpsons Donut, Bubble Gum, and Blueberry Tic Tacs

The Simpsons Tic Tacs

What are they?

The Simpsons and Tic Tac have partnered on three new flavors – Donut (Homer), Blueberry (Marge), and Bubble Gum (Bart). Each package contains yellow mints with various expressions of each character. In the spirit of the show, we’ll call them “meh-mojis.” Or “e-DOH-jis!” Or, “shut up and get on with the review, Vin.”

The Simpsons Tic Tacs 2

How are they?

The Simpsons Tic Tacs 3

Donut is probably the flavor you’re wondering about most, so I’ll go more in depth on it. It smells like maple and is the least “minty” of the three. My flavor parallel might sound weird, but it reminds me of Toasted Marshmallow Jelly Belly with a touch of chocolatey leaning sweetness. Don’t expect the flavor of Homer’s favorite pink (Strawberry?) glazed donut. Once you chew ’em, a little menthol mint kicks in.

The Simpsons Tic Tacs 4

Blueberry is along the lines of Tic Tac’s normal fruit efforts, starting out authentic and sweet but then getting bitter. There is more of a lingering minty-ness to these that I could’ve lived without.

The Simpsons Tic Tacs 5

Bubble Gum is the best of the three by a decent margin. It tastes exactly like the Orbit Bubblemint chiclet style bubble gum if you’ve ever had those. There is a big menthol finish that cools the mouth and is the most successful mint integration of the bunch.

Is there anything else I need to know?

A donut-flavored Tic Tac is a cute little gimmick, it serves as much purpose to me as that “single serve” indentation on the Tic Tac lid. Blueberry is decent, but it falls near the bottom of Tic Tac’s fruit efforts.


For a show that has been on for approximately 63 years, the only food brands I can even remember The Simpsons pairing with without looking are Butterfinger and 7-Eleven, so I’m glad I bought these. I’m enough of a Simpsons nerd that I’m keeping the boxes as “collector’s items,” because why not? Grab the Bart Bubble Gum pack.

Purchased Price: $1.19 each
Size: 1 oz.
Purchased at: Harmon Drug
Rating: 5 out of 10 (Donut)
Rating: 6 ouf ot 10 (Blueberry)
Rating: 8 out of 10 (Bubble Gum)
Nutrition Facts: (1 mint) They are usually 2 calories per mint without much else.

7 thoughts to “QUICK REVIEW: The Simpsons Donut, Bubble Gum, and Blueberry Tic Tacs”

  1. Why they had to add menthol in there?! Maybe for the donut flavor could had gone with a strawberry flavor.

    1. all Tic Tacs are labled “mints” so i guess every flavor has to at least have a little mint essence to it.

  2. They are terrible. The donut one tastes like … Nothing I’ve ever tasted before -not in a good way. They could have gone with nutmeg at least. The bubblegum one tastes like bubblegum flavored antibiotic suspension (bubblegum flavored medicine) and the blueberry one is like a blueberry otterpop left out to melt in the sun.

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