REVIEW: Burger King Crispy Taco

Burger King Crispy Taco

As a longtime Latino — 40 years and counting — for so long I have dreamed of an edible epoch in this nation’s history when there would be some form of taco available on every street corner, from every fast food chain, and on every dollar menu. Now, thanks to Burger King, this simple dream is now one step closer to fruition.

Besides the usual taco chains around town like Taco Bell or Del Taco, if I’m under oath, I’d have to admit that I supremely love Jack in the Box’s taco deal, consisting of two greasy corn shells filled with meat and cheese, both for a little over a dollar; it’s a good taste at a great price, especially when their ain’t a convenient taqueria in sight.

Burger King Crispy Taco 2

That being said, I do believe that Jack has finally met his snack match in Burger King’s tremendo Crunchy Tacos; with each equally greasy corn shell – that’s from the deep-frying, ya’ll – dripping with puro faux-Mexican flavor, the additives of a small dash of lettuce and a sprinkle of cheese, as well as a nicely proportioned glob of seasoned beef that, remarkably, doesn’t taste like ground up leftover hamburger filling, makes for a moderately spicy treat at a mostly fulfilling price.

As I sat there in the lonely Burger King, munching on the crunchy taco with affordable ease, I immediately noticed how it’s not at all rubbery, the way Jack’s tacos can often quickly get, especially fresh out the deep-fryer. Instead, the King’s maintains a stolid bite-path that never gets in the way of the beautifully greasy taste, which is far better than it sounds. These are very much like the tacos that one friend’s mom would make when you spent the night as a kid -— contrived as Hell, but delicious as Heaven.

Burger King Crispy Taco 3

Now if I had one complaint, it would be for the absolute lack of both taco sauce and taco salsa — the taco sauce that was supposed to come with the taco and a couple of packets of taco salsa to be included with my order. That’s like fries with no ketchup, if you ask me. So I guess if you happen to pick a pair — or even more, natch — of these tacos up, ask for extra sauce or, as I’m gonna start doing, just bring your own. I recommend San Luis; it’s in a white bottle that looks like bathroom cleaner.

Otherwise, McDonald’s, it’s your deep-fried taco move now. Cómpralo ya!

Purchased Price: $1.00
Size: N/A
Rating: 9 out of 10
Nutrition Facts: 170 calories, 9 grams of fat, 3 grams of saturated fat, 0 gram of trans fat, 10 milligrams of cholesterol, 360 milligrams of sodium, 19 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of fiber, 1 gram of sugar, and 5 grams of protein.

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51 thoughts to “REVIEW: Burger King Crispy Taco”

    1. How much were you paid to write this review? No self-repecting Latino would ever say these tacos were good. Maybe, and that’s a HUGE maybe, they taste ok at your BK. But here in York, PA they are not even worth a dollar. This was a totally unnecessary addition to the menu. Their burgers are delish. If you absolutely insist on getting a taco from a fast food joint, run for the border. Quiero Taco Bell.

      1. Nastiest taco on EARTH!!!!! Nothing like they are pictured or advertised. One bite and I was finished. Greasy shell not sure what that is inside them. Don’t try them!! Waste of money!!!

        1. Fake advertising for starters. In Waukegan Illinois. The tacos came with a smear of beans and lettuce. That’s it. Bullshit I was pissed

          1. The same for me. It didn’t have meat in it. It was mashed beans. Taste terrible.

          2. This review is total BS because i just ordered 10 of these disgusting tacos and from the first bite I wanted to spit it out. The shell for starters is a combination of hard, soft and grease. The meat is like the consistency of mashed beans. The lettuce doesn’t fit well inside this corn wrapped crap either because it’s not shredded. It’s the same cut as in their whopper. The sauce is almost non existent. I wasted $10.70 and I’m considering calling and asking for a refund

          3. Please stick to Whoppers and fries!!!! Today is 2.21.2020 and the bus driver stopped at the new burger king in Magee Ms and bought tacos from Burger King. That was the most disgustingness taco that I have ever eaten in my entire life!!! Burger King needs to save their dignity and leave the taco making to taco Bell & stick to what they do best with the burgers!!

        2. I agree with you Scott, got one today because I had seen them on TV and they looked good, that was the worst thing, took one bite and thought I was going to break a tooth spit it out. It looked like crap in it. Don’t waste your money

      2. You are spot on,and I believe that was a true review.Burger King Tacos are disgusting !!

    2. Those tacos are horrible you bite into them way too hard like they were premade the filling is like eating potted meat at it’s worse

      1. They must have put the meat in a blender. Potted meat taste better. A real taco dropped in the Portta-Potti would taste better, I took a Cat o’ nine tails to this taco and it tried to fight me back! NASTY!!! WARN OTHERS !!!

    3. You can not be real. Nastiest Taco on earth. Go ahead and admit you where paid to say those words. Those tacos a purchase of 6 where so bad we could not eat them. They all went into the “Trash” a waist of money. Horrible nasty food.

    4. They should have a disclaimer on the drive thru window stating “These tacos are MEATLESS!” May they could name them the “Impossible Taco”. They owe me $2 each as refund for selling these crappy things.

  1. I tried the BK tacos and yesterday and I am a fan. Of course, I am a big fan of Jack in the Box tacos too and these are very similar. The main difference that I notice is BK uses cheddar cheese and larger pieces of lettuce, whereas Jack uses American cheese and shredded lettuce. Also, the BK ones aren’t nearly as greasy as Jack’s tacos. BK tacos are good and since I am about two hundred miles away from the closest Jack in the Box now, they are a very fine substitute. However, I still give Jack kudos for the best tacos with these coming in at a close second. Despite that, I will probably eat more BK tacos than I should and my waistline is thankful that these are only a limited time offer.

  2. Tried these a couple nights ago. They were pretty good! I think I also prefer them to Jack in the Box. Don’t have a Jack locally, but from what I recall from the last time I had Jack’s tacos, the BK ones seemed more fresh, definitely had more of a kick, and even seem a bit larger I think. Only area Jack beats them is price. These are nearly twice as much. But I think the higher quality justifies it. Oh, and we asked for extra sauce and the lady working the drive thru said that the sauce is not provided as a side condiment. It’s already rolled into the taco.

  3. My daughter and I tried these yesterday. We loved them! The corn tortilla was super crispy where it did not touch the meat. The taco was very mild and addictive. Quite a bit of ground beef inside. Maybe better than Taco Bell??? How dare I!!!

    1. Are you sure you didn’t smoke something before you dined? I went to BK just to try them. They were disgusting! After eating just one, i decided to never buy another one. Too greasy, very little of everything and the taste is unlike any taco I have ever had. Don’t be fooled folks. If you don’t believe me, buy one and try it for yourself. They won’t last long trust Me!

  4. When I tried the 2010 or so version of these, they were SO good and they had taco sauce packets. If I can’t add my own taco sauce, that’d be a bummer. If you like Jack in the Box’s tacos, the old BK tacos were miles ahead of those. Fingers crossed for the new version!

  5. Ok, big question…why does it not look like the pictures posted by Burger King in their ads? The tacos in their ads look more like Taco Bell crispy tacos, not like what we’re getting. Let’s be realistic here BK!

    1. The meat and cheese are stuffed into crispy shells and then deep fried before the lettuce is added. Neither latinos, Taco Bell nor white Americans buying Old El Paso kits at Walmart deep fry tacos. Where did they come up with this?

    2. Play stick to hamburgers that’s the greasiest nastiest thing I’ve ever tasted

    3. I said the same thing ! Burger King Tacos are disgusting !! Not even worth a dollar,or in my opinion this is just a scam,and who ever came up with this,should be fired.

  6. I ate a Burger King taco today for the first time and it was Yukon! It contained about 1/2 t. meat, a few shreds of lettuce, and a shred or two of cheese in a tough taco shell. They had better stick to burgers.

  7. Jack in the Box tacos are literally trash and these look no better. Both kinds look like stuff they scrapped off the floor and then deep fried to save on waste costs, and the one time I tried a Jack in the Box taco it tasted like that too.

    Someone I know on Facebook tried one of these and it looked nothing like this picture- 1/2 the meat, grayer, much greasier, and she claims even her grand-kids wouldn’t touch it. (JitB is not regional where she lives though).

    This post is an embarrassment to Mexican food, the people of Mexico, and honestly just food in general. Have some standards y’all, ffs. We may be a fat nation but we don’t have to exist as one by eating hot garbage like this. We deserve better. Even junk food can be higher quality than this. It’s a knock-off of something already terrible to begin with, c’mon.

  8. Wow… These are disgusting, greasy, no flavor, overcooked and half empty… Things (not really a taco). Tv commercial not even close to what you get. Over crisp deep-fried shell almost stale. A pocket of mush type filling in the very middle (no way to tell if it’s meat or not) with a smidgen of cheese in it. Maybe 3 strips of lettuce. No sauce unless you count the grease dripping down your fingers from being deep-fried. Shell is good size but only the center couple inches has anything in it. So, it’s basically overcooked crunchy no flavored shell you eat mostly. Really bad. It needs to go away rather quickly. Makes taco bell tacos look and taste so much better.

  9. Don’t insult ?’s by calling this monstrosity a taco. I agree with all who said this was an overcooked shelled with mush, no cheese or sauce and big hunks of lettuce. Give me Taco Bell ANY day!!!!?????

  10. I think in terms of large chains, those of us that normally eat Taco Bell tacos will not like these. Those that eat Jack in box tacos will find the shell similar and may like them.

  11. Almost burnt meat, no sauce ,,very little trimmings and almost flat. Troy al. Burger King needs a cook real bad.

  12. So… how much where you paid to write this review?

    This post honestly offends me. This is coming from a Mexican-American person WHO works at Burger King (I can send proof). The tacos before this nationwide “offer” was rolled out… were pretty good, I live in Northern CA and we have had them on the menu for years. We used the American cheese (the kind used on the burgers) and when done right, I would give them a 7 out of 10.

    These tacos now are a JOKE. They are a pain in the ass to make, BK has reduced the amount of meat in them and changed it to shredded cheese. We are now forced to make them ahead of time because of demand which means.. soggy tacos.

    Yes, they are less greasy than Jack in the Box, yes I know it varies from franchise to franchise but the quality has drastically gone down. 9 out of 10 really?
    Damn, 40+ years being a “latino” must have killed your taste buds if this piece of caca got you ranking it 9 out of 10.
    2 out of 10.

  13. LOVED THEM. I go back to Texas every 6 weeks to visit my dog and always head to the nearest JIB and now I can get my fix right here in NY. They are not as good as JIB but a damn close second I still have JIB packets so I added them to the BK ones and it was great. Don’t get it twisted with all the racist shit seriously its just a taco.

  14. I was very impressed with how BAD these tacos actually are. I knew they wouldn’t look like the picture; I was imagining more like Jack in the Box tacos than Taco Bell. And it does seem to be the style they were going for. However one Jack in the Box Taco (you get two for 99 cents) was far better than what I got at Burger King (2 crappy “tacos” for $2.00.

    The Meat was black and crispy. Fortunately there was barely meat in it at all so the poor quality and burnt-ness weren’t as much of a hindrance. No Cheese and barely any sauce (not to mention no packets available). I can only hope the cheese and most of the meat fell out in the frying process (on both tacos).

    Really really bad. They won’t stick around for long unless they show they care about their customers and improve the recipe.

  15. This is a weird taco, but not necessarily a bad weird. I had one yesterday and fully expecting not to like it, I also got a Whopper jr. I started out not liking it, and it’s probably the ugliest, most un-appetizing food I’ve ever seen, but damn if I didn’t really like it at the end and wanted another one. It definitely needs the taco sauce, which I’m normally not a fan of. And it’s got a good amount of cheese which is never a bad thing.

  16. The worst taco, EVER. There was no meat. Horrible sauce. Shell too hard. I purchased 5 and threw away 4 1/2. Glad it is a limited time offer. Please let it go away.

  17. Our small town in Georgia has a Taco Bell and a Del Taco and the BK taco’s are unnecessary. The meat and cheese stuffed into a crunchy shell and then deep fried before lettuce is added. The shell is somewhat crunchy around the edges where there is no meat and saturated with grease and soggy where there is meat filling. They taste better than they look but that’s not saying much. The reviews are overwhelming negative, I can’t believe this one gave 9 out of 10 stars. How do you live in America and not know how to make a taco? My mother made better tacos back in the 80’s using the Old El Paso taco kit in the box.

  18. Jack in the Box knock-off, jack in the Box are much better…stick to the whoppers

  19. I had a couple of these a few weeks ago at the BK on New Cut Road in Louisville KY. I was hungry and managed to get them down. They were the WORST so called ‘Taco’s’ I’ve ever eaten. What’s ironic, and ‘false advertising’, was the poster in the window showing a ‘real taco’ with plenty of meat, lettuce, cheese and diced tomato. It’s almost like BK decided to play a practical joke on the public. Only they’re really serious about trying to sell this garbage. Somebody at BK corporate is really out of touch with reality.

  20. Are you sure you didn’t smoke something before you dined? I went to BK just to try them. They were disgusting! After eating just one, i decided to never buy another one. Too greasy, very little of everything and the taste is unlike any taco I have ever had. Don’t be fooled folks. If you don’t believe me, buy one and try it for yourself. They won’t last long trust Me!

  21. I thought Taco Bell’s tacos were bad but BK has them beat. Looks like someone sat on mine, shell was flat as there was hardly any filling inside , a couple little pieces of lettuce, some stringy melted cheese and some brown stuff they call hamburger meat. No more for me.

  22. Looks like you got the LUXURY version! The rest of us got a 3/8 inch thick ABOMINATION!! It’s NOTHING like the picture let alone the TV ad. You get a half-burnt smear of brown paste, 4 little squares of lettuce, and 5 strands of cheese. You need to turn in your Latino card, you shameful idiot! This is the worst “taco” in the history of mankind! This product needs to trigger a major Truth In Advertising lawsuit or legislation!

  23. Tried the taco at Burger King in greencastle pa….they were not crunchy at all…they were flat …the burger inside taste horrible and if there was lettuce or tomatoes in there I didn’t taste any….won’t be buying anymore…..

  24. In a word “horrible”. Stick to burgers! A gelatinous paste of beans, hot sauce and a hint of beef. Blech!

  25. My husband and I went to BK on Sunday I ordered 3 tacos for five, I love tacos these were not tacos had maybe a teaspoon of meat the chest was Kraft slices broke in thirds and big chunks of lettuce so this so called taco was a terrible facially of a taco. Never will try one again,my husband had a Spivey chicken and got sick we are done with burger king

  26. The high-end Jack Taco at BK is a taste bud orgasm just waiting for you!
    Jack sells 554 million tacos a year for a reason.
    BK’s Jack Taco is incredibly similar, but BETTER!
    Only a naive taco virgin fails to grasp the genius required to cross a gnarly presentation with a dangerously addictive punch!
    CAUTION: You’re flirting with a new addiction!

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