REVIEW: Dairy Queen Raspberry Fudge Bliss Blizzard

Dairy Queen Raspberry Fudge Bliss Blizzard

What is the Dairy Queen Raspberry Fudge Bliss Blizzard?

One of the new additions to Dairy Queen’s 2020 Summer Blizzard Menu, this one features real raspberries, soft fudge pieces, and choco chunks mixed by the magical Blizzard machine with vanilla soft serve.

How is it?

I give this one an “A,” as in adequate, acceptable, average…that’s all I could find for synonyms starting with the first letter of the alphabet. My issue here is that I did not get much of a raspberry taste, and therefore, not much bliss.

Dairy Queen Raspberry Fudge Bliss Blizzard Raspberry Bits

The promotional photos from DQ feature good-sized chunks of raspberries perched atop a mountain of soft serve covered with two types of chocolate. My Blizzard, however, had what would best be described as flecks or specks of raspberries. My hopes that the fruit chunks had simply sunk down a bit during the melting that occurred from the drive-thru window to my house were dashed after a furious digging expedition yielded nothing.

Dairy Queen Raspberry Fudge Bliss Blizzard Top Choco

The raspberry taste was quite mild and no match for the double dose of chocolate, which was amply mixed throughout and on top of the Blizzard. The soft fudge and choco chunks worked nicely together with the different textures, and the flavors merged well with the vanilla soft serve. But if you are expecting a distinctive raspberry flavor, you might be let down.

Is there anything else you need to know?

Because it has real raspberries, this Blizzard is really good for you! OK, no it isn’t. Not even close. But it is less unhealthy for you and has fewer calories, fat, and sugar than most other varieties. Plus, a medium has 20 percent of the recommended daily value of Vitamin C, so all you need to do is throw down five of these and you’ll be all set for the day. Disclaimer: you’ll also have to run a marathon plus some extra miles to work off the 4,000 calories.


“You’re not bad, but I am disappointed in you” is what I tell my kids when they do something stupid, and it’s also what I told this Blizzard as I consumed it. Look, it’s hard to make a bad Blizzard using any combination of candy, chocolate, and fruit, although eggplant and olives are technically both fruits, so it wouldn’t be an impossible task. So this is still a good Blizzard, but it’s also pretty forgettable.

Purchased Price: $3.99
Size: Medium
Rating: 6 out of 10
Nutrition Facts: (Medium) 800 calories, 32 grams of fat, 19 grams of saturated fat, 1 gram of trans fat, 55 milligrams of cholesterol, 310 milligrams of sodium, 117 grams of carbohydrates, 6 grams of dietary fiber, 89 grams of sugar, and 16 grams of protein.

8 thoughts to “REVIEW: Dairy Queen Raspberry Fudge Bliss Blizzard”

  1. I tried this blizzard within the last couple weeks or so. No complaints about the raspberry taste coming through, and the fact that there were no discernible chunks of raspberries in the blizzard didn’t bother me. In fact, I would not have minded if DQ had used a raspberry puree strained through a sieve to reduce the number of raspberry seeds getting through. Raspberry and chocolate is a fine combination, and both flavors show up nicely in this blizzard.

  2. This seems to be the replacement for the Summer Berry Cheesecake blizzard, which is a big disappointment. Bring back the cheesecake pieces!!

  3. I am SO DISAPPPOINTED!! This was the bes Blizzard since he Nestle Crunch Blizzard… and it seems it is gone away. The one thing I looked forward to at DQ… and it is gone. Back to Culver’s!!

  4. How were the soft fudge peices? I don’t think I ever saw a blizzard with that in it.

  5. I tried the raspberry fudge bliss blizzard today, and there was nothing blissful about it. Perhaps it’s the restaurant mixing technique, but the raspberry flavor had such a strong medicine taste to it that it drowned out any vanilla flavor and overpowered the fudge with its cough syrup like taste. I got through one fourth of the cup and I couldn’t take any more after that. I wish I hadn’t purchased a large. What a waste!

  6. How about a Cadberry bar blizzard or how about a Hershey kiss or hug‘s yummy

    My favorite blizzard is the peanut butter cup

  7. I was treated to a Raspberry fudge blizzard yesterday. I hate to say this, but it was a huge disappointment! There were no fresh raspberries at all. There seemed to be some kind of chocolate covered raspberry jelly candies pieces. No fudge chunks at all.
    There were chocolate chips instead!!
    What the heck!? This was about the top half of lafge size. The bottom half was plain soft serve. Perhaps DQ store was cutting back on cost? Very disappointed.

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