REVIEW: Dunkin’ Midnight Coffee

Dunkin Midnight Coffee Cup

What is Dunkin’ Midnight Coffee?

In accordance with the present times, Dunkin’ has decided to get a little dark – darker than it’s ever gone before, in fact, with the release of the new Midnight Coffee.

How is it?

I almost always opt for the dark roast when I order my cold brews on the app, but that option seemed to disappear in the past month or so. Thankfully Dunkin’ has decided to go even darker with its new Midnight blend.

I’m just gonna say it – Dunkin’s regular base coffee stinks.

But it is a gateway to a better beverage. If you love it, more power to ya, but I can’t fathom drinking it black. It’s just not that good. 4 out of 10.

Dunkin Midnight Coffee Comparison

To reinforce my opinion, I tried a hot Midnight coffee against Dunkin’s regular roast, and it was (mid)night and day. Of all the crazy sugar bombs Dunkin’ drops monthly, this might be the most important menu addition in years.

Ok, I’m being dramatic. But for a dark roast fan like myself, this is big.

Dunkin Midnight Coffee Mug

Midnight is a rich, darker blend that leans more towards espresso with big notes of bitter dark chocolate.

I found the taste to be softer and dryer than the standard, with a much more pleasant aftertaste. It made the regular coffee sour in comparison.

Anything else you need to know?

After taking a few sips of the straight black coffees, I added oat milk, which is the G.O.A.T. milk, not be confused with goat milk, which is a goat’s milk.

Again, Midnight was considerably better. The oat milk’s creaminess enhanced the dark chocolate notes slightly and left a chocolate-covered espresso bean flavor in its wake.


Dunkin Midnight Coffee Mug

Look, I’ll probably never order a hot black Midnight coffee again if I’m honest, but that doesn’t change the fact that Dunkin’ finally has a coffee I would drink black. It’s not hard to mask the flavor of Dunkin’s base roast, but I’m still thrilled it’s added a new starting point to my coffee order.

Dunkin’ better expand Midnight into the iced side of the menu because I see no reason to ever go back. If you’re a dark roast coffee drinker, this is definitely for you.

Purchased Price: $1.87
Size: Small
Rating: 7 out of 10
Nutrition Facts: Not available on website.

9 thoughts to “REVIEW: Dunkin’ Midnight Coffee”

  1. Nice review, thanks! And it’s good to know that if Dunkin’ is my only coffee option in a pinch, sounds like this would be a suitable choice for me.

    1. Puns are NEVER cute!!!!! Unless they come with pictures of adorable animals (like goats), and even then they’re still not cute. 😛

  2. The last coffee I had at DD was so bad it almost drove me to suicide. It was a regular coffee with Gingerbread flavored syrup, so I’ll pass on this. I freaking HATE coffee anyway.

    1. Midnight coffee is awesome, I like dark strong coffee this one is the best. Only problem is I get charged a different price every time. 2.88 and up to 3.57 for a large.

  3. My slightly total hatred of anything to do with coffee aside, I’m just here to point out that “Cheersin” isn’t a verb. It’s what people call giving a toast when they don’t know how to give a toast, and don’t realize that saying “Cheers” is pretty much an admission that you care more about guzzling booze than you do about whatever you were supposed to be toasting.

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