REVIEW: Reese’s Dipped Animal Crackers

I wasn’t planning on writing about these Reese’s Dipped Animal Crackers, but after getting sent some and devouring a bag about five minutes after opening it, I felt compelled to let people know how awesome they are.

These have been available for several weeks, and when I first learned about them, I rolled my eyes and said out loud to myself, “ANOTHER Reese’s product that probably doesn’t remind me of Reese’s at all.” From what I’ve noticed, when it comes to most products that are Reese’s branded, besides the actual candies, they have a more generic peanut butter and chocolate flavor. They don’t scream Reese’s. They scream an opportunity to make some money with the Reese’s name.

But after one bite of these Reese’s Dipped Animal Crackers, they made me shut my mouth because they proved me wrong, and it would be rude of me to chew these with my mouth open. I wouldn’t want any of this delectable snack to go flying out of my face.

Each animal cracker is dipped in a peanut butter-flavored candy, and then their bottom sides are dipped into milk chocolate. The peanut butter-flavored creme’s texture isn’t gritty like what’s inside a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, Egg, Pumpkin, Tree, Mystery Shape, or whatever. It’s the same as the chocolate.

As for their flavor, saying they remind me of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups would be quite right. Instead, they’re more like Reese’s Eggs and Pumpkins, which I think have a slightly better peanut butter-to-chocolate ratio than the regular cups. Just having that flavor would’ve made an excellent product, but rumbling in soon after the sweet and salty hit my taste buds is the rattling crunch from the animal crackers. It’s a better crunch than ANYTHING Reese’s has stuffed into a peanut butter cup. And that cracker’s flavor doesn’t distract from the taste of the candy coatings.

While they have great flavor and texture, even with a barely passing grade in intro college zoology, I can’t tell what animals are coated in chocolate and peanut butter-flavored candy. Is it a bear? It could also be a rock with legs. Is it a lion? It could also be a rock with legs. They’re all mystery blobs to me. But who cares about that because this is the Best Reese’s Product That Isn’t Completely A Candy I’ve ever had.

Again, these have been out for weeks, so I imagine many of you have already tried them. But if you’re like me and haven’t because you pooh-poohed them, you should give them a chance because I woo-hoo them.

DISCLOSURE: I received free product samples from Hershey’s. Doing so did not influence my review.

Purchased Price: FREE
Size: 4.25 oz bag
Purchased at: N/A
Rating: 9 out of 10
Nutrition Facts: (4 pieces) 150 calories, 7 grams of fat, 5 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat, 0 milligrams of cholesterol, 70 milligrams of sodium, 20 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of fiber, 11 grams of sugar (including 10 grams of added sugar), and 3 grams of protein.

26 thoughts to “REVIEW: Reese’s Dipped Animal Crackers”

  1. I was excited to try these but haven’t been able to find them anywhere yet. Now I’ll definitely continue to be on the lookout!

      1. I’ve managed to find them in Walmart and some gas station stores. I think they’re delicious and hard to stop eating. But I’m a big chocolate & peanutbutter fan so anything reeses is always good to me.

        1. Oh, thanks! I was thinking of placing a bulk Walmart order, soon, anyway. Assuming they’ll ship these (I’ve noticed a lot of their food and beverage items are in-store only), I’m definitely going to order a bag (or two).

        2. Sams club and Costco carry a big bag of them. Sams is about 8.99 and Costco in Pa is under 8.00

  2. They have been selling these at Costco. At Sam’s Club they sell bags of Reese’s Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Candy Dipped Pretzels. The pretzels are bite-sized.

  3. If any body lives in the northern Midwest states that have Menards they carry these. So yummy. I believe about 15 states have Menards

      1. Edited to say that they had nothing at Menard’s but Wal-Mart had a few bags which are now mine.

    1. Good to know, thank you! My dad pops to Menards every now and then so I might have to shoot him a text to be on the lookout for these next time he’s there! In the meantime I suppose I’ll scour gas stations along any driving route. Has anyone seen them at BigLots? Seems like one of those hard to find thing that they might have.

      Sidenote: Menards is such an odd store, hehe.

        1. *sigh* I’m out of luck. I’d be in luck though if this darn supposed 7-11 takeover of Speedways was actually happening!

      1. Menards is my dad’s favorite store, ever. He’s there all the time. Need to shoot him a text to look for them, for me, next time he’s there.

  4. I searched high and low for these in PA–gas stations, drug stores, Walmart, etc. I fiinally found them at one of the small snack kiosks at my workplace. I had better befriend whoever is in charge of stock so I will never run out.

    1. I live in PA and found in 7-11. There’s like 100 WaWA’s near me and only one 7-11. Glad I found them, they are so good.

  5. These cookies are to die for. I could eat like 8 to 10 of them at a time. I’m a reeses peanut butter things addict. I love the peanut butter and caramel and the reese’s overload candy bar.

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