REVIEW: Dairy Queen Churro Dipped Cone

Successfully purchasing Dairy Queen’s new Churro Dipped Cone involved facing my two biggest fast food fears. On my first attempt, Dairy Queen had run completely out of what I’d come all the way there to get. On my second, I endured several awkward moments of blank stares from an employee who’d never heard of what I was ordering and had to confirm its existence through a lengthy chat with his manager. Fortunately, I was ultimately able to claim my prize, a big (seriously, am I the only one who didn’t realize just HOW large Dairy Queen’s “large” size is?), beautiful, rust-colored confection.

After all that hubbub, the Churro Dipped Cone — Dairy Queen’s classically curvaceous vanilla soft serve outfitted with a new churro-flavored shell — tasted like victory. It also tasted like, well, a churro. Sort of? It was certainly sweet and cinnamon-y (an apple cider donut was actually the first baked good it reminded me of, though maybe it’s just because I’ve had one recently), with a particularly zesty aftertaste thanks to the smattering of actual cinnamon sugar that coats the coating. But since it’s just churro-inspired without featuring any actual churro pieces, the classic crunchy texture is lacking. Though that’s not to suggest that the churro coating doesn’t have a lovely texture of its own! It was so thick that each time I bit off a flake, I was rewarded with an audible THUNK, and the ensuing experience of chomping into each hefty shard and savoring the sweetness and hint of spice as it melted in my mouth was wonderful.

Aesthetics-wise, I also appreciate that my cone didn’t look too uncannily perfect. The method behind DQ’s dipping madness involves dunking a naked vanilla cone into a vat of liquid which then solidifies around it into the iconic crisp coating. That means that each Churro Dipped Cone is unique, like the snowflakes that were fittingly falling around me as I sampled my seasonally inappropriate dessert. Mine certainly didn’t have the most even application, alternating between visibly thicker layers and bald patches with no coating at all. Those had the side effect of making it particularly messy to eat since, as the ice cream melted, droplets started gushing out through the gaps and all over my hands. I’m thankful the Dairy Queen employee had way more foresight than I did and provided me with a large bundle of napkins, all of which got used!

Prying off a bit of churro shell or lapping up some stray ice cream dribbles is all well and good, but my biggest gripe is what happened when I ambitiously tried to capture both elements in the same mouthful. The coldness of the ice cream immediately overpowered the mild flavor of the coating, suddenly rendering the subtle churro notes more or less tasteless. Dairy Queen’s vanilla ice cream is top-notch – rich, sweet, and creamy. It hits all the notes you’d expect and about as well as you could expect it to, but it wasn’t what I intended or expected to be the star of the churro show.

All in all, this tasty treat is as good an excuse to make a Dairy Queen run as any, but I’m not sure it will satisfy any actual churro cravings.

Purchased Price: $4.08
Size: Large
Rating: 6 out of 10
Nutrition Facts: 630 calories, 28 grams of fat, 22 grams of saturated fat, 45 milligrams of cholesterol, 220 milligrams of sodium, 682 grams of carbohydrates (EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the number on the DQ website, the medium has 40 grams so it’s probably 68 grams), 62 gram of sugar, and 12 grams of protein.

11 thoughts to “REVIEW: Dairy Queen Churro Dipped Cone”

  1. Great review. As if I needed to go back to DQ. Oh well, I can’t live forever. So back I go.


    1. Google says for a large churro dipped cone from DQ, there are 82 carbs and 630 calories.

      1. Not sure where you’re looking but I got 682 from Dairy Queen’s official website… which seems to be a massive typo as it only lists 40 carbs for the next biggest size, Medium! I thought that sounded absolutely insane….!

  2. So there was a giant Churro Dipped Cone sign IN the restaurant and the employees had never heard of it? Yep, seems about right.

    1. “Yep, seems about right.” Hahaha, lol. So true. I’ve had moments like that.

      Most recently was when BK rolled out the italian crispy chicken sandwich and I was ordering it via drive-thru…totally clueless employee that made me feel way self-conscious and second guess what I was seeing on the display board, lol. Thankfully the employee was friendly and joking about it and seemed thankful that I had informed him about his menu change, haha. Also I got a free hershey’s pie from him…muahaha. 🙂 Sometimes the high school kids are downright brats about it and try to convince you that you’re wrong and are making up new/LTO item!

    2. Love the churro cone, the hard coating gone all too soon. So I asked for a sundae with the churro coating and they made it for me, delicious
      Love that cinnamon flavor and I think it’s a great idea
      I can sometimes get a churro yogurt at Pinkberry Yogurt, only sometimes
      I’d like to see a chai hard-coat !
      Best dq in the world in Conneaut Ohio with owner Kevin

  3. Sounds like there were some missed opportunities to really take this to the next level and really deliver on the churro concept. Also still sounds like a tasty little treat. 🙂

    Maybe we’ll see a churro blizzard in the future (if there hasn’t already been one?)

  4. That brings back memories. Large dipped cones were a pain to make so only a few folks were good at forming the balls and the little swirl on top. Smaller cones were easier to dip twice to seal the holes but with a large one, you were lucky not to drop all the ice cream in the dip on the first go.

    I do wonder what a sundae with the churro and chocolate dip on top would taste like.

      1. I’m wondering the same! And just saw the announcement that there will be no more cherry (bright red!) dipped cone. Sadness!

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