NEWS: Wrigley’s Hubba Bubba Set To Release Dr Pepper and Orange Crush Gums

Dr. Pepper

In the 1980s, there was a Dr Pepper-flavored gum with a liquid center produced by a Wrigley subsidiary called Amurol, which also produced A&W Root Beer, RC Cola, and 7Up bubble gum. Oh, Amurol also produced Mr. T Gold Chain chewing gum. These soda-flavored gums were also discontinued in the 1980s.

However, Dr Pepper fans will soon get to experience The Dr in chewable form when Wrigley releases Hubba Bubba Dr Pepper gum later this year. Oh, but that’s not all soda-flavored gum chewing fans. There will also be an Orange Crush-flavored Hubba Bubba as well.

Each pack will contain five pieces, but we’re not sure if it will have a gushing liquid center like the original Dr Pepper gum.

NEWS: Ben & Jerry’s Plans To Release Limited Batch Cannoli Ice Cream

Update: Click here to read our Limited Batch Cannoli Ice Cream review

Cannoli Kitchen

Update: Click here to read our Limited Batch Cannoli Ice Cream review

Today, Ben & Jerry’s posted on their Instagram account a sneak peak of their upcoming Limited Batch Cannoli Ice Cream. The flavor is made up of mascarpone ice cream with fudge covered cannoli pieces and a mascarpone swirl.

This isn’t the first Ben & Jerry’s ice cream that features cannoli as one of its main ingredients. In the late 90s, the Vermont-based company offered Holy Cannoli which contained ricotta and pistachio ice cream with chocolate covered cannolis and roasted pistachios.

So for those of you who have overused Ben & Jerry’s Resurrect A Flavor page to bring back Holy Cannoli, this new limited batch flavor might be as close as you’re going to get.

Source: Ben & Jerry’s Instagram

Image via flickr user Bob B. Brown / CC BY ND 2.0