REVIEW: Colgate Max Fresh Kiss Me Mint

I need a Monica Lewinsky.

I’m not talking about the alcoholic beverage called Monica Lewinsky, which includes blue curacao liquor (representing her infamous blue dress), coconut rum (representing the infamous stain on her blue dress), vodka, stirred with a cigar, and garnished with a mini black thong.

Nor am I talking about the ham-filled Monica Lewinsky sandwich, the head-bobbing Monica Lewinsky dance, or the Monica Lewinsky tooth brushing technique.

What I’m trying to say is that I need an intern here at The Impulsive Buy.

Preferably a woman, even an ugly one, like that Sanjaya chick on American Idol.

Oh wait, I’ve just been told that Sanjaya is a dude. Are we sure about that?

Anyway, TIB needs an intern because I don’t really have a way to find out whether the Colgate Max Fresh Kiss Me Mint toothpaste actually makes me kissable or makes my kisses taste delicious. I know lots of beer with Barry White music playing in the background makes me kissable and so does a paper bag over my head with a picture of Luke Wilson’s face taped to it.

Having a female intern would give me someone I could make out with — for review purposes only — and she would be able to give me instant feedback on how effective the Colgate Max Fresh Kiss Me Mint toothpaste is. Sure I could turn to anyone of my usual make out partners; my pillows, my bathroom mirror, or the Winona Ryder wallpaper on computer monitor, but none of them would give me feedback.

Well actually the computer monitor does make my lips warm, my pillows might give me pimples around my mouth, and my bathroom mirror might give me herpes, but those are not the types of feedback I’m looking for.

As you can see from the picture, the Colgate Max Fresh Kiss Me Mint toothpaste is packed with mini breath strips. Just like the gold flakes in Goldschläger, the breath strips seem to be there only for decoration because they don’t make the toothpaste any more minty than others.

However, its minty berry flavor is good and its minty sweet taste reminds me of a kid’s toothpaste, which makes brushing a little enjoyable instead of the repetitive necessary chore that it is. So I guess with its good minty berry flavor, it could possibly make me kissable…or tolerable.

If I had an intern right now to make out with, they would probably agree with me. Heck, I’m at the point that I would even consider a dude as an intern. Hey, it’s not gay if it’s done for review purposes, I imagine I’m making out with Eva Longoria, and most importantly, I don’t get an erection.

Item: Colgate Max Fresh Kiss Me Mint
Price: $3.29
Purchased at: Wal-Mart
Rating: 3 out of 5
Pros: Minty berry flavor is good. Kind of reminds me of a kid’s toothpaste. Female interns. Possibly makes me kissable or tolerable. Lots of beer definitely makes me kissable.
Cons: Mini breath strips are useless. Having sexual relations with female interns. Sanjaya is still on American Idol. TIB’s lack of an intern. My current make out partners: my pillow, my bathroom mirror, and my monitor wallpaper of Winona Ryder.

25 thoughts to “REVIEW: Colgate Max Fresh Kiss Me Mint”

  1. I use this toothpaste. I love it. But i dont notice an increase (or decrease) of kisses due to it.

    I do find that it keeps with its “whitening” promise.

  2. LaneO – That commercial was frickin’ messed up. The toothpaste is also messed up. I don’t know if I would try it.

    Natalia – I don’t know if I would. I like Thai food, but I don’t know about toothpaste.

    litelysalted – Breath strips aren’t really impressive. Microscopic tooth cleaning fairies…really impressive.

    Po0pie – The mint confetti does dissolves. Or goes to mint confetti heaven.

    RICARDO MCKENZIE – I have all of my teeth thanks to Colgate, Crest, and Aquafresh.

    bluepaintred – Oh, it gives me hope. Must find interns.

  3. I’ve tried the Clean Mint Colgate blue toothpaste with the breath strips inside, and it made my teeth feel weird, like tiny bits of aluminum foil were rubbing on my teeth when I brushed. So I’m not so sure about this one.

  4. Kaonashi – Hmm…I don’t feel the breath strips at all. Maybe my breath is so bad that they melt before they get into my mouth.

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