REVIEW: Post Fruity Pebbles with New Bedrock Berry Pink

Oh my god, Fruity Pebbles, pink was, like, so 2004.

I don’t know if you, like, got the memo, but pink is, like, no longer the new black.

So why don’t you, like, go back home to your South Beach Diet and listen to the Usher song “Yeah!” on, like, your CD player?

Oh my god, you’re, like, so not current. I bet you, like, still call P. Diddy, Puff Daddy.

I mean, like, where have you been for the past five months? Living in, like, a cave?

Not even singer Pink likes pink anymore. I heard she’s gonna, like, change her name to Fuchia or something like that.

Oh my god, like, look at your shoes! Have you been, like, shopping from the clearance rack?

Pffff… You know what? I had those shoes in, like, 2003. But, like, a week later I donated them to Goodwill, because they, like, weren’t in style anymore. I bet that’s where you, like, got them from.

I bet you, like, also still have acid-washed jeans and Benetton clothing in your closet.

Why are you, like, adding a new color anyway? It’s not like you taste any better or look any better. You could’ve, like, added death black, vomit green, or doo-doo brown, you still will, like, taste the same.

Oh my god, like, you have so many colors anyway, Fruity Pebbles. It’s like you got caught in a tornado with, like, Elton John’s wardrobe.

Why don’t you, like, add marshmallows or something? Those are, like, so hot right now. But, like, if you don’t do it by next week, it’s gonna be, like, so not hot, like that pink outfit you’re, like, wearing.

Oh my god, how about some, like, contrast? You look like a bottle of, like, Pepto Bismol.

I think I, like, need a bottle of it right now, because I’m, like, getting nauseated from looking at how uncool you are.

Anyway, I have to, like, go, because, like, your uncoolness is, like, totally rubbing off on me. I think I have to, like, buy a whole new wardrobe because of you. And, like, I guarantee my new wardrobe won’t have, like, any pink.

Item: Post Fruity Pebbles with New Bedrock Berry Pink
Purchase Price: $2.50 (on sale)
Rating: 7 out of 10
Pros: Tastes just like normal Fruity Pebbles. There’s, like, 10 essential vitamins and minerals.
Cons: Pink was, like, so 2004. Like, so not current. Adding, like, a new color is, like, so not hot. The game on the back of the box was, like, hard.

34 thoughts to “REVIEW: Post Fruity Pebbles with New Bedrock Berry Pink”

  1. tried these because I had a coupon. no different than before except the added color. To attract kids? As a kid I would have been like I’m not eating that pink is for girls.
    Oh and black had gone through an identity crises about pink being the new black that black doesn’t want to be black anymore.

  2. Lord Jezo – I was going to point out that the addition of marshmallows would defeat the purpose of Fruity Pebbles. Imagine them adding it to Rice Krispies or Froot Loops. Then I clicked the link and realized that was an entirely new brand of cereal that must not have lasted long.

    Like the three Rice Krispers, there are three pebbles: Fruity, Cocoa, and Marshmallow Mania.

  3. Like Oh My God. That review was like so totally funny. Although I did feel like I was reading something that like my 17 year old sister wrote, and like that is never good. Totally harsh yet totally funny review today. Like totally!

    Mashugala-Happy Birthday!!

  4. Like, whatever, marvo. Like you know what’s, like, in, and what’s, like, not, like, in, like, anymore. Like, I bet you, like, only, like, bought this cereal because, like, it’s, like, pink, and stuff. Like, whatever.

  5. I counted 42 likes. . . yes, I’m very bored.

    Hilariously hip review.

  6. Oh My God,
    I Totally Have This Cereal In My House Like right now.
    I Bought It At That Place That Has Those metal Shiny Bar like Things….you Know…like the Food Place.
    I like like Fruity Pebbles So Like I Was Like Ill Try This.
    like So I Got It And I Was Totally Like Its Good…..Like…pink…like

  7. So which pinkness was worse? The pink drink (crap, I forget which one it was…) or this pink?

    Or were there not any girls in line with you when you bought it this time?

  8. Amy in GA – Oh my god, like, I don’t think I can, like, count that high.

    mashugala – Like, Happy Birthday!!!

    Anna – Like, no way. It was, like, so not special.

    Chuck – It was, like, super sugary. Just the way I like it.

    Lord Jezo – Oh my god, like, no way. I don’t wear, like, pink.

    celebrate woo-woo – Oh my god, that was, like, so not harsh. Try, like, the Carb Well Cereal review. That was, like, way harsh.

    Kent Tell – Totally. Like, adding pink will totally, like, not make the boys, like, wanna eat it.

    Happy Visitor – Oh my god, I, like totally forgot about that. I, like, gotta find that address.

  9. theimfamousj – But, like, those Marshmallow Mania Pebbles, like, totally suck. They should, like, totally put the marshmallows in Fruity Pebbles. It would, like, totally rock.

    Becky – Like, totally! Like, Yahtzee!

    Bottom Feeder – Like, whatever!

    RattleNHum83 – Like, thanks. Now, like, count all the likes, in, like, the comments.

    Damon – Oh my god, like, you have the cereal too. Like, it doesn’t taste any, like, different, like, right?

    Pebbles – Like, whatever.

    ~Moi~ – Oh my god, like, that pink 7-Up was, like, way worse.

    Lucy – Oh my god, like, totally.

  10. It Like Totally Tastes Like The Same.
    I Totally Felt Like Ripped Off.
    Post Cereal Are Like Totally Losers For This.

  11. If you singled out just those pink pieces and put them in milk, would they really taste like berry???
    Also, is this just another mindless attempt by Post to get more money by brainwashing kids into saying, “Oooohh, Pretty Pink, MOMMY GET ME THIS NOW!!!”

  12. Kristy – Oh my god, like, thanks. 🙂

    Damon – I know, like, totally.

    The Hammer – Yeah, it, like, totally looks like that. Dino’s totally, like, not gettin’ any, like, puppy love.

    BPyser1 – I know, like, if I was, like, eight years old and a girl, I would, like, totally, tell my mom to, like, buy me it. She should be, like, glad it’s, like, a box of cereal and not, like, an iPod or something.

  13. does, like, your, like, comma, like, button, like, still, like, work, like, as, like, good, like, as, like, good, like, as, like, be, like, fore

  14. HIM – It’s still, like, totally the same.

    Kent Tell – That’s, like, totally awesome.

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