Dreyer’s Vanilla With Nestle Crunch Coating Dibs

Dreyer's Nestle Crunch Dibs

Did you know, in 1984, President Ronald Reagan designated July as National Ice Cream Month?

To be honest, I didn’t know, until Impulsive Buy reader Lauren emailed me to tell me.

However, I do know July is National Baked Beans Month, National Blueberry Month, National Picnic Month, National Hot Dog Month, National Recreation and Parks Month, National Culinary Arts Month, National Cell Phone Courtesy Month, and National Hug Yo’ Ho Month.

So in honor of National Ice Cream Month, I’ve decided to review Dreyer’s Vanilla With Nestle Crunch Coating Dibs, which Impulsive Buy reader Richard recommended.

(Editor’s Note: Um, I don’t know why this is, but in some places they’re called Dreyer’s Dibs, while in other places they’re called Edy’s Dibs. I guess it’s just like in some places I’m called Marvo, but in other places I’m called That Bastard.)

What are Dibs? The best way I can describe them is that they’re like little ghetto ice cream bonbons, with a hard chocolaty coating on the outside and creamy ice cream inside.

The flavor of Dibs I purchased had a Nestle Crunch candy bar coating and vanilla ice cream. After trying them, I have to say that they’re just like most pop-punk bands I listen to, they were good, but there’s nothing that really makes them stand out.

Each container of Dibs has sixty pieces of cool, creamy, crunchy goodness.

Now sixty pieces may seem like a lot, but it’s not. Especially if you’re eating them during an episode of VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club 2. They’ll be gone in no time, not because they’re good, but because you’ll have too much fun taunting Gary Busey.

Dreyer's Nestle Crunch Dibs Closeup

“Hey, Busey! You want some of these Dreyer’s Dibs? Here you go. Oops, they accidently fell into my mouth. Here’s more, Mr. Busey. Oops, they accidently fell into my mouth again. I’m so clumsy.”

However, I should warn you. If you do eat an entire container of Dreyer’s Dibs in one sitting, I would suggest you eat nothing but grass for the next few days, because one serving contains 99 PERCENT of our daily value of saturated fat (each container of Dibs contains 2.5 servings).

Of course, this means eating servings of Dibs on a regular basis, will either give you a heart attack or make you as big as the cows that the milk for the ice cream came from.

So eating a container of Dreyer’s Dibs may have been dangerous, but I ate one for the Gipper.

Item: Dreyer’s Vanilla With Nestle Crunch Coating Dibs
Purchase Price: $3.99
Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Pros: Good. Cool, creamy, crunchy concoction. Bite-sized. Taunting Gary Busey.
Cons: Nothing really special. Very high in saturated fat. Pricey compared with a half gallon of ice cream. Only 60 pieces.

33 thoughts to “Dreyer’s Vanilla With Nestle Crunch Coating Dibs”

  1. mmm… that looks good. no, i didnt know july of ’84 was ice cream month – i wasnt even born yet, isnt that sad! that is a LOT of saturated fat! i dont even buy ice cream anymore, i’d rather not have to eat grass for a week. very informative review today – we learned about ice cream month AND the gipper. 🙂 thanks.

  2. It’s National Hug Yo’ Ho Month? I better get started. I was actually thinking about trying these until you said one serving had 99% of one’s daily fat. I’m all for eating unhealthy but that’s going a bit far. Once again, Marvo saves the day (and reminds me to hug my ho’s).

  3. So is this ice cream review week? That sounds unhealthy, yet tasty, just like the Dibs.

  4. I’m disappointed…what happened to the week of female products? Or was it that you were just going to include them more often now?

    Hug yo’ ho month. Does Halmark make a card for this?

  5. I Love ice cream and damn do those look good. I just watched something on the food network about bon-bon’s so it is weird that you would review these today. It must a sign that I must buy these!! I didn’t know that one month could have so many celebrations.

  6. That second picture looks like a bowl of cubed steak. Did you count them? Were there really 60?

  7. I have never bought something Dryers branded, i have bought edys though. I guess the midwest if Edys.


  8. Yessss!! I love hug yo’ ho month!

    I always get so many hugs…

    WAIT! Is that a veiled insult?

    *goes into corner and cries, while eating 3 tubs of Dibs*

    Oww.. my heart…

  9. I dont think its a good idea to taunt Gary busey, in real life. Because, for your information, Gary Busey……..is fuckin crazy!!


  10. THese are really expensive to have around if you’re, say, 20-year-old son is home from college. Do you KNOW how fast one of these containers can be gobbled up by a hungry college guy? TRY about 5 minutes!!

  11. Oh! Hardee’s is Carl’s Jr.! Like Dryers Dibs and Edy’s Dibs, or Best Foods and Hellmann’s. Why national products have different names for different areas of the country is something I’ll never understand. I wonder what they call “99% of daily allotment for saturated fat” in other areas of the country…

  12. Megan – Yes, I tried to be very enterformative or informtaining today.

    pel – Just remember, when you hug yo’ ho, don’t let them kiss you on the cheek.

    Chuck – I thought about doing Ice Cream Week, but like you said, it would be too unhealthy and I don’t have freezer space.

    Amy in GA – I probably did say I’d like to have a week of women’s products, and maybe someday it will happen. Although I have a couple of women’s products sitting around. As for the Hallmark Hug Yo’ Ho card, it goes something like this: On the outside, the card says, “$25 for handjobs. $50 for blowjobs. $100 for sex.” Then the inside of the card says, “I hope you don’t charge for hugs :-).”

    Becky – There are probably more celebrations that no one has ever heard of, like National Pudding Making Month or National Tell Your Boss Off Month.

    caitlin – That’s okay, just head to the nearest seedy neighborhood and maybe you’ll find one to hug.

    Chuck – I do a lot of things, but freakin’ a cow is something I will not do. However, freakin’ a chicken is a whole different story.

  13. The Dreyer’s/Edy’s this is because in the Eastern half of the mainland states, there’s Breyer’s, one of the brands of ice cream (Popsicle, Good Humor and Klondike) owned by Univeler, which also makes that yummy snack Lever 2000!

  14. alex – Actually, I didn’t count them, but I believed what the packaging told me, because I’m gullible like that.

    munboy – Thanks for the knowledge!

    kt – No, it’s not an insult. All hoes need some love that doesn’t involve a money transaction.

    HIM – Hey, if Gary Busey comes after me, I’ll just throw a bag of cocaine at him. It works just like throwing raw meat at attacking dogs.


    Thumper – Mmm…Chocolate…Mmm…

    Mellie Helen – I think in other areas of the country they call “99% of our daily allotment for saturated fat” something like “Waay too much fat.” or “Do you really not want to see your toes again?”

    Sven – Mmm…Lever 2000. I just love the way it foams in my mouth.

  15. Those look pretty decent, I think maybe I’ll try them. I mean the Dibs, not the Hos…

    the 99% fat is actually interesting, i might get it just for that… i have had some problems keeping on the pounds.

  16. Bryan – I’ve had problems keeping OFF the pounds. Oh wait, eating a container of Dreyer’s Dibs probably doesn’t help.

    Amy in GA – If you do want to kill him, all I can tell you is that he’s in California. 😉

    Webmiztris – I think if lard came with a nutrition label, it would be 100%.

  17. Damon – It seems like everything with mint tastes better…Mint Oreo…Mint Dibs.

  18. I find most ice cream to be like pop-punk bands….. except rainbow sherbert. It’s too damn weird looking to be ignored.

  19. haven’t seen these but dryers slow churned and their lite ice cream are really good

  20. Ken – Rainbow sherbert is just totally punk.

    Kent – I’m afraid to buy any of those, because once I buy them, they’ll probably be gone in a couple of days.

    rfduck – I don’t know what’s more torturous for Phil Margera: Trying to lose weight on Celebrity Fit Club or having Bam Margera as his son.

  21. Amy – Sorry =) I didnt mean it like that, it actually is a prob for me. It runs in my family. But Marvo is right, I’m in southern california should you wish to come visit with a crowbar…

  22. Holy crapola – why haven’t I seen these? I definately need to eat like 15 tubs before my gastric bypass!

    [note: I am not really such a dumb f***ing fatty that I’d consider eating things so bad for me just cause I’m having weight loss surgery]

  23. HIM – Nah, it’s more punk, because it breaks from the norm and doesn’t care what other people have to say.

    Moosigal – Moderation, that’s what I say! So moderation would be like five tubs. 😉

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