REVIEW: Burger King Chicken Fries

BK Chicken Fries

Sometimes there are ideas that when I first hear about them, I say to myself, “That’s a really good idea.”

But then when I’m sober and I actually see the product, I take back what I said and replace it with something like, “Dammit! I can’t believe I’m wearing men’s capri pants! Damn you, vodka! Damn you!”

Well, it happened to me again with these new Burger King Chicken Fries, which are thin strips of all-white meat chicken breast coated with a seasoned batter.

Damn you, vodka! Damn you!

When I read about them a few months ago, I thought that it was a really great idea, because I imagined that Burger King would take the same sleeves they use for their regular french fries and just fill them with chicken fries instead.

Unfortunately, just like all my imaginations that involve me being a ceiling mirror at the Playboy Mansion, what I imagined the chicken fries were, didn’t come out the way I had hoped.

Instead of a heaping of chicken fries, I had the option of having either a six-piece snack pack or a nine-piece “value” meal, which I decided to purchase. Although, after seeing what the chicken fries looked like, I’d suggest you avoid the “value” meal, because it wasn’t much of a value.

Each chicken fry was a little thicker than BK’s regular french fries, roughly three inches long, and depending where your mind is at, they look like either skinny fried mozzarella sticks or fried tampons.

The BK Chicken Fries comes with a buffalo sauce, which I thought wasn’t bad and tasted better than the buffalo sauce I got with the McDonald’s Chicken Selects I reviewed last year. You can also replace the buffalo sauce with either a barbeque, honey mustard, sweet and sour, or ranch sauce.

Probably the most impressive part of the BK Chicken Fries was the container they came in. Just like the Transformers, this container had more than meets the eye. It had a lid that folds back and creates a place to hold the container of buffalo sauce, as you can see in the picture above.

The container was also designed to fit into your car’s cup holder, so that you can eat while driving, talking on the phone, and yelling stuff at your rowdy kids, like “Be quiet!” or “You were all mistakes!”

I would’ve tried eating them in my car, but I was afraid of getting buffalo sauce on my new red and black leopard print car seat covers.


Overall, I wasn’t very impressed with the BK Chicken Fries. With them being so skinny, receiving only six or nine pieces made them seem overpriced. Plus, with so little chicken in each fry, it seemed like each fry only contained the seasoned batter.

However, I really did like the ingenuity of the container they came in and I now believe that chickens have another fate to look forward to that isn’t as embarrassing as becoming chicken nuggets.

Item: Burger King Chicken Fries
Purchase Price: $4.59 (9-piece value meal)
Rating: 5 out of 10
Pros: Buffalo sauce was decent. Nifty container made for those who like to eat on the go. Better fate for chickens than becoming chicken nuggets. Vodka.
Cons: Value meal wasn’t much of a value. Only six or nine pieces. Not much chicken in each fry. Looked like a fried tampon. Men wearing capri pants. Vodka.

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  1. ” I now believe that chickens have another fate to look forward to that isn’t as embarrassing as becoming chicken nuggets.”

    i dont think i’ll ever completely get over the animated segment in SuperSize Me demonstrating the start-to-finish process of making chicken nuggets. i mean, i’ve always known how it worked but the cartoon sticks in your mind. these look incredibly greasy, were they?

  2. Megan – I remember that in SuperSize Me. I think I saw somewhere an actual video of the process. I’m sure if you Google it, the video will come up. As for the chicken fries, they were greasy, but not Steven-Seagal-hair greasy.

  3. I Was Going To Get These Yesterday But Didn’t Have Time.
    After Reading Your Review I Think I Will have To Pass On These.

    I Think Were Going To Need A Review On Your “Black leopard print car seat covers”…….. 🙂

  4. damn, i got all excited that i could have a little picture, and now i cant even use it until the gravatar people approve it. 🙁 how sad.

    i’ll be back! lol

  5. Sonic has been using that flimsy sauce-holder packaging for the vile Popcorn Chicken for a year or two now.

    There seems to be a sudden explosion of Chicken Fries. I just heard of the BK item a few days ago. Then yesterday, while grocery shopping, I noticed another brand of Chicken Fries in my grocer’s freezer. Could a Chicken Fries trademark war be in our near future?

  6. I just saw the bizzarre commercial for these a few days ago, with hip-hop dancers stomping and waving them around. I couldn’t figure out what kind of food product they were, but when it dawned on me I was horrified. What kind of processed gook can make a chicken into a limp and rubbery fry shape? Your review proved some of my thoughts, as in there is more batter than chicken. This is another weird product that no one will believe existed years from now.

  7. I saw these at BK when I went this weekend. I almost wanted to try them, but I figured it would be disappointing because I wouldn’t get much chicken. I would have been stuck with getting the 6-piece snack because I didn’t want a drink…and they didn’t look big enough to only get 6 pieces.

    Wonder if my gravatar has been approved…

  8. I actually had these in a 6 piece size (I’m a tiny girl) and they weren’t too bad, but they weren’t spectacular. I also opted for Honey sauce to go with them (not honey mustard) so I can’t speak to the Buffalo sauce. Anyway, they’re more a snack then a meal, and the “combo” does seem like a rip-off.

  9. I saw that commercial for them too, it was possibly the most horrible music I’ve ever heard. I think that was why I remembered them though, so I guess I’ve played right into the evil commercial making companies’ hands.

    anyhow, that sounds farking expensive… 4.59 for nine tampon nuggets. But maybe you can light one up and look cool? Chicken doobies…

  10. Eeeww… Men eating fried tampons while wearing capri pants.

    Now, if they were eating tofu while wearing a kilt! *fans self*

  11. Hey Marvo, I never trust a skinny chicken, myself.

    Any advice on getting gravatars to work on this site? I have mine approved but it’s not showing up.

  12. Whoops! Looks like it is showing up after all. It wasn’t yesterday. Sorry about that. Enjoy those capri pants!

  13. Did you notice if they were strips of chicken, like chicken strips? Or just chicken bits clumped together into a tampon mold and fried so it stays together? I think popcorn chicken was invented only to make money off the scraps of chicken that fall off, this may be a similar attempt.

  14. Damon – Here’s the short review review on the red and black leopard print car seat covers: Pros: Makes you think you’re sexy and suave. Cons: Actually, makes you look tacky and lame.

    Lorien – You know what’s even less appetizing? Baked maxi pads.

    Ayesha97 – Wait. Were you eating fried tampons?

    Megan – It took about three days for my gravatar to be approved. They’ll send you an email when it’s approved.

    Robin – Oh, I remember when chicken nuggets were such a big deal. But that was so long ago. Chicken products sure have evolved since then. 😉

    catmz – Just like Pepsi AM and the McDLT.

    Lucy – I really wish chickens would rule North Korea, because chickens would be better than what they have now.

    celebrate woo-woo – You should’ve tried the 6-piece snack pack. It’s kind of reasonable at $1.99. At first, I thought about just getting the 6-piece snack pack, but I’m a growing boy, so I got the “value” meal instead. As for the gravatar, it took about three days for mine to get approved. They’ll send you an email when your has been approved.

  15. Genny from the Burbs – The meal I got was the regular sized meal. Imagine if I got the large meal, it would be more expensive and my ass would be slightly bigger.

    Mellie Helen – I think if you go to the right Burger King and ask for a container, they might give you one for free.

    Bryan – Well if you want to hear more of the horrible music, check out the Burger King ad/band’s website. Also, I think people would look cooler with bubble gum cigarettes than chicken doobies.

    Amy in GA – You wanna see sexual references? Just wait for the vibrating razor review. 🙂

    kt – Men eating fried tampons while wearing capri pants…Not good. Men eating tofu while wearing a kilt…Not good. Men eating burgers while wearing leather bikinis…Definitely NOT GOOD!

    elsa – Eh, I don’t think they would’ve listened to the editor of a quasi-product review blog. Believe it or not, I have no influence.

    Chuck – Also, never trust the quotes from promotional movie posters.

    klew – I really didn’t check, but my guess would be that they were probably chicken bits.

  16. If there’s one thing I love, it’s transformer references in product reviews. I love you Marvo.

  17. i am not really sure i want to share the road with someone who’s way too busy dunking their chicken strips into a little sauce cup to, uh, you know, pay attention to anything else.

    i wish that sticker said “HEY! PUT DOWN THE CHICKEN AND DRIVE!”

  18. I found these delicious, but they should be offered as a side dish. They are yummy, though. The new batter is excellent enough to make Chicken Fries a regular part of my lunch. 😀

    Brandon “Damn, these Gravatar people suck…. APPROVE MINE!” McGrody

  19. Ken – I had to put the Transformer reference in. There aren’t many opportunities to stick one in. I’m still trying to find a way to put in a Thundercats reference.

    Damon – You’re welcome.

    ultradave – At least, they’re safer than eating a Big Mac while driving.

    Brandon – You know, that side dish idea is a good one. It would be awesome to have the option of having regular fries, onion rings, or chicken fries.

  20. Exactly! I’d love to have my normal Triple Cheeseburger meal (I know it’s not on the menu anymore, but I’ll be damned if they ever stop making it) with chicken fries…. that’s awesome.

  21. In Kentucky, we have things called “Lamb Fries”. Those are, basically, the lamb penises. I saw title of this article and I quietly gagged.

    And no, the Reverend has not tried these Lamb Fries. They look as disgusting as they sound, and I’ll be damned if I let my blasphmous mouth be poisoned by animal penis… or any kind of penis at all now that I mention it.

    By the way, the Reverend loves women.

  22. Actually lamb fries are traditionally just lamb testicles, not the actual penis. And if you heard of it from that place in Frankfort, thats where they they are making them from. Basically the Lamb version of Rocky Mountain Oysters. (Well only you do a lot more preparing of the lamb balls and as hinted by their name lamb fries are always deep fried.)

    And yea I’m not going to be trying them anytime soon either.

  23. Totally just saw a commercial for that, with like, some kind of bizarre chicken rock band… I don’t know, it was terrible. EXCEPT for the band’s name/website plug which was Coq Roq. Seems a little racy for BK to me, but I guess they’re reaching out to the younger generation who likes bad music and Coqs.

  24. ^^Who cares if they’re the penis or the testicles, it’s still nasty. Ugh…. hey, in Mexico, they like bull balls and cow brain…. and I’m Mexican. So I really shouldn’t say anything…. I don’t eat that stuff though.

  25. Funny I should see a review for this product today I was going to try them but after getting off of work and getting to the BK. The chicken fries were not posted on the drive-thru menu board so I forgot. Now I’m glad I did I will have to pass this up.
    One thing I’ve always wondered though when will the chicken franchises start selling hamburgers?

  26. Brandon – Wouldn’t it be cool if you could have regular fries, onion rings, and chicken fries all together?

    Rev. Dubya – Hey, eating lamb penises doesn’t make you gay.

    kevin – Mmm…Lamb testicles. I wonder if they’re as tender as regular lamb meat.

    Genny from the Burbs – I liked the Subservient Chicken so much more.

    Brandon – I’ve had cow tongue and it was all right.

    Kent – Yeah, it does seem like all the fast food restaurants are selling a lot of chicken. Next month, McDonald’s will be selling THREE new chicken sandwiches.

    ocb – If you did hurt yourself, I’m sorry. To make up for it, do you want fried tampons?

  27. The tampon analogy only made me look at the witty and creative packaging as the potential “cardboard applicator”.

    I prefer plastic applicator when having to apply my tampons.

    And after all this, I cannot talk about chicken.

  28. Moosigal – That’s so funny! 😀 If only I used tampons on a regular basis, I would’ve known about the cardboard applicator. I only use them one in awhile to clean up small small spills.

    Amy in GA – The thing I don’t like about the subservient chicken is the fact that he can’t do THE Chicken Dance or the Funky Chicken. How can you be a chicken and not know how to do THE Chicken Dance?

  29. he won’t even lay an egg. Must be a rooster not a chicken. he hunched over like he was trying, but nothin’ came out. I was disappointed.

  30. Oh I know eating the penises don’t make me gay, but I said “penis” a lot and I didn’t want anyone to think that I had an obsession with the word “penis” or anything.

  31. Mellie Helen – YYEEEEOOUUCH? It really depends on what I’m shaving.

    Amy in GA – I think it would’ve grossed me out if something did come out.

    Rev. Dubya – Penis? I didn’t think you said “penis” that much. Two penises doesn’t equal to many penises. Wait, what was this review about again?

  32. McDonald’s is already selling those chicken sandwiches, and I’m sticking to my normal Tendercrisp (Tendergrill, rather, it’s healthier. Had one the other day.) sandwich. The buns on the McDonald’s sandwiches taste putrid, the chicken isn’t tender enough, and the sandwich is very lackluster.

  33. Brandon – Thanks for letting me know about the McD’s chicken sandwiches. I shall find out how crappy they are this weekend.

  34. I for one was pleasantly flabbergasted by the bold flavor of these innovative, enchanting creations. Dipping each chicken fry in its own vat of buffalo cream sauce is an experience so heavenly it is normally reserved for the man upstairs. I’ve had a nine-piece everyday since they started coming out and I don’t see myself slowing down anytime soon.

  35. So your complaint is that you went a burger king and got food that was mainly high fat batter. Like a guy reviewing a hummer who complains that it has poor gas milage, or the gay gigilo who is surprised he got the high five, what can the rest of us say but “What did you honestly expect.”

  36. ^ROFL. I love Chicken Fries, but could never eat them everyday. I need variation in my life.

    …Chicken Fries, Spaghettios, Crunchwrap, Chicken Fries, Soup, Chicken Sandwich, Chicken Fries, Spaghettios, Leftover Pizza, Fatburger, Chicken Fries, Spaghettios, Crunchwrap….

  37. Zak Schalack – Innovative…Yes. Enchanting…Only fairies are enchanting. Heavenly…Not even close to Eva Longoria. Normally reserved for the man upstairs…Um, the man upstairs to me is about 75 years old and if he ate the BK Chicken Fries, I think he might die.

    nothalo – I expected the freshest ingredients, excellent food preparation, precision deep frying, and maybe a hand job with some of the deep frying oil.

    Kent – Zak owns stock in the shoe company British Knights? Man, he totally better get rid of those, because I don’t think they make shoes anymore. 😉

    Brandon – Yes, variation is very good, not only with food, but with shampoos and sexual positions.

  38. Ewwwww–those look disgusting! Haven’t heard of Burger King Chicken Fries in my neck of the woods but I won’t be rushing out to buy them.

  39. I hope this product reaches our country..I want to try it out for myself. Besides I’m curious to see how fried tampons look like. =)

  40. rockymtnhi – I’m sure they’ll be there soon. Actually, they’re probably already there. Eh, it’s actually kind of interesting to try once, because I highly doubt you’ve had chicken fries before.

    Webmiztris – No, masochistic would be you eating chicken fries while listening to Clay Aiken and watching Fear Factor.

    gimikera – If you’re impatient, just grab a tampon, stick it in some egg batter, then coat it with some bread crumbs, and then deep fry it. 😉

  41. I bought my first “chicken fries” today …. you’re right – I was shocked at how “skinny” they were. I was starving – so they tasted aok – – but that Buffalo sauce …. oh my – could use as mortar to building a brick fireplace – lol

  42. MiMi – Hey, you know what sauce would make a horrible mortar? The Big Mac’s special sauce. I guess the special sauce isn’t so special after all.

  43. I work at Burger King and making these is a bitch. First you can only hold so many at once, and before you serve them, you have to put them back down for 25 seconds. There have been a few times where I have fresh ones come up, and people order them right as I’m about to put them away, and I still have to put them down, because they aren’t done, and they need another 25 seconds to cook. Plus, one of the managers thought you had to charge you an extra ten cents for sauce other than buffalo, she took the memo the wrong way. I want those ten cents back, dammnit. However, now she doesn’t charge you extra for that sauce.

    This doesn’t matter too the customer much, but it sucks for the burger bitch. I friggin hate my job.

  44. i had them yesturday…. they were pretty good, and i had plenty of em cause i got 2 of the 6 pack ones…. pretty good stuff =)

  45. David J. – Dude, you work at Burger King and you got charged ten cents for a sauce. Shouldn’t you be getting everything free?

    chris – Well I’m glad you liked them, but next time, imagine them as fried tampons and see if you can eat two six-packs. 😉

  46. David J. – I say the next time you eat the Chicken Fries take two sauces. That will balance the universe. 🙂

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