Kellogg’s Special K Fruit & Yogurt

Growing up, I never ate Special K because the television ads made me think the only people who ate Special K were skinny beautiful women in white one-piece bathing suits.

At that time, I wasn’t skinny, beautiful, a woman, or owned a white one-piece bathing suit. Instead, I was husky, homely, a little boy, and owned a whole bunch of horizontally striped collared shirts that made me look even more husky. So I felt I wasn’t special enough to eat Special K.

However, today I’m slightly overweight, apparently kind of cute, a man, and once walked around my dorm wearing some girl’s bra for a dollar.

Despite the progress I’ve made, I still don’t think I’m quite special enough to eat Special K.

Another reason why I never ate Special K was because it didn’t seem like there was anything “special” about it.

No chocolate.

No marshmallows.

No rainbow of colors.

No two scoops of raisins.

No toy inside the box.

No athletes on the front of the box.

No super difficult word find puzzles on the back of the box.

No crystal meth-looking frosting.

Unless Kellogg’s decided to use psychology on all of us to make us think that Special K is “special,” but in reality the only thing “special” about Special K is the fact that there’s nothing special about it.

Oh man, my brain hurts. That took too much thought.

Well there may not be anything special about Special K, but there is something special about Special K Fruit & Yogurt. Also, I may not be special enough to eat Special K, but the time I spent wearing a bra and the other time I spent wearing a muumuu surely makes me special enough to eat Special K Fruit & Yogurt.

Since I’ve never eaten Special K, I don’t know how it tastes. However, I imagine that it tastes horribly bland, because it looks horribly bland, like corn flakes or Ashlee Simpson’s new movie, “Undiscovered.”

Thank goodness I’ve never had to eat Special K, but I’m glad I got to eat Special K Fruit & Yogurt because it’s actually pretty good with its oat & fruit clusters and yogurt-coated clusters mixed with rice and wheat flakes.

The berry-flavored oats give the cereal a nice taste and crunch, which is good because the flakes get soggy pretty quickly. Also, despite looking like something that a drunk college kid might throw up, the yogurt-coated clusters also added a different flavor and texture to the cereal.

Item: Kellogg’s Special K Fruit & Yogurt
Purchase Price: $3.50 (on sale)
Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Pros: Berry-flavored oats and yogurt-coated clusters made the cereal pretty tasty. Lots of vitamins and minerals. Low fat. Low calorie.
Cons: Box is kind of small. Flakes get soggy pretty quickly. Ashlee Simpson’s movie “Undiscovered.” Not special enough to eat regular Special K.

23 thoughts to “Kellogg’s Special K Fruit & Yogurt”

  1. Hmmm, too bad you didn’t have any bra or muumuu pictures to add to this post, Marvo. I’ve never tried Special K either but thanks for the review…if I see this on sale I might give it a try sometime. I suppose we’ll be waiting for a long time before they come out with “Special Frosted K.”

  2. I’ve been a sorta big guy all my life, so when I was young and I saw the Special K commercials I thought that it would transform my life and force me to shed the pounds. All it did was cause me to eat more than one bowl because it was unsatisfying. . I feel your pain as a husky child and could never make fun of you for that. However, wearing a bra and muumuu, well, that’s just asking for it! 🙂

  3. I’m proud to say I’m a cereal snob. I gotta try this! My trips to the grocery store consist of going up and down the cereal aisle several times looking for something new and delicious! You’ve made my next trip that much easier by picking one out for me!! Thanks!!!

  4. Marvo,

    Apparently you can lose 10 pounds if you eat Special K for breakfast and lunch (and a sensible dinner) for 2 weeks.

    I lasted 3 days before I got tired of eating so much cereal.

  5. You had me until you described it as “looking like something that a drunk college kid might throw up.”

    I’ve never been a fan of cereals and milk. I like a cereal I can eat out of the box, like froot loops or cap’n crunch but I’m not big on the actual “milk on grain products” thing. When I was a kid the only cereal I would eat was Raisin Bran.

    But I could stand to lose 10 pounds. And wouldn’t it be nice if it only took 2 weeks…. sadly, I’m not that motivated. You’d think that dragging around ten extra pounds would make me lose weight.

  6. losing 10 pounds in two weeks is really dangerous…..
    anyways, thanks for bringing up the white bathing suits in special k adverts. i had completely forgotten about those and revelled for a moment in nostalgia.
    my “sensible” fave right now is one called grain shop. it’s stays crunchy and even though it’s completely healthy, it’s just a bit sweet.
    my “sinful” favourite is always going to be count chocula!

  7. This sounded pretty good.. until you made the drunk puke comment. :p

    But… I still want to try it… Damn you Marvo! Drunken, puking Frat guys are no match to your word play!

    Your pen is mightier than the drunk guy. w00t!

  8. those commercials just make you (as a guy) want to try all those food products aimed towards women: Clif Luna Bars, those other cereals in pink boxes that I can’t remember right now, etc.

  9. You seem to have done a lot of things in college for a dollar. Was this long enough ago that a dollar could buy your more than a handful of long distance minutes? Because, if not, you got ripped off with the bra wearing and the condom chewing.

  10. Chuck – Actually, I know for a fact that there is a picture of me wearing the bra somewhere on this planet. It is what keeps me from running for office.

    Lord Jezo – It’s like we called each other to find out what each other was reviewing.

    Pel – I thought Anthony Robbins would transform my life, but I was too lazy to do the exercises in the book.

    Ultimate Best Vamp Ever – I’m like you and Jerry Seinfeld. I love cereal. It’s like the universal food. You can eat it for any meal or for a snack.

    Toni – Is that an urban legend? Because you’re tempting me to try it. I think it would make for a great review.

    cybele – The only cereal I could ever eat straight out of the box is Vanilla Creme Mini-Wheats. Although there have been many morning of milk-less cereal because I was too lazy to buy milk.

  11. wyn – Oh, Count Chocula! Definitely one of my favorites. Although I don’t think there as good as they were when I was growing up.

    Shannon Gilchrist – I think Kellogg’s is going to come over and kick my ass because of that drunk puke comment.

    Webmiztris – Personally, I think the cowpie cereal is better, because sometime, anytime, sugar me sweet. Little miss ah innocent sugar me, yeah. Pour some sugar on me…Oh, sorry for the Def Leppard flashback.

    kt – Drunken, puking frat guys are also no match for anyone, except other drunken, puking frat guys. 🙂

    klew – I guess I feel bad about not being able to review women’s-only products like tampons and FDS, so I review other products aimed at women. Plus, i like variety.

    theinfamousj – We were poor college kids and believe it or not a dollar could fill a moped’s gas tank.

  12. They should make more men commericals (for the women’s sake) I’ve gotten tired of watching those AXE or Tag commercials.

  13. theinfamousj – We were poor college kids and believe it or not a dollar could fill a moped’s gas tank.

    In Hawaii? Just how old are you, anyway? :: skeptical look ::

  14. It’s 6 lbs in 2 weeks? Oh ok…yeah, I couldn’t remember exactly. I just remember reading it off the back of the box. I mean, the Special K with berries is quite good, but not good enough for me to eat it for breakfast and lunch for 2 weeks straight.

  15. Lucy – They should make Axe for Women and have commercials with hot guys drooling over some fat chick. I would totally buy some.

  16. Lucy – I think they should make more beer commercials with models wresting in a water fountain.

    nat – If they eat Special K in special ed, then those special ed kids must be skinny.

    Ultimate Best Vamp Ever – I MUST TRY THIS!!!! I wonder how many boxes of Special K I need to buy for 2 weeks worth? Well I guess I’m going shopping for Special K this weekend.

    theinfamousj – Well about 10 years ago gas was pretty damn cheap compared to now. Also, a moped’s tank can’t hold the much gas. I don’t think it even holds a gallon.

    Toni – I will do it. Two straight weeks of Special K for lunch and breakfast. I’ll try it and, of course, write a review of it.

    Caroline – Axe for Men doesn’t even attract women, so I don’t think Axe for Women would work, unless it smells like hot dogs or hamburgers.

  17. Im trying it too! I went and bought 2 boxes of special K. The one with berries lets u have a cup of cereal with 1/2 a cup of skim milk. The one with berries and yogurt only lets you have 3/4 of a cup of cereal with 1/2 a cup of skim milk. Good luck to you Marvo!! Keep us posted… since the servings alone are kinda small, you probably wont need too many boxes of cereal 🙂

  18. Ultimate Best Vamp Ever – Good luck to you too!!! Although, I have a funny feeling that once the two weeks are over, I’m going to head straight to a McDonald’s and order everything on the Dollar Menu again.

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