REVIEW: Limited Edition Coffee Kit Kat

Limited Edition Coffee KitKat

Kit Kat, because of its four chocolate covered wafer fingers, is the perfect candy for sharing, making fake walrus teeth with, and always comes in handy if you’re being attacked by Star Jones Reynolds.

However, with this Limited Edition Coffee Kit Kat, I don’t want to share them. As a matter of fact, if Star Jones Reynolds did attack me, instead of using the Coffee Kit Kat to lure her away, I’d just let her maul me and then when she’s not looking, I’ll chop off whatever limb she’s gnawing on and run/hop away to safety.

I don’t feel like sharing the Limited Edition Coffee Kit Kat because:

1. They’re damn good.
2. They’re limited edition
3. I’m a greedy asshole.
4. They’re my precious. MY PRECIOUS!!!

I was surprised that I really liked the Limited Edition Coffee Kit Kat, because I don’t like drinking coffee at all. For some reason, coffee doesn’t agree with me.

Whenever I try coffee or anything from Starbucks, my stomach turns, like when I smell Britney Spears’ perfume Curious, which has a product description that goes like this, “Britney Spears personifies daring and piques the curiosity of young women everywhere. Curious by Britney Spears represents the young woman that pushes boundaries and revels in adventure.”

(Pause for dry heaving)

I’m sorry for the dry heaving. Apparently, I not only get nauseous from smelling crap, I also get nauseous from reading crap.

Anyway, the Limited Edition Coffee Kit Kat is damn good, it has a nice coffee taste and smell that’s not too strong, unlike the amount of perfume on most strippers.

I was not only surprised by the great coffee taste, I was also surprised that I found a variation of a candy bar that I liked just as much as the original. It seems like candy companies are constantly trying different things to tweak their candy.

For example, the Kit Kat Extra Creamy, which I had a few months ago, was totally lame, because it didn’t change the taste of the Kit Kat. It changed only the texture and it didn’t change it significantly. It’s like if Michael Jackson had plastic surgery today, it won’t make much of a difference, because he’s had so much plastic surgery.

In reality, I think the only plastic surgery left that he can get done is getting breast implants.

But even then, no matter how much plastic surgery he has, Jacko will still be the ghostly pale freak that moonwalks and will still be less brown than the Limited Edition Coffee Kit Kat.

Item: Limited Edition Coffee Kit Kat
Purchase Price: 55 cents
Rating: 9 out of 10
Pros: Nice strong coffee taste, but not too strong. Just as good as the original Kit Kat.
Cons: Limited edition. Might turn you into a greedy prick. The description of Britney Spears’ perfume, Curious. Being mauled by Star Jones Reynolds.

41 thoughts to “REVIEW: Limited Edition Coffee Kit Kat”

  1. Mmmmm… sounds like the Nestle Coffee Crisp (which I occasionally have Canadian friends mail over the border for me). I just hope it doesn’t turn me into a greedy prick, as I’m really trying to limit myself to just being a greedy bitch.

  2. I WANT ONE!!!! lol. sadly, i doubt these will make to germany, but you never know. i said the same thing about the taco bell crunchwrap thingie and guess what – WE HAVE THAT NOW! i actually didnt mind eating a taco hell the other day. it was good. 🙂

  3. Ohmigod, I WANT ONE NOW! I may have to drive around at lunch until I find one. From your description, perhaps I should purchase *several* and keep a stash, secret from the rest of my family. I am such a mean mom. Hah.

  4. Thanks for reviewing Marvo! I am always reluctant to try variations on the classics of the candy bar world but will definitely give this one a try. If it is good, I am going to buy a bunch and not share them with anyone. I am currently hoarding a bunch of Krackel full size candy bars (not the minatures) since I can’t find the full size bars anywhere but Hershey, PA.

  5. Ohhhhhhh, chocolate and coffee, my two favorite things, together. In one of my favorite candy bars. I must find them. I now have a new purpose in life – to find this candy bar.

  6. I think that if Michael Jackson got breast implants, he might be even freakier than Marilyn Manson. This sounds like a good candy bar, I’ll have to see if it’s on sale at my local Quickee mart…

  7. Dood! You scooped me! I finally found them last night at the 7-11 (The same one I’ve been checking for a month) and bought TWO! Yum.

    Mir – it’s nothing like a Coffee Crisp. An American Coffee Crisp would probably start with a Whatchamacallit Bar and add coffee flavor to the rice crispies part. (I did like the Coffee Crisp, just found it a little sweet.)

  8. This sounds good! I am always nervous about trying products with coffee.. coz the coffee taste is too strong. Gawd, you’re so funny. 😉

  9. Must…try…one…NOW. You’re EVIL, you know. 😉

    So, that’s probably about 10 Weight Watchers points…so…naahhh, I’ll skip it for now. But thanks for the look at it!

  10. i thought you were reviewing convenience foods from what you said yesterday. glad you like the kit kat coffee… wish we got the limited editions you get in the u.s., i think we get a selection but not the bonanza that you showed (those five chocolate bars) a few months ago.
    i heart nearly every variation of kit kat i’ve seen – strawberry, orange, white-chocolate.
    have you seen the banana one? as much as i will mix a real banana with chocolate, something of the packaging of the kit kat banana makes it look really scary!

  11. I also don’t like coffee but will have to give this a try. stay away from the limited edition almond joy with white chocolate and lime flavor in the coconut its bland and is just an excuse to put limited edition on the wrapper.

  12. Mir – What else do your Canadian friends mail you? 😉

    Megan – I think Europe has their own variations of Kit Kat, so you’ll probably be trying things I could never get my chocolate covered fingers on. I’m glad you got to try the Crunchwrap, because it’s good.

    AmberLB – If you haven’t found any, try convenience stores, because that’s where I find most of the limited edition stuff.

    Sasha_Kitty – They make Krackel in full size? How about Mr. Goodbar?

    Pel – So what was your old purpose?

    Chuck – Come on, there is no way that Marilyn Manson is freakier than Micheal Jackson. Jacko sleeps with little boys, while MM probably sleeps on a bed of needles.

    cybele – 7-11 seems to be the ONLY place that I find these limited edition candies. I don’t see them in the grocery stores and I definitely don’t see them in Wal-Barf.

    Jen – Don’t be nervous. It won’t bite…hard. Okay, it doesn’t bite at all.

    nat – You know, just like age, Weight Watchers points are just a number. 🙂

    Webmiztris – If only it kept Kevin Federline away from her, then we wouldn’t have Spears Spawn.

  13. Toni – I gave it a 4.5 because only original Kit Kat should have a 5 rating. All others must bow down to original Kit Kat.

    chris – I saw those awhile ago, but never tried them. I don’t see them around. But if they pop up again, I’ll give them a try.

    Damon – Enjoy! If you don’t enjoy it, I’ll give your money back. (As long as you don’t buy a box or a case of the stuff)

    wyn – Recently, the candy companies have been going like crazy with these limited edition candy bars. Japan, Europe, and even Canada get all the weird variations. We get the safe variations, like white chocolate and coffee. Other countries get the banana one. Frickin’ banana! B-A-N-A-N-A-S We get boring stuff.

    ayesha97 – You’re welcome. Save some and put them up for auction on eBay.

    Lucy – Actually, I think it came awhile back, like a man with premature ejaculation. 😉

    Damon – I’m glad you like it. Now I don’t have to give you your money back.

    KENT – I’ve had several people ask me about that limited edition Almond Joy, but I haven’t been able to find it.

    KT – I bet Jacko has a button for those that make them bigger or smaller.

    KT pt 2 – Hmm…I’ve always wondered what little skanks were made out of.

    Toni – Hey! On occasion, I smell like Cheetos, Red Bull, sweat, and salt. I definitely ain’t no skank, y’all.

  14. You know that people on eBay sell these “limited edition” chocolate bars INDIVIDUALLY and make a fortune?

    I’m serious, people do this, go check out eBay and you will see!

  15. Hehehe, I just reread KT’s post and have to make one more comment about it.

    KT said:

    “I also wondered how Britney Spears managed to bottle “skank” as an odor.

    I’m thinking it smells like a mix of old spice, gasoline, sweat, and salt, with a splash of halitosis, just for good measure.”

    Gasoline? Nah, it’s just a dab of Kevin’s own colonge, Sex Panther.

    (I couldn’t resist an Anchorman reference! :D)

  16. Marvo,

    I have to admit to an obsession of finding full size Krackel bars. They are hard to come by but I can find Mr.Goodbar full size candy bars. The only place I have found the Krackel full size bars is in a convenience store in SC and Hershey, Pa, the home of the Krackel bar.

    Keep looking!

  17. My boss bought one of these today at lunch and he let me have one of the pieces. I wouldnt have shared if I were him. You are right… they are SOOO GOOD. Mmmm salivating just thinking about it again.

  18. EdmontonGamer – Have you ever seen the movie Friday with Ice Cube? Also in that movie was Chris Tucker who played Smokey. Smokey gets in trouble because he keeps smoking the weed he has to sell. I think I would have the same problem if I sold limited edition candies on eBay, I would be eating all the candy before I could sell them.

    Toni – Ew. Sex Panther. It smells like the testicle sweat from an elephant walking through a jungle mixed with the smell from the porta potties at the second Woodstock.

    Michael – If it wasn’t artificially flavored coffee, there might’ve been caffeine.

    Sasha_Kitty – I’m sure you could probably buy some on eBay.

    Jae – I bought more today. I’m surprised the 7-11 I go to that has these in stock hasn’t run out of them.

  19. Ok, does anyone else remember when there were 5 kit kat bars in a package? I distinctly remember when I was a kid that it was hard to share them because there were five and you had to try to break the fifth one apart evenly. Or am I insane? (or both)
    Anyone have a really old kit kat package?

  20. TG – Oh, if only I had a Target. I would gladly trade ALL of our Wal-Marts for one Target and maybe another Costco.

    missy – I did some research on the internets and it seems like there was a Kit Kat with five fingers, I don’t remember it though.

  21. Try a good italian coffe and you’ll change your ideas about coffee 😉
    (america has a tons of awesome things but coffee is not one of these)

    Btw I must find this Kit Kat … I just go crazy for chocolate and coffee mixed together … ( /me drooling like Homer thinking about donuts)

  22. pannasmontata – Oh, if only I knew of a place that had good Italian coffee, but thanks for the tip!

  23. Mellie Helen – I think with all the influence my little quasi-product review blog has, I can make Coffee Kit Kat a permanent fixture. Okay, not really. I have NO influence.

  24. @ marvo : I only found one place which had a real italian coffee in the Usa was an italian resaturant in San Francisco.
    A coffe that is produced in my city! I was so happy that I was about to cry 😀
    Look for Illy coffee .. it’s one of the best italian coffe 😉

  25. pannasmontata – Well, the next time I go and visit my sister in SF, I’ll definitely try it, then get addicted, try to make it at home, fail miserably, have withdrawals, then move to Italy, have several cups of Italian coffee everyday, and start the Italian Impulsive Buy. 🙂

  26. So, the coffee Kit Kat was even more lovely than I imagined. I only found them at Target, one little box. I thought of buying the entire box, remembered that I should spend the $$ on groceries to feed my children, found out that they were $.69 a piece, but still bought six of them. Y U M ! ! ! ! ! Like little pieces of heaven that I eat slowly so as to savor every bite. My husband didn’t like them (yay!) so I only had to share with my kids. We are thinking of giving up on “groceries” and instead loading up on these before they disappear from shelves.

  27. pannasmontata – Also, I’d have to learn Italian. It would be the strangest thing to see some Japanese guy speaking in fluent Italian. Although, the ladies would love it.

    AmberLB – I believe Kit Kat are a sufficient enough meal for your kids. There have been several occasions when I only had a Kit Kat for a meal.

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