REVIEW: Limited Edition Oreo Fudge Sundae Creme

What is black, white and red all over?

An Oreo Fudge Sundae Creme on top of an apple.


I know. Right about now you want to punch me in the face for that horrible riddle. I’ll admit, it wasn’t at all impressive and, just to let you know, I punched myself in the face for it. But I came up with that poorly conceived riddle to see if I could create something as unimaginative as the Limited Edition Oreo Fudge Sundae Creme cookies.

It seems Nabisco is taking a page out of the Pop-Tarts Playbook by offering flavors that are straight off of an ice cream parlor’s menu. It’s like they looked under Pop-Tarts’ skirt to find out what panties she was wearing, discovered it was a Victoria’s Secret PINK thong, picked one up for herself and pretended to be Pop-Tarts in front of a mirror. It’s sort of like the movie Single White Female, except no one gets stabbed with a shoe or screwdriver and that guy from the TV show Wings isn’t around.

Could Nabisco try to impress me? All the Oreo Fudge Sundae Creme consists of is a filling that’s half regular white Oreo filling and half fudge flavored filling in between two regular chocolate cookies. It seems they put as much effort into it as I did with the riddle at the beginning of this review. It’s like all they did was forge together a normal Oreo with a Chocolate Creme one. They’re gonna have to do more than that. They gotta tickle my balls, and not just with their fingers, but lightly with their fingernails. Or if they have either handy, a feather or a starchy tube sock.

I’ll admit, I did enjoy the Oreo Fudge Sundae Creme, but that’s not saying much because as I’ve said before, I would get busy with any Oreo flavor in a Burger King bathroom. It has a decent chocolateyness to it that wasn’t too powerful thanks to the white Oreo filling, but I think it tastes too similar to the Oreo Chocolate Creme.

There were also inconsistencies with the ratio of fudge filling to normal white filling. Some Oreos had a lot of fudge filling, while others had little. There was also shiny, oily film over the filling, which I’m going to call Oreo Sweat — feel free to add it to Urban Dictionary. While the Oreo Sweat makes it easier to twist off the top cookie, if you’re into licking the filling, you dirty girl, it’s not really pleasant to think that this cookie can get wet.

(Nutrition Facts – 2 cookies – 140 calories, 7 grams of fat, 4 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat, 0 milligrams of cholesterol, 115 milligrams of sodium, 55 milligrams of potassium, 21 grams of carbohydrates, 1 gram of fiber, 13 grams of sugar, 1 gram of protein and 8% iron.)

Item: Limited Edition Oreo Fudge Sundae Creme
Price: $3.99 (on sale)
Size: 12 ounces
Purchased at: Safeway
Rating: 6 out of 10
Pros: I enjoyed it. I’d get busy with it in a Burger King bathroom. Decent chocolateyness. Pretty much any Oreo flavor is a good flavor. Thongs. Tickled balls.
Cons: Taste similar to the Oreo Chocolate Creme. Unimpressive flavor idea. Shiny, oily film over filling. Inconsistencies with filling ratio. Contains high fructose corn syrup. My riddle abilities.

15 thoughts to “REVIEW: Limited Edition Oreo Fudge Sundae Creme”

  1. That’s so sad 🙁 I had high hopes for these lil guys…I mean look at that package (that’s what she said?), how can you not want that. So let me just check….you’d prefer a plain oreo to this correct?

    Oh….and your blog in gray scale is black & white and read all over 😛

  2. What the hell is Fudge Sundae Creme anyway?? I agree that Oreo really dropped the ball on this idiotic idea!

  3. Well, it seems you’ve accidentally sold me on them with the Humpty Hump reference.

  4. Interesting.. i usually stay away from weird oreo combinations (banana?! ew!) but I may actually try this since it isn’t too weird…

  5. Mentioning oreo sweat and your balls in the same review has killed my love of cookies and teabags.
    Thanks for nothing Marvo!

  6. @Bear Silber: I would prefer a plain Oreo. I would make sweet, sweet love to a plain Oreo…in a Burger King bathroom.

    @Erin Brooks: I wish I had Oreo Sweat. It would make me more lickable.

    @Devika: I think they wanted to say Hot Fudge Sundae, but they seem to really love the word creme.

    @Yum Yucky: There are yellow apples? I thought there were only green apples.

    @maxchain: I think I’ve used that Burger King bathroom reference four times. I think it’s about time for me to retire it.

    @lex: That banana wasn’t too bad. I did it. I totally banged that one.

    @grinder: You’re welcome?

  7. aw dammit. now whenever i look at oreos i’m going to think ‘sweat’, followed by ‘ew’, followed by ‘well i guess i don’t want *those* anymore.’ which i suppose will help my rampant oreo addiction but really, i blame nabisco.

  8. Oreos too sweet too much fat and too hard on the hands to pick up – but other then that i hate them Now here a good facT in 2006 i ate a large wendys chili for 302 days in a row non stop. Do you know why Dave thomas told me to from the grave thats why.


  9. I’m still trying to figure out why oreos existed in their original form for a billion years and then in the past couple years Nabisco has put out 30 different varieties and spin-offs of the oreo.

    And I love licking the filling. Only the original white kind though.

  10. These cookies look tempting, i think it’s the package, i mean look at that fudge sundae. I may try these.

  11. Burger kings fine the problem is the staff how can anyone making 7.25 an hour be such a snot
    lifes losers have to work somewhere

  12. @betsy: You’re welcome.

    @Neil the hammer: Dave Thomas once told me through the TV that I should marry his daughter Wendy. I turned down his offer because I didn’t want to have to work at Wendy’s.

    @Natalie: I like licking the mint one because I hear green is the horny color.

    @Raymond: They do look tempting, but for me, only because it says limited edition on them.

    @Neil the Hammer: I believe you posted in the wrong review. Oh well, that’s okay.

    @edjunkie: Yeah, I’m into some weird stuff.

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