REVIEW: Limited Edition Twix White

Limited Edition Twix White

I think the Walmart cashier was flirting with me when I bought this new Twix White. She smiled and made a little joke that I’m “not supposed to eat white after Labor Day.”

That’s actually what she said.

While I applaud her for not being a total mope, and while I did give her a courtesy laugh, that didn’t stop me from gazing at the self-service registers longingly.

I’d made my first blunder of the day; hopefully Twix White wouldn’t be the second.

Twix, which everyone knows stands for “Twiggy Sticks” have been available in the U.S. since 1969. Outside of a previous limited run in 2005, the white chocolate variety hasn’t been available until now. Just don’t get too attached, because these are also labeled “Limited Edition.”

The latest Twix commercials have informed me I’m supposed to pick a winner between the Right Twix bar and the Left Twix bar, so I ate them with that in mind.

Upon opening the package and taking a big whiff that basically smelled like nothing, I opted to go with the Left Twix cookie first. Yes, Twix insists on referring to itself as a “cookie” instead of a “candy bar,” which for some reason bugs me to no end. You’re a candy bar, Twix. Own it.

The texture of the Left Twix was exactly as I expected — perfect. Twix is one of my favorite candies texture wise, because of the delicious and easy to chew layer of caramel. I never have to worry about it getting stuck to my teeth because it immediately mixes with the crunchy cookie center and the outer chocolate so well.

Limited Edition Twix White 2

The White Chocolate coating had a standard white chocolate flavor I’d tasted in the past, but it was actually milder than I expected. Without that instant punch of chocolate, I feel like I definitely tasted the cookie and caramel a lot more here than with a normal Twix.

This might sound crazy, but between the caramel, the cookie, and the mild white chocolate, there was a slight saltiness in each bite. The white chocolate’s sweetness didn’t really shine through until the very end, and the aftertaste was still pretty weak.

Limited Edition Twix White 3

I’m not sure white chocolate, especially the kind used here, has enough flavor to carry a Twix bar. I guess I like my white chocolate to be overly sweet. I’m talking “have two bites then take a break” sweet. There isn’t as perfect a marriage of flavors here like there is in a regular Twix. Overall, I found the Left Twix to be pretty boring.

The Right Twix however was in-cred-ible! Wow! I don’t know what they’re doing over at Right Twix, but good lord was this “cookie” fantastic!

I’m just kidding. Those commercial are dumb. They tasted exactly the same — boring.

It’s a shame too, because this was one of the freshest Twix I’d had in a long time. Not since Mo, Sol, or Lem stole George Costanza’s Twix from that car dealership vending machine have I had a Twix this fresh, and I eat a lot of em. I already bought a bag of Mini Twix to give out to trick or treaters on Halloween. The bag won’t survive beyond October 25th. Believe me.

While these weren’t a huge hit for me, I do appreciate this slow burning trend of white chocolate-izing our favorite candy bars, and I really hope it continues until there are none left.

In the end, Twix White pales in comparison to regular Twix.

I’d appreciate a courtesy laugh for that one.

(Nutrition Facts – 2 cookies – 230 calories, 110 calories from fat, 12 grams of fat, 7 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat, 5 milligrams of cholesterol, 75 milligrams of sodium, 29 grams of carbohydrates, 0 grams of dietary fiber, 22 grams of sugar, and 3 grams of protein.)

Purchased Price: 78 cents
Size: 1.62 oz
Purchased at: Walmart
Rating: 5 out of 10
Pros: Great texture. The never failing Twix caramel. White chocolate-izing our favorite candy bars. The underrated Seinfeld episode I referenced. Well meaning cashiers. Great price.
Cons: Mild white chocolate. Twix not actually standing for “Twiggy Sticks.” Stupid ads. Twix shunning its candy bar heritage. Finishing the Halloween candy before Halloween. Courtesy laughs.

11 thoughts to “REVIEW: Limited Edition Twix White”

    1. Have you looked in smaller grocery/convenience stores? Where I live, it was in the local convenience store, but I have never seen it elsewhere. No big stores around here sell it.

    2. It’s, ok…. they SUCK and I love white chocolate but will never buy these again. They were gross…..

  1. Yes, Twix insists on referring to itself as a “cookie” instead of a “candy bar,” which for some reason bugs me to no end. You’re a candy bar, Twix. Own it.
    … depends on right? I mean yeah… it’s a bar… it’s covered in chocolate, so it’s definetely a chocolate bar, but it also has a biscuit/cookie in shape of a bar as base… sooo… either every cookie dipped in chocolate (bergers cookies e.g.) shouldn’t be called cookie anymore and a couple of brands just lie about their “cookies” (Like the girl scouts with their Tagalongs, Nabisco with their Oreo Chocolate White Fudge Covered Cookie or Keebler with their S’mores Original cookies/Coconut Dreams Fudge Covered cookies/Fudge Sticks Original cookies) 😉
    Maybe twix is a chocolate-covered biscuit bar 😀
    Or let’s say they are all candy bars (if shaped like a bar) and when a cookie is involved they are also cookie bars, if a wafer is involved = wafer bar, if peanuts are involved peanut bar and if chocolate is involved a cocolate bar 😉

    But now for the Twix White:
    Since now there was just one manufactor that didn’t let me down and crushed my high hopes for the “white version” of a already amazing candy bar. Ands that is Ferrero with their “Ferrero Küsschen”. Where the milk chocolate version seems a bit dry and flaky the white version tastes exactly like a hazelnut cream cake! ^^

    All others, from Nestle with Kit Kat and Lion to Mars with Snickers andTwix, just weren’t able to pack the deliciousness of white chocolate into their bars.
    (I have to admit Kit Kat did an awesome job with their Chunky Vanilla Choc version. But the “plain” white version without vanilla just… not great…)

    Long story short: I’m with you… for Twix (one of my favorite chocolatey biscandy bars) the white version is disappointing. But not bad. In my opinion neither better than the “original twix” nor worse. So i would probably always choose the white versions over the original ones ^^

    1. For me it comes down to the fact that they sell Twix in the candy bar section, not the cookie aisle.

  2. The white twix is amazing! Light, buttery, creamy. Definitely distinctive. Hope they carry them more than once!

  3. Where oh where canni find these white twix. This things are heaven in your mouth. Ive got to have more

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