QUICK REVIEW: Dairy Queen Twix Blizzard

Dairy Queen Twix Blizzard

What is it?

An unceremoniously introduced new Blizzard on the Candy Classics Menu. The Twix Blizzard combines Twix cookie bar pieces and caramel topping in vanilla soft serve.

How is it?

I felt like Charlie Brown trick-or-treating as the candy mix-in was paltry and rock hard. For me, caramel candy bars in ice cream are the concoction of a dentist with kids to put through college. While the chocolate and caramel candy pieces possess the chewing charm of fossilized Grape-Nuts, the travesty is that some bites show the promise of what might have been.

Dairy Queen Twix Blizzard 2

The caramel topping does an adequate job of punching up the base just enough to become more than the standard vanilla fare. The flavor comes alive though when the otherwise subdued ice cream provides the caramel element missing from the milk chocolate and crunchy cookie only pieces of candy. Those infrequent bites deliver on the promise of the Twix Blizzard name with a delicious Dairy Queen spin. With perhaps twice the amount of chocolate and cookie-only candy bits that I received, and with a little more caramel topping, it would be destined for greatness.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Dairy Queen Twix Blizzard 3

They apparently forgot to put Twix in my Twix Blizzard. Maybe that is a bit of sour grapes on my part as Twix is one of my favorite candy bars. But, as you can probably surmise from the photos of the dish itself, the loaded spoon was the only one of its kind. When simple but delicious is your goal, you can’t skimp on the delicious.


Dairy Queen Twix Blizzard 4

The Twix Blizzard commits the cardinal sin of being stingy with the eponymous mix-in and is further hindered by tooth chipping caramel pieces. The chocolate, cookie, and caramel topping combo proves authentic to the beloved candy bar, but it does not occur often enough to make me channel a nostalgic Yello “Oh Yeah!”

Purchased Price: $3.39
Size: Small
Rating: 6 out of 10
Nutrition Facts: (Small) 630 calories, 21 grams of fat, 13 grams of saturated fat, 1 gram of trans fat, 50 milligrams of cholesterol, 260 milligrams of sodium, 96 grams of carbohydrates, 0 gram of dietary fiber, 77 grams of sugar, and 13 grams of protein.

4 thoughts to “QUICK REVIEW: Dairy Queen Twix Blizzard”

  1. 77 grams of sugar for a small size Blizzard???….that has to be a new record

    1. I vary between mini and small, but the Cotton Candy Blizzard in the same “Small” size has 81 grams of sugar. I removed a joke about needed a little sugar to go with your spoonful of sugar from that review…

  2. I don’t think you can make a successful twix blizzard with chopped up twix because the cold twix caramel is so hard to eat. You’d need choco chunks, caramel swirl and shortbread pieces.

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