REVIEW: Limited Edition 2019 Mystery Oreo Cookies

Limited Edition 2019 Mystery Oreo Cookies

Who doesn’t love a good mystery?

Well, after Oreo’s previous lame mystery flavor, I’m sure plenty of people don’t.

Despite already releasing a flavor called “Fruity Crisp,” the big reveal ended up being Fruity Pebbles. They were barely different, and it all felt like a publicity stunt slash brand partnership.

In fairness to Oreo, many people suspected that flavor but didn’t pick it because, well, it’s been done already.

I guessed Froot Loops, so I found the reveal to be disappointing and lazy, which is why I was excited to see Nabisco give the “Mystery Oreo” another go-round.

I believe it was the legendary mystery author, Agatha Christie, who once said:

“The less you think, the more you’ll know. Whilst solving Mystery Oreo.”

While I respect old Aggie’s knowledge on the matter, I knew damn well I was gonna overanalyze the so-called mystery that sat before me.

I went into the review blind, avoiding all online chatter.

First, I checked the ingredients. Nothing. Just a list of stuff that translates to “don’t worry about what you’re eating.” Nabisco wouldn’t be so sloppy as to give it away there anyway.

The package had a hint that read:

“History is divided on how this came to exist. A shepherd? A sailor? There’s no easy fix.”

Using my Holmesian intellect, I deduced this riddle was clearly alluding to some kind of spice? Perhaps an ancient edible adhesive of some sort? Molasses?

The crème is the mystery, so I theorized it would most likely be a flavor that goes well with a chocolate cookie. Then I remembered many Oreo flavors before – including Fruity Pebbles – really didn’t, so I quickly tossed that out.

Limited Edition 2019 Mystery Oreo Cookies Tray

It was time to tear open the package and push all preconceived notions to the back burner. Like Toucan Sam, I had to first follow my nose.

I was hit with an immediate waft of cinnamon bun – a flavor Oreo has already tackled. Could this be a rebranding like the Fruity Pebbles fiasco? Are these Pillsbury Cinnamon Bun Oreos? Cinnabon?

It was time to chow. I separated the cookie, scraped the crème off with my teeth and yeah, it tasted like it smelled. Did a Shepherd or Sailor discover cinnamon? Invent the cinnamon bun?

Limited Edition 2019 Mystery Oreo Cookies Halves

With $50,000 riding on this guess, I have to imagine Oreo would try a little harder than to reuse an old flavor. Did it stick with the cereal theme of the last one? Is this Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal Milk Oreo? Hmmm. That ain’t bad.

Before I tell you my final guess, I have to say; these are damn good. The alleged cinnamon and chocolate are an excellent pairing. If nothing else, these crush the previous Mystery Oreo.

Ok, back to the mystery. The cinnamon flavor is prominent, but it doesn’t punch you in the face, so I’m suspecting it’s a cinnamon based dessert with a co-star. There hasn’t been a Churro Oreo, but there’s more to it than that. Is Cinnamon Pie a thing? Shoofly Pie?

Limited Edition 2019 Mystery Oreo Cookies What

I kept thinking there must be some kind of dessert that’s made with cinnamon and possibly tea (?) that I wasn’t aware of, but in the end – and this pains me to say – I had to lock in on an answer I’m pretty positive is wrong – Cinnabon. Yes, Oreo is pulling another one over on us, and re-releasing an old flavor with a brand partnership. Good cookie, boring outcome.

Proceed to tell me how wrong I am, and enjoy.

Purchased Price: $3.49
Size: 12.2 oz. package
Purchased at: ShopRite
Rating: 8 out of 10
Nutrition Facts: (2 Cookies) 140 calories, 7 grams of fat, 2 grams of saturated fat, 0 gram of trans fat, 0 milligrams of cholesterol, 85 milligrams of sodium, 21 grams of carbohydrates, 0 grams of fiber, 13 grams of sugar, and less than 1 gram of protein.

22 thoughts to “REVIEW: Limited Edition 2019 Mystery Oreo Cookies”

  1. I think your first guess may have been closer because I thought of churros as well! ? We shall see in due time!

    1. Another theory is that the churro was made by Spanish shepherds, to substitute for fresh bakery goods. Churro paste was easy to make and fry in an open fire in the mountains, where shepherds spend most of their time.[2][3]

        1. it could very well be churro, but i guess the creme threw me off with that, i just kept associating it with icing. not to mention the chocolate cookie with churro seems weird. but there’s still a good chance it’s churro.

  2. From Wikipedia:

    “The origin of churros is unclear. One theory suggests they were brought to Europe from China by the Portuguese. The Portuguese sailed for the Orient and, as they returned from Ming-dynasty China to Portugal, they brought along with them new culinary techniques, including altering dough for youtiao, also known as yóuzhágu? in southern China, for Portugal. The new pastry soon crossed the border into Spain, where it was modified to have the dough extruded through a star-shaped die rather than pulled.[1]

    Another theory is that the churro was made by Spanish shepherds, to substitute for fresh bakery goods. Churro paste was easy to make and fry in an open fire in the mountains, where shepherds spend most of their time.[2][3]”

    Mentions both sailing and shepherds. No doubt it’s churros.

  3. It’s totally churro. If you click on the oreo in the top left corner after submitting an answer it opens up to show the cream inside, hence “The clue is in the cream”. It also shows a bulletin board with pictures each relating to clues 1-8. 1# shows a photo of the sheep called a churra sheep which, in spanish, is called churro. The churro sheep lives in the steppe and has horns that resemble the spanish desert churro. 2# shows a grocery receipt with the ingredients to make churros and chocolate sauce. 3# shows a map highlighting Iran, where the churro sheep lives. 4# shows a watch set at the time that people eat churros and the question “A.M. or P.M.” is written. Churros are eaten in the morning hence A.M. being the answer. 5# shows a photo of a cold drinks stand and a photo of a merry-go-round, as churros are often eaten at festivals and carnivals. 6# shows a photo of an oreo and the words “crispy and crunchy” are written next to it. Could it be an Oreo Churro flavour? Not sure that oreo would do that . . . 7# shows a photo of a napkin and chocolate sauce. The logo of a bakery is shown besides the photo. 8# shows a plastic bag with the star tip for a piping bag inside that is used to make churros. Beside the bag is the warning sign you see above a fryer. You also see a newspaper that’s headline is “The Daily Twist” most likely refering to a churro.

    I am a total detective 🙂

      1. Go to and you should see an oreo in the top left corner, click on it and your mouse will turn into a magnifying glass so that you can see the bulletin board.

  4. ITS GINGER BREAD!!! Think Ginger cookie and take a bite. that’s the spice you all are thinking of. tell me what you think.

  5. I can’t do a mystery flavor, I want to know what I’m eating. I would love it if they could make an oreo with a really strong coffee flavor. I would buy often, hint hint 😉

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