REVIEW: IHOP Blueberry & Syrup Mini Pancake Cereal

Breakfastception: noun

When one style of breakfast mimics the flavor(s) of another style of breakfast.

“IHOP Mini Pancakes Cereal is the latest form of Breakfastception.”

I should admit I never really understood the Christopher Nolan film Inception, and have zero idea if this very topical reference makes sense. Anyway, General Mills and IHOP have partnered on a Blueberry and Syrup flavored cereal.

I could be wrong, but the only pancake cereal I can even recall from one of the major companies was a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Cap’n Crunch version. We’ve had plenty of waffleinspired cereals, a few that were muffin-based, and even French toast, but how many have been distinctly pancake? I didn’t anticipate these to taste much different from a waffle cereal, but that was still the main intrigue.

An IHOP pancake cereal is interesting, but will these blueberry and syrup mini pancakes be the cereal of your Incepted dreams? Probably not.

Will I ever properly reference the Christopher Nolan film Inception? Also, probably not.

I’ll give this cereal credit where it’s due. It smells perfect. Well, I mean, it smells like a Blueberry Eggo waffle, but it’s really all just batter, right? The difference, especially in cereal form, is negligible, and let’s be real, waffles are just pancakes that go to the gym. Beyond the smell, I have to pretty much discredit this cereal from here on out. It’s one of the worst textured cereals I’ve had in a long time, even after soaking in milk.

The pieces are similar to Cookie Crisp but denser, and for some reason, these blueberry specs are a lot sharper than I recall the chocolate chips being. If you love a good crunch from your cereal, these may be your jam, but it’s not very satisfying because the pieces taste stale.

The flavor itself is decent, but I’d classify it as “Crunch Berry Lite.” While there is a mildly pleasant hint of maple, and the base flavor reminded me of waffle or pancake batter, the blueberry really just reminded me of a weak Crunch Berry. It ends up being the dominant flavor before it all fades away into a weird aftertaste.

I was surprised at how soft and bland the overall flavor was. Honestly, this has the sweetness level of an “adult” blueberry cereal with the shape and texture of a kid’s cereal. It’s living in a dead zone for no one in particular.

I’ll be fair and say it’s not entirely bad because the cereal does turn the milk into a sweet sky-blue color that would make even Aunt Beru proud, but everything else is meh.

The “IHOP” here stands for “I Have Other Preferences” because this one ranks near the bottom of cereals based on other breakfast staples. I don’t know how long you’ve got to try these, but I feel they’re gonna be one and done. I wouldn’t mind seeing IHOP regroup and try again, but hopefully not as IHOB.

Actually, ya know what? Go for it. I’d try your burger-flavored cereal. Take it up another level because that right there would truly be an inception. I think. Maybe. Perhaps.

Probably not.

Purchased Price: $4.48
Size: 19 oz box
Purchased at: Walmart
Rating: 3 out of 10
Nutrition Facts: (1 cup) 140 calories, 1.5 grams of fat, 0 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat, 180 milligrams of sodium, 32 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of fiber, 12 grams of sugar, and 2 grams of protein.

9 thoughts to “REVIEW: IHOP Blueberry & Syrup Mini Pancake Cereal”

  1. I was hoping this would get a good review…my favorite cereal by FAR was Cap’n Crunch Blueberry Pancake, which is discontinued…and it doesn’t look like this is a good substitute. 🙁

  2. I’m not surprised at all by this review. I saw this cereal at my local Walmart yesterday and for as tempted as I was to try it, the more I thought about it, it probably just tastes like a fake blueberry version of Cookie Crisp cereal and I cannot stand cereal pieces made with corn meal.
    Man I wish Ralston was still around to make their cereals. The big three just phone it in with most of their new cereal releases repurposing boring cereal formulas.
    And then they take away the few good cereal releases instead of getting rid of the less popular ones. I now cannot find fruit filled shredded wheat cereal anywhere since Post and Kellogg’s discontinued their fruit filled shredded wheat a couple of years ago. Instead we’re stuck with the lousy strawberry or blueberry coated shredded wheat. And the Kashi brand fruit filled shredded wheat is lousy. And the cereal companies wonder why their sales are hurting year after year.

  3. This will be at grocery outlet in a couple months for .99-1.99, it’s where weird cereals go to die LOL

    1. That explains why I have seen some many weird cereals in Dollar Tree especially the bubble gum cereal.

  4. Too bad it seems to be a flop.

    I think a pancake company needs to make a technology system that can crank out teeny tiny pancakes (smaller than mini pancakes) and then sell it in frozen section. Then all have to warm up and enjoy like cereal.

  5. Not at all surprised by the bad texture, General Mills uses whole corn as the base for basically every new cereal they make now. And they are all unfit to be fed to my dog.

    A little bit of oat or wheat flour in the mix would go a long way toward making them palatable. But those cost more money. Which is okay with Post and Kellogg’s, but not General Mills. Strange.

  6. This cereal is wild,

    I think I might’ve just got diabetes just from looking at it.

  7. Maybe i’m weird but i actually like it! Specifically went to Walmart a half hour away to get it lol. I think the flavor is good, if a little mild. Maybe a bit too crunchy, like it was overcooked. But not beyond edible. And the blue milk at the end is good 🙂 it also helps that i pretty much love anything blueberry.

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