REVIEW: Kellogg’s Lego Eggo Waffles

Kellogg's Eggo Lego Homestyle Waffles

I’m no civil engineer or architect, but after playing around with these Kellogg’s Lego Eggo Waffles, I can safely say that it’s probably the worst building material EVER.

If you look at the picture below, each waffle can break down into six pieces of Lego. The top of each piece looks like any old Lego piece with eight protruding studs. However, the bottom only has three holes to accommodate those studs, which means there aren’t enough holes for each of those studs. Every stud needs to stick itself into a hole or else it’s not going to be fun.

Kellogg’s Lego Eggo Waffles

I don’t know why there are only three holes, because it’s impossible to stick two studs in one hole. Even if I could stick two studs into one hole, since there are only three holes, two studs aren’t going get a hole. Do they expect us to stick three studs into one hole? Now that’s just insane and could lead to some possibly tearing.

It’s also hard to erect anything if the pieces aren’t hard. As you can also see in the picture, I had a huge erect structure that stood tall as long as the pieces were rock hard, but over time they started getting soft and everything just flopped down to the ground, which is totally frustrating for everyone. The only two ways to keep things hard for a little while is to either freeze or toast really well each piece, but either way, pieces will get soft eventually.

The shape of each waffle also doesn’t make it ideal for syrup. As we all know, normal waffles have deep grooves which can hold syrup, but the Lego Eggo Waffles have a shape that does the opposite. Sure you could flip the Lego Eggo Waffles over and shoot some syrup into those tight holes, but again, there aren’t enough holes to prevent the syrup from rolling off the waffle.

Thankfully, at least it tastes like a normal Eggo Waffle, but still, it does a horrible job of being a syrup sucking waffle and a Lego piece.

Although there are some advantages to using Lego Eggo Waffles as building material and I wrote a short song/poem about one particular advantage.

If walls were made out of Lego Eggo Waffles, it would be easier to stalk you.
No wall or fence could keep me away, I’d be your Romeo or your boo.
I would nibble away at your wall to make a hole to watch sleep my dear.
I would eat a little more of your wall to pretend I was nibbling on your ear.
The Lego Eggo Waffles are so light, I can lift them up with little power.
So when you’re in your bathroom, I can watch you when you shower.
After you’re done in the shower, I can grab your hair collected on the floor.
I’ll sniff them like I do with the underwear I stole that you already wore.
When you’re not at home, I’ll eat my way through a Lego Eggo wall.
Then try on your sexy black dress, but on me it’s way too small.
I’ll search through your trash to find something that catches my eye.
There’s a tube of lipstick and a used toothbrush I can add to my shrine.
Sure one day I’ll get caught and be sent to a maximum security facility.
But it’s also made of Lego Eggo Waffles, so soon again I’ll be stalking thee.

Item: Kellogg’s Lego Eggo Waffles
Price: $2.00 (on sale)
Purchased at: Safeway
Rating: 4 out of 10
Pros: Tastes like regular Eggo Waffles. If walls were made of Lego Eggo Waffles, it would be easier to stalk you. If you don’t use the holes and studs, you can build a structure.
Cons: Worst building material EVER. Not enough holes for all the studs. Need rock hard pieces to erect something. Stalking is bad.

34 thoughts to “REVIEW: Kellogg’s Lego Eggo Waffles”

  1. They ARE easy and oh-so-fun. I love just messing around doing nonsense in the levels, not really working towards the intended goal, just messing with this, poking at that, driving a little vehicle that looks kind of like a baggage cart around the gleaming halls of Cloud City, stomping around the jungles of the moon of Endor in a scout walker (AKA AT-ST), zooming around the streets of Mos Eisley in a sand cruiser…too much fun!

  2. yo, theres only 3 holes because thats how the bottom of real lego’s look.

    and if you want a place for syrup, you should flip them upside down and use the 3 holes as syrup reservoirs

  3. That poem brings creepy to a whole new level @_@

    Somewhere, Sting is crying because someone’s finally topped “Every Breath You Take”. But then he goes back to his 6 hour Tantric sex-a-thon and all is right with the world again.

  4. this one is definitely a marvo hall of famer. it’s amazing how you’re able to get it up for this, product after product, day after day.

  5. L’il E – I just want Chewbacca to rip off arms and stuff.

    Webmiztris – Yes, emotions of sickness and fear. 😉

    dvs01 – Nah, I’ll just put a regular waffle on top of it.

    Much More Than A Mom – They should fit together, but their ability to stick together is as good as a Federline/Spears marriage.

    Toni – Six hours? That’s kind of short, isn’t it?

    Muneer – Heh heh. You said erect.

    tg – I’m young, so I can easily get it up every day. But as I get older, I won’t be able to get it up as much.

  6. Chewbacca is my favorite and he totally does rip peoples’ arms off. It is sweet. I like to put a Princess Leia bialey hair on him (it sits kind of off-kilter cuz his head is too big) and run amock with him. He’s a great shot with that bow-caster too. Totally the best character in the game so far. Though the force stuff is kind of fun too. Not as fun as ripping off arms though, mind you.

  7. Best. Dirty. Review. Ever. I think I’ve read this review 5 different times, with 5 different meanings every time.

  8. Wow….waffles and stalking. Now there’s two things you don’t hear about in the same paragraph a lot. Well at least not where I live.

  9. L’il E – Chewbacca with buns on his head. That sounds funny. Although a Lego Princess Leia in a gold bikini probably doesn’t look good.

    Muneer – Man, now I have to make my next dirty review even dirtier.

    ultradave – Waffles go well with everything.

  10. calvin – Wait. Are you saying “wow” because of my Lego Eggo building skills? Or are you saying “wow” because I apparently have way too much time on my hands?

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